Friday, October 26, 2007

The NIV Bible

The New International Version of the Bible was a translation produced by the evangelical fundamentalists, and is now the best selling Bible in the world. One of the reasons the world needed yet another translation of the Bible is that Christian apologists were being forced to work over time cooking up stupid sounding excuses for Bible contradictions. If only such contradictions did not exist the problem would be solved. The obvious solution therefore was to produce a fraudulent mistranslation of the Bible and then insist that all true believers use this translation since all the other translations were 'satanic'.

The clearest example of this fraudulent behavior is found when comparing Jeremiah's condemnation of the book of Leviticus with the fundamentalist mistranslation in the NIV. The passage reads, 'Burn your whole offerings and eat the flesh yourselves, for on the day that I brought your ancestors out of Egypt I gave them no instructions of commands concerning whole offerings and sacrifices.' After condemning the burning stake of Leviticus and then complaining about the dogmatic stubbornness of the people, who no longer know anything at all about God, Jeremiah then makes a clear denunciation of those fraudulent Bible laws, calling them forgeries. "Now my people do not know the requirements of God. How can you say, 'we are wise, for we have the laws of God', when, actually, the lying pen of the scribes have made it into a lie."

The fundamentalists dealt with this problem by means of mistranslation so that in the NIV the verse becomes, 'Burn your whole offerings and eat the flesh yourselves, for on the day that I brought your ancestors out of Egypt I not only gave them instructions and commandments concerning whole offerings and sacrifice, but what I also told them was this....' This problem of sneaky mistranslations is a persistent and recurring feature of that worst of all Bibles, the Bible produced to help out the overworked Biblical and theological apologists, that forgery known as the NIV Bible. It is ironic that in committing all their many acts of forgery the fundamentalists actually justified Jeremiah's charge that the religious establishment was in the habit of creating forged documents. The more things change, the more they stay the same.