Monday, October 8, 2007

Powering up

As I mentioned the other day, I have come up with a new strategy to deal with this place. My plot is to pick up on that thing where I was 'reversing the aging process' and becoming 'the New Adam' who was 'returning to Eden'. (To see some photographic evidence of the changes that took place on that nose of mine, visit my home page and follow the links where it reads 'Intelligent Design Experiment' if you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about here.) This is a much better idea than trying to get some 'raging granny' to get up off her rocking chair and crack some porno producer over the head with her cane, for you see the reason why some of those guys behave so badly is that they are old and they are very very bitter. If the boy next door falls on hard times and if they can become rich and thus achieve a sense of power, they can turn the tables on Mother Nature and they can become the dominant alpha male, and fulfill their fantasies.

This morning I stood in front of the mirror staring at that half healed nose as I worked on 'powering myself up.' If only you could see that thing. A girl I know who hadn't seen my in a while was stunned speechless and stood staring at that nose unable to make sense out of what she was seeing. There is this line along the right side of my nose where the healing process ends and then this small ruined patch on the right side of my nose that I was 'saving for later,' assuming that there would be 'a break in the weather' you might say, and I could pick up where I left off without worrying that all the ruthless oppression would ruin everything for me. You see, I am not doing this for myself, but rather the idea is to change the way people think. I also had hair growing on the right side of my head when I slammed on the brakes. None on the left. This is the curious thing about this process, in that it is asymetrical. It began on the left side of my nose, crossed the middle of my nose, and then before it could move onto that patch on the right side I stopped. The reverse is true on the top of my head in that the hair began sprouting on the right side.

Well as I said, I have been staring at those results so that I can become 'powered up' and really start making some changes. I plan to sign up at the YMCA at the beginning of November and gradually work my way back up to a mile a day in the pool. I hate the weight room, and aside from swimming only those crunchies for the abs are required since swimming does not impact the abs.

When I have some photographic results to report, I will be posting the results, perhaps sometime in December.

By the way, the dancing angel was around again last night and said that there is no free press in this place. That really is true, because you would think people would give me a break when I am pulling stunts like this one, but they don't.