Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Purpose of the Doctrine of Original Sin

Where all are guilty, no one is; confessions of collective guilt are the best possible safeguard against the discovery of culprits, and the very magnitude of the crime the best excuse for doing nothing. --Hannah Arendt


I find myself speechless lately. I also find myself gawking at the world in a state of dumbfounded disbelief. I may as well be talking to myself or talking to some brick wall, because there really isn't any point in having someone such as myself talking to those people, I think to myself.

Truly there has been nothing more disastrous in human history than godless religion. Apparently religious people have normalized godlessness and exile and rejection. Certainly they have fine tuned their fucked up theology so as to bring it into harmony with the reality of their godless existence.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The NIV Bible

The New International Version of the Bible was a translation produced by the evangelical fundamentalists, and is now the best selling Bible in the world. One of the reasons the world needed yet another translation of the Bible is that Christian apologists were being forced to work over time cooking up stupid sounding excuses for Bible contradictions. If only such contradictions did not exist the problem would be solved. The obvious solution therefore was to produce a fraudulent mistranslation of the Bible and then insist that all true believers use this translation since all the other translations were 'satanic'.

The clearest example of this fraudulent behavior is found when comparing Jeremiah's condemnation of the book of Leviticus with the fundamentalist mistranslation in the NIV. The passage reads, 'Burn your whole offerings and eat the flesh yourselves, for on the day that I brought your ancestors out of Egypt I gave them no instructions of commands concerning whole offerings and sacrifices.' After condemning the burning stake of Leviticus and then complaining about the dogmatic stubbornness of the people, who no longer know anything at all about God, Jeremiah then makes a clear denunciation of those fraudulent Bible laws, calling them forgeries. "Now my people do not know the requirements of God. How can you say, 'we are wise, for we have the laws of God', when, actually, the lying pen of the scribes have made it into a lie."

The fundamentalists dealt with this problem by means of mistranslation so that in the NIV the verse becomes, 'Burn your whole offerings and eat the flesh yourselves, for on the day that I brought your ancestors out of Egypt I not only gave them instructions and commandments concerning whole offerings and sacrifice, but what I also told them was this....' This problem of sneaky mistranslations is a persistent and recurring feature of that worst of all Bibles, the Bible produced to help out the overworked Biblical and theological apologists, that forgery known as the NIV Bible. It is ironic that in committing all their many acts of forgery the fundamentalists actually justified Jeremiah's charge that the religious establishment was in the habit of creating forged documents. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Wonderful Sermon on the Mount

'Smokey mountain' is a garbage dump where the poorest of the poor in the Phillipines live. It is called 'Smokey Mountain' because of the constant smoldering fires that burn on the garbage dump during the hot season of the year.

Now according to that wonderful advice given on the Sermon on the Mount, when you see evil in the world you must 'resist not evil.' You must turn the other cheek. It is for this reason that the previous Pope, whom right wing Catholics are now calling John Paul the Great, made a practice of canonizing Christians and making them into saints if they endured brutal oppression without complaint. If they just accepted evil and did nothing about it, not even complain, that was enough to become a saint.

One example of this saint like strategy is found in the story of Christian missionary who found herself becoming angry by the suffering of the neglected poor on 'Smokey Mountain,' but thanks to the Sermon on the Mount, she was able to get over being upset and just learn to live with evil.

When she first came to Smokey Mountain, she recalls, it was hard not to be angry at the miserable conditions in which people lived. She just wanted to "fix" them by covering their wounds and providing food and clothes.
"The little children with their bare feet -- no shoes or slippers -- just walk on the garbage," she said. Every foot has crisscrossed wounds.
Most of the people have asthma and other respiratory disease from the smoke. Many also have tuberculosis, and hepatitis is common.
"The purpose of this kindergarten is to be a bridge to bring mothers and children to Jesus Christ," Kim said. "At the very beginning I could not enjoy my work because I had such anger and depression. I kept asking, 'Why do these people have to live like this?' Then I realized it was my mission to bring them hope through Jesus Christ."
Kim believes God sent her Matthew 6:33 as an answer to her prayers, and the verse has been her guide: "But strive first for the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
"I cannot offer them a kingdom here on earth," said Kim, "but I can show them the way to a kingdom in heaven."

