Friday, October 5, 2007

Meet Sean Lockhart

The porn industry has brought back the old 1930s style studio system, which means locking the performers into el cheapo contracts so that the really big money being generated by the porn industry goes to the studios. The porn industry is the biggest segment of the entertainment and media industry today (60 billion) but while the industry lays golden eggs, the performers typically receive the "industry standard" two thousand bucks an egg. What this means is that a porn star gets taken to the cleaners, fleeced, and then dumped with nothing while the porn producer gets very wealthy.

It turns out that when the porn industry did the attempted drive by fleecing on Sean Lockhart they were attempting to pluck the wrong chicken, for Sean Lockhart is driven by his personality style to be a fighter, and he offered resistance and became a run-away lamb. Sean was sixteen when he was first wooed by a porn producer, who is now dead, having had his head sawed off and his house burned down by a rival porn producer who wanted to free that locked down porn chicken from a contract, which would also free up those locked in millions in profits. Sean was also one of those kids from a broken home who is facing street life due to various circumstances in his life, and to a kid like that those couple of thousand small peanuts being tossed by a porn producer look good.

The problem here is that Sean Lockhart is driven by his personality style to fight back, and when he was a younger kid (he will be 21 on Hallowe'en) he might not have been acting fully conscious of what he was doing or what the consequences might be. I say this because when Sean Lockhart began the half plucked run away chicken, he was hoping maybe to get a better deal from someone else in the porn industry. The threat of big bucks lawyers and court cases eventually forced that run away chicken to return to get finally and fully plucked clean by that porn producer, and he would have been plucked clean if some other rival porn producer had not sawed the head off that first porn producer with a knife in the hopes of landing that lucrative contract himself. I say that Sean Lockhart is driven by his personality to take offense at such gross conduct and such unfair rip offs and that being a run away half fleeced lamb was inevitable when the porn industry tried plucking the wrong chicken, while at the same time Sean never did seem to grasp the concept that the other porn producers were not nice guys and that he would be severely black listed for starting the trend of the run away lamb (the one exception to the blacklist was Falcon studios, which must be an independent outfit, and big enough and powerful enough on its own that it could take the daring step of hiring that black listed run away lamb and then featuring Sean in a production that satirized the scandal - this took place before the nasty murder).

Sean then got a second fleecing when he tried to be revolutionary and start his own mini internet porn studio, when the investor conned him into signing a bad contract which left him getting not one plug nickel, and with, once again, no recourse to the courts because it was all done by signing on the dotted line. Even if some kind of a case could be made about that bad contract in court, it is unlikely that a fleeced lamb working for a little more than minimum wage could ever afford the lawyers, and so that becomes just one more really good fleecing by the porn industry.

Not only is Sean Lockhart a fighter by nature, driven to fight by powerful forces rising up from his unconscious mind from what I can tell, he is also made of tough stuff, so that when to punish him he was outed as a porn star to the entire world by having his true name plastered all over the internet, and when weird stalkers were encourage to hunt him down when his home address was plastered on the internet, and now when media rags like Rolling Stone are trying to bury the hatchet with Sean by burying that hatchet right into his skull, through it all Sean has been a survivor. However as resilient as Sean is and as full of a feeling of his own inherent self worth as Sean is, he is still not iron man and that is why I have become his strong advocate. What Sean needs is a good propaganda lawyer, the Clarence Darrow of propaganda, because he is just some kid who was driven by his personality style to rebel against cheap exploitation and was in the process thrown up against all the powerful forces of an industry that rakes in 60 billion dollars a year dishing out the same treatment to everyone else, only to have them keep their mouths shut about it. Because Sean was the run away lamb who caused a problem attempts have been made to do a hatchet job on Sean by portraying him as somehow less than human, a dirty little hustler and so on, simply because Sean is up against really rich and powerful forces and they don't want anyone so rudely interrupting their chicken plucking operations, especially not some mouthy damned half plucked little chicken who does not just quietly vanish into thin air after being taken to the cleaners, as is the case with most thoroughly plucked and tossed out chickens.

Should any other ripped off lamb get any ideas an example would be made out of Sean Lockhart who would be viciously outed publicly and then smeared and trashed by media outlets owned or influenced by big daddy porno bucks, which is hugely scandalous, since this story exposes the ruthless exploitation of the weak by the powerful.

Two exceptions to this rule would be Ralph Woods and Pierre Fitch who are also rebelling against that porn industry and trying to start up their own thing, perhaps with a little more luck than Sean Lockhart, who wound up getting fleeced really good a second time. Such is the fate of the male Marilyn Monroe of the gay porn industry. Everyone wants a piece of Marilyn, and this being the porn industry and those really bad porn producers, that would not be just a piece of Marilyn but rather the whole cake.