Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Rolling Stone, and a little more moss

Rolling Stone magazine once had a reputation as having an ‘anti-establishment edge’, but now it appears that has been transformed into one of those gossipy little rags. This would seem to be the case just based upon that hatchet job they just did on Sean Lockhart. You see normally when some slandering gossip is sharpening a big knife they want to drive into someone’s back, they have to be satisfied to bring out that blade in some donut shop in the presence of perhaps five or six other people. It is only on very rare occasions that someone will become the Golden Child, the Chosen One, whom the gate keeper, the journalist, allows to enter the Holy of Holies, and then mount up on the biggest soap box before an audience in the biggest gossiping donut shop on earth, and then with a great flourish enjoy the enormous satisfaction of driving that vicious knife into the back of Sean Lockhart before five or six million, rather than just five or six as is the sad and sorry fate of most slander mouthed gossips in most donut shops in the country. Sadly they were not picked out the crowd by some ‘journalist’ and thus were just one of the many millions of people who will never get their fifteen minutes of Warholian fame so they can use that knife they have been sharpening for years in the big time donut shop.

Yes, that Sean Lockhart is a really weird freak, and is not human like the rest of us, and for this reason he just has no redeeming human qualities, certainly none worth mentioning, which is why everybody hates him and nobody likes him for Sean Lockhart is such a really weird creep. Now that Rolling Stone Magazine’s low brow readers have been once again loaded up with ammo, no doubt they will be found renewing their subscriptions next year. No doubt they are the type who consider this sort of cynical view of humanity to be evidence of sophistication, and thus very ‘anti-establishment’.

This leads me to wonder just how old the ‘journalists’ over at Rolling Stone magazine might be. Just how many years of living in that fucked up society did it take for you to become ‘worldly wise’ and so ‘sophisticated’. Is not cynicism the sign of sophistication among those who have lived under such a thoroughly rotten system?

Actually I find very little that is ‘sophisticated’ in the journalists or in the readers of that yellow gossip rag, for there is very little sophistication to be found in those who are ‘quasi-religious’ in their view of life, and who therefore do not critique systems but instead stupidly think that the problems with this world are caused by some kind of ‘original sin’ that lives in people and thus explains all the rottenness in the world that has left them so cynical. For this reason I would expect little in the way of ‘sophisticated analysis’ from a rag like Rolling Stone, but rather more of that same sour, jaundiced view of humanity so typical of those who continue to view the world through the lense provided by centuries of social conditioning and that ‘quasi-Christian’ view of morality that is always found to be informing the point of view of the fucked up cynic.

Perhaps the best critique of your fucked up philosophy at Rolling Stone magazine would be the fact that you cannot see the forest for the trees, and therefore what passes for journalism over that rag consists of close examination of the bark on some tree stump. But as we know, this is more than just some problem with ‘bad moral values’, for ever since the time of Reagan, when deregulation allowed Robber Barons to concentrate the media system into five large multinational corporations, there have followed those vicious purges, the firing of journalists, all of it justified as sound business practice and cost saving measures. This would leave the survivors of the slaughter that followed with the problem of having bad moral values as part of their job description, being part of such a thoroughly fucked system, or they could have good moral values and be out of a job.

We also know that the porno industry is bigger than the sports industry, bigger than the television networks, bigger than the mainstream movie business, and we know that those multinationals really love profits, and so therefore since Rolling Stone would be a subsidiary of a big multinational just like a porno company would be, not to mention every other rag in the country, or Rolling Stone would be on the dole for ad bucks, or both, although even only one is required to fuck up that rag, it would therefore be unlikely to find some ‘journalist’ over at Rolling Stone magazine, looking at some forest, but rather that ‘journalist’ would be found examining the bark on a stump of some tree, for who wants to piss off big daddy pornbucks. This problem would be persistent and would be found to be happening in journalism when it comes to covering just about every issue, since there is always some subsidiary of that multinational that might get supremely pissed off if the survivors of the purges of the past suddenly started doing journalism instead of producing the propaganda that was the intended result of all that purchasing and all that purging.

One of the reasons those right wing politicians deregulated the media industry and served it on a platter to big daddy was so that those media Robber Barons could completely control our minds by force feeding us the right wing line. Unfortunately that plan became completely fucked up, and one of the consequences of it is that polls reveal that most people regard the ‘journalist’ as some kind of untrustworthy scum bag, just slightly worse than a governor and only a little better than a member of congress. Therefore now our recklessly brave and bold politicians must destroy our civil rights for unfortunately that stupid plot did not produce the expected results, quite the contrary, and we are all found to still have brains intact despite all the billions that were spent by those robber barons, only in the end to produce nothing more than a botched lobotomy.