In a related story, the Lutherans of America are the latest Christian denomination to be be inspired by the Sermon on the Mount to launch a campaign against porn. For as we know, 'Jesus Christ' taught people that if they could not stop looking they should poke their eye balls out with a salad fork and throw that eye ball into the fire, and they should also chop of their right hand if they were unable to stop jerking off, since it would be better for that eye ball and that hand to be burned in a fire than to go to hell and burn forever while still being firmly attached to that evil eye ball and that hand. Barbara Keller, consultant for misconduct prevention, ELCA Vocation and Education, provided a Lutheran conference with information about Internet porn, since apparently some Lutherans are downloading some porn, and therefore it was necessary to hand out resource information on how to track down Lutherans downloading porn.

Apparently the point to be made here is that one should 'resist not evil' if the evil happens to be the porno of poverty, but sex is something that just cannot be ignored.

When Mother Theresa was asked how the poor should deal with poverty, she replied, 'They should smile more...I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people.' According to one of the nuns of her order, 'our goal is to teach poor people to deal with poverty in the right way, by accepting it.' Mother Theresa's much celebrated hospices for poor people in India consisted of nothing more than rooms where "seriously ill persons lay on mats, sometimes fifty to sixty in a room without benefit of adequate medical attention. Their ailments usually went undiagnosed. The food was nutritionally lacking and sanitary conditions were deplorable. There were few medical personnel on the premises, mostly untrained nuns and brothers." When Mother Theresa died the rich and the famous from around the world arrived to attend her funeral. The Vatican also arranged for the funeral entourage to travel through the slums of India so that the poor people of India could provide a public relations coup by showing up to show their gratitude to this famous Catholic saint, but the event turned into a fiasco when the roads were empty and the coffin was shown traveling down deserted roadways.

Training Comedians

I always believed that I had not sense of humor. I used to watch some of those comedy club shows on television, and I would hear the audience laughing while some comedian was on stage, and meanwhile, there I was without so much as a snicker.

Now it was Lenny Bruce who stated that the true source of all really hilarious comedy is to be found in the great tragedies and horrors of the world. This might sound counter intuitive, because a horrible tragedy one would think was the polar opposite of something very funny. However, as I was pushed deeper into depression and despair by the horrible tragedies of the world, the day finally came when something just snapped in my mind, and then, much to my surprise I became a comedian. For the very first time in my life I found myself roaring with laughter because of a comedy routine. This meant that I was laughing at my own performance, and they say that no good comedian should ever laugh at his own jokes, but I think that must be bullshit, because if even you do not find yourself to be funny why should anyone else.

My discovery of comedy also led me to discover that so many of today’s aspiring comedians are just not funny, which would then explain why I never laughed for years when watching those comedy club programs on television. There wasn’t anything wrong with me. There was something wrong with those comedians. With that thought in mind I thought I would train today’s aspiring comedians by drawing their attention to the horrible tragedies of life so that anyone with those comedic aspirations might actually be able to achieve that great dream of theirs, the dream of being really damned funny all the time.

The great tragedy that finally pushed me over the edge into comedy was that dreadful horror known as the Second World War. So I will use this as a brief example for the purposes of training up and coming comedians who just are not funny because they don’t know how to look at the world in the right sort of way. They just don’t understand that humor is always found in horror and in tragedy. Someone needs to teach them. Since I was pushed over the edge and found myself rediscovering this long established truth I thought that someone might as well be me.

