Friday, October 26, 2007

The Wonderful Sermon on the Mount

'Smokey mountain' is a garbage dump where the poorest of the poor in the Phillipines live. It is called 'Smokey Mountain' because of the constant smoldering fires that burn on the garbage dump during the hot season of the year.

Now according to that wonderful advice given on the Sermon on the Mount, when you see evil in the world you must 'resist not evil.' You must turn the other cheek. It is for this reason that the previous Pope, whom right wing Catholics are now calling John Paul the Great, made a practice of canonizing Christians and making them into saints if they endured brutal oppression without complaint. If they just accepted evil and did nothing about it, not even complain, that was enough to become a saint.

One example of this saint like strategy is found in the story of Christian missionary who found herself becoming angry by the suffering of the neglected poor on 'Smokey Mountain,' but thanks to the Sermon on the Mount, she was able to get over being upset and just learn to live with evil.

When she first came to Smokey Mountain, she recalls, it was hard not to be angry at the miserable conditions in which people lived. She just wanted to "fix" them by covering their wounds and providing food and clothes.
"The little children with their bare feet -- no shoes or slippers -- just walk on the garbage," she said. Every foot has crisscrossed wounds.
Most of the people have asthma and other respiratory disease from the smoke. Many also have tuberculosis, and hepatitis is common.
"The purpose of this kindergarten is to be a bridge to bring mothers and children to Jesus Christ," Kim said. "At the very beginning I could not enjoy my work because I had such anger and depression. I kept asking, 'Why do these people have to live like this?' Then I realized it was my mission to bring them hope through Jesus Christ."
Kim believes God sent her Matthew 6:33 as an answer to her prayers, and the verse has been her guide: "But strive first for the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
"I cannot offer them a kingdom here on earth," said Kim, "but I can show them the way to a kingdom in heaven."

In a related story, the Lutherans of America are the latest Christian denomination to be be inspired by the Sermon on the Mount to launch a campaign against porn. For as we know, 'Jesus Christ' taught people that if they could not stop looking they should poke their eye balls out with a salad fork and throw that eye ball into the fire, and they should also chop of their right hand if they were unable to stop jerking off, since it would be better for that eye ball and that hand to be burned in a fire than to go to hell and burn forever while still being firmly attached to that evil eye ball and that hand. Barbara Keller, consultant for misconduct prevention, ELCA Vocation and Education, provided a Lutheran conference with information about Internet porn, since apparently some Lutherans are downloading some porn, and therefore it was necessary to hand out resource information on how to track down Lutherans downloading porn.

Apparently the point to be made here is that one should 'resist not evil' if the evil happens to be the porno of poverty, but sex is something that just cannot be ignored.

When Mother Theresa was asked how the poor should deal with poverty, she replied, 'They should smile more...I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people.' According to one of the nuns of her order, 'our goal is to teach poor people to deal with poverty in the right way, by accepting it.' Mother Theresa's much celebrated hospices for poor people in India consisted of nothing more than rooms where "seriously ill persons lay on mats, sometimes fifty to sixty in a room without benefit of adequate medical attention. Their ailments usually went undiagnosed. The food was nutritionally lacking and sanitary conditions were deplorable. There were few medical personnel on the premises, mostly untrained nuns and brothers." When Mother Theresa died the rich and the famous from around the world arrived to attend her funeral. The Vatican also arranged for the funeral entourage to travel through the slums of India so that the poor people of India could provide a public relations coup by showing up to show their gratitude to this famous Catholic saint, but the event turned into a fiasco when the roads were empty and the coffin was shown traveling down deserted roadways.