Now as we all know capitalism is a fiercely competitive dog eat dog system and for that reason it becomes necessary for all of humanity to repeatedly play the game called ‘follow the sinful pig.’ Yes, it just takes one greedy pig to just screw everyone over really good under that capitalist economic system. So when one cabal of sinful pigs lowers their input costs and increases their sales and their profits by invading and conquering some technologically backwards nation, thus begins the stampede, until finally the entire planet had been invaded and conquered, leading to the creation of what we now know today as the impoverished third world. You see, those invading capitalists were locked into a fierce competition for markets and they were not invading those imperialists colonies to bring Jesus to the world or to uplift humanity but rather to generate profits, and given how even one greedy pig could lower his costs using slave type practices and ruthless oppression, it was inevitable that all those other European countries and America would have to do the same or lose market share to that greedy oppressive pig.

Germany and Japan had one thing in common. They were both bogged down in the decaying remains of the old feudal landlord system, and both of those countries did not become modernized nations until late in the 19th century. Bismarck invaded all those little fiefdoms and united them into one German nation while Japan was shocked by the sudden take over of all of Asia by the imperialist powers, and rapidly modernized over the course of just a few decades in order to counter the threat of having Japan invaded as well. They need not have worried, since Japan, like Germany, is a resource poor nation, and thus did not get plundered and sacked as happened to the Philippines, which was invaded and conquered by the United States, or the oil rich Dutch East Indies, which were invaded and plundered by the Dutch. They speak Spanish in Mexico and they speak Portuguese in Brazil, for obvious reasons.

By the time Japan had built up a powerful modern army and Germany had done the same, all the really weak, helpless countries in the world had already been invaded and conquered. Alas, Japan and Germany were stuck with the leftovers, really big countries that those imperialist powers had wisely decided not to devour lest they wind up biting off more than they could chew. Thus Japan was forced to chew long and hard for years and years upon that leftover known as China, trying to force a big bite like that to go down and become a colony of Japan, while Germany, under Hitler, was forced to turn Eastward and attempt to devour another big left over that no other power had risked devouring, Russia. Once again we note the similarities in the situation and the strategies of Japan and Germany, which then explains the axis alliance, with Mussolini just being some Italian carpetbagger who wanted to jump onboard with what looked to him to be the next big thing and the winning team.

Now to find the humor in a great tragedy it is required that a comedian discover what I call the ‘ironic juxtaposition’. This is normally located in the exact same spot where you find hypocrisy, and since hypocrisy is normally pretty hard to miss, finding the irony in that situation is far from being impossible.

If you read the actual unedited texts of Hitler’s speeches in various beer halls and taverns, you will find that Hitler was constantly returning to the subject of ‘justice among the great powers.’ You will notice right away that never once does Hitler call for justice among the puny powers, because that would ruin everything. But among the Great Powers there must be a righteous crusade to return justice to the world, and that meant that Germany needed some imperialist colonies. Unfortunately those other European powers and America had already carved up the world like a giant pie, and now there wasn’t so much as one country left over that Hitler could invade and conquer. That really pissed him off. Another thing that got Hitler all riled up was the hypocrisy of those other powers, especially Great Britain, a nation which at that time had invaded one quarter of the world, trying to tell him that he couldn’t invade even so much as one more country. To make matters worse leading that so-called ‘moral crusade’ against Germany was that arch-imperialist Churchill, the Saddam Hussein of London, who had already pushed hard to knock down the Kurds in British invaded Iraq with poison gas, and Churchill was hypocritically trying to blacken the reputation of Hitler for being a fascist despot. It was more than someone with a keen sense of justice could tolerate, and Hitler kept reminding Churchill that his moral values on this issue of imperialist invasions was so strongly held that he was willing to go to war with ever damned country in Europe to get some justice for Germany, so threats and bullying by that Saddam in London were never going to deter him from pursuing his plans to invade and conquer Russia. Besides, Hitler, tried to tell those other powers, he would be doing them all a favor for at the same time as he was making an imperialist colony for Germany he would also be leading the world wide crusade against those Marxists in Russia, and if they tried to stop them all they would get for their troubles would be to have Russian invading half of Europe.

Well as we know, Hitler found a really tough target like Russia to be a hard chew, and Japan, after bombing Pearl Harbor then went on a year long rampage, kicking the Dutch out and taking over some of their colonies and kicking the French out of Indo-China and the British out of places like Burma, which then left Japan with the problem of actually holding onto all those imperialist colonies. Taking them was easy once the Americans had been bombed out at Pearl Harbor, but hanging onto those new imperialist colonies was a problem, and so we saw the French returning to reclaim their Imperialist colonies and the British returning and the Dutch, after the Americans had finally trounced Japan so that those Europeans could get back all those colonies that had been robbed and taken from them by Japan.

What I really find so funny about those two world wars with Germany over that issue of imperialist invasions of other countries and diving the pie up with fairness and so on, is the truly rancid hypocrisy of those two solemn occasions known as ‘Remembrance Day’ or ‘Memorial Day.’ It is on these two days that our politicians trot out some old vets, probably from right wing sections of the American Legion, and then with great solemnity we all express our deep gratitude and affection for the Military Industrial Complex for having saved peace, democracy and freedom, not just one, but twice in a row. If you complain then you will be reminded that the only reason you can complain is because of the tireless devotion and sacrifice of the military industrial complex which has yet again preserved even the freedom of complainers to complain, which is another example of selflessness on the part of that massive complex. “Military Industrial Complex, I want to thank you for my freedom of speech.” This is what you are supposed to say, although if you are a student of history, you would know that those two world wars had nothing to do with democracy, and the freedom of speech was a product of such things as ‘the American Revolution’ and was far from being some free gift bestowed upon humanity but rather something that had to be fought for until finally the Military Industrial Complex of that day had been defeated by the revolutionary armies, which is the only way people found that they could ever really be free or have a democracy.

I will leave any aspiring comedian to contemplate the gold mine of comedy to be found in this heap of tragedy, because there is so much here that is really damned funny. Hell, even a really great tragedy like the Jewish Holocaust has what it takes to generate good comedy, when you consider how ‘God’s specially chosen people’ as ‘promised by the Bible’ were just massacred by a weirdo, and then later on when churches all over Europe were burning right to the ground, since it was obvious there was no God, for how could that have happened, meanwhile you have priests and ministers going around blaming liberals or Hollywood movies or Charles Darwin for the fact that their churches were burning right to the ground. Apparently they seem to think that barbequing six million of ‘God’s biblical people’ doesn’t do much damage to the claims of the Bible or to religion, and even when something like that happens you can just carry on as though nothing had happened. I suppose I can understand why they would behave like the blind leading the blind over some cliff because to deal with that problem Hitler gave them they would have to come up with an answer to the question ‘where is your God?’, which would imply that there God was absent, which would then be a problem for traditional dogma. Therefore they must become hypocrites, and since hypocrisy is always funny, therefore even something that bad has its element of comedy.

Stating the Obvious

The following page shows a map of the national boundaries of the American Indian Nations that once existed before these nations were conquered and depopulated by Bible believing American Christians who were obeying the orders of God and doing the Lord’s work. Map of American Indian Nations

It is a myth that America was a wide open and empty country just waiting for people to finally come and establish a nation on this so called ‘virgin territory’. The truth is that American Indians were not wild jungle bunnies roaming around in the savage state. This is the convenient fiction cooked up by people who were on the wrong side of a mass genocide, and as you can tell by reading the Bible, such people always resort that bit about jungle bunnies in Africa or primitive cave men in America to justify their holy wars. In truth the American Indian Nation on the east coast, as one example, had a federal structure, and consisted of a number of relatively autonomous states as well as one central national capital.

Where are these nations now? You see a lot of black people in America, since no one ever got around to killing off their slaves, but Native Americans are almost invisible. What happened to these nations? If we were to ask, ‘where did they go?’ the answer would be that they went into mass graves which are now hidden and forgotten and scattered all over the United States. When tens of millions of people are wiped out their corpses must be disposed of somewhere, and simple common sense tells us that these nations are now six feet under, except for the few surviving descendants of those who no one got around to killing at the time.

Americans might not know this, but Adolph Hitler was a great admirer of 19th century American Indian policy. He modeled the Waffen SS upon such murderous outfits as the Texas Rangers. He referred to the Russian and Slavic peoples as ‘Germany’s Indians’ and he fully planned a genocidal slaughter, modeled after the American experiment, since to Hitler, that seemed to be the best possible solution because it would leave the invading Germans with as few problems later on as Americans have. You see, when you commit genocide, you have few problems later because there is no left behind to give you a problem. This is common sense wisdom which American Christians could learn about by reading the word of some god or another as found in that most sacred of documents, the Holy Bible of those Bible believing American Christians who were the ancestors of today’s average American.

If you want to trace back to the root cause of American Indian policy, you will find that this policy is actually a sacred commandment of God, found in the Bible. This cannot be a coincidence, for as we know after wiping out another big pile of those American Indians, our devout ancestors had not trouble covering the land with those churches of theirs, where people went to hear all about how they might, just maybe, go to heaven when they are dead, although no one was one hundred percent sure about the idea, what with there being no god around to speak of. However better safe than sorry, especially when you were as up to your neck in evil all the time as those Christians were throughout history. Consider church attendance to be a form of fire insurance for self identified sinners who just wanted that extra bit of protection after they dropped dead, you know, just in case maybe there actually was a god.

This never stopped them from sinning, as you can tell by their genocidal massacres, and the Bible also commanded them to invade far away lands, so our Christian ancestors had no problem plundering and looting what today we refer to as the ‘impoverished third world’. None of this was a sin because it was all commanded by some god’s word as found in the most sacred documents that some small meeting of priests voted upon in the fourth century (as well as a small cabal of rabbis who held a similar preliminary vote in the first century). These two votes sealed the matter and now we have a god’s word for sure, as you can tell by how they voted and then they counted the votes, thus leaving us with the rock solid assurance that we do in fact have a god’s word and a god’s advice and a god’s policies because it was all voted upon and this settled the matter of creating our ‘sacred scriptures’ forever and ever and ever, amen.

For those who are unfamiliar with a god’s word, the following is a brief synopsis of the biblical basis for America’s 19th century Indian policy. It really is impossible to understand history correctly without having a good background in religion since the connections that exist between voting and the disasters we are left to deal with today are just unmistakable.

"The land you are invading is foul because of the filthiness of the natives. Their land is filled with filth from end to end because of the foulness of the natives.'" Ezra 9:10 "The lord your god has given you this land as your own. All your fighting men must take up arms and march." Deut. 3:18 "The lord your god himself will go over before you; he will destroy these nations before you, so that you shall take their land.” Deut. 31:3 "Annihilate the nations you are dispossessing and make your home in their country." Deut. 12:29 "Put the inhabitants to the slaughter without giving any quarter and burn their town down." Deut. 13:15 “Their sons invaded and conquered the land and humbled the natives when you gave into their hands the natives of the land to be treated just as they pleased." Neh 9 "Put the men to the sword, but the women and all the spoil you may take as booty. This is how you are to deal with far away lands. But in the lands that nearby you must not spare a living soul." Deut. 20:10 “Kill all the natives of the land. You must not leave a single one alive.” Joshua

Now thanks to ‘Jesus Christ’ it was required that every Christian make damn sure to get all those things done, for as that right wing fundamentalist, ‘Jesus’, taught those people, there was not damned way he wanted anyone to think that he had come to criticize those six hundred rotten Bible laws. No, rather he came to ruthlessly enforce those maniacal laws, and it turns out that ‘Jesus’ was such a fanatical fundamentalist that he was not going to let so much as one dot over one letter ‘i’ get past him until he got every last one of those sacred bible laws fully completed and done.

It is stating the obvious to remind people that all these disasters we confront today because of the religious lunacy of our ancestors can all be traced back to the dreadful influence of that great heavenly sage, the king of the philosophers, ‘Jesus Christ’, who when he was not advising old women to cut the clits off of adolescent girls or advising teenage boys who jerk off to cut off their jerk off hand and burn it in a fire, and maybe gouge their eyeballs out if they cannot stop looking at such things as bare bums, yes, when that greatest thinker of all time, ‘Jesus Christ’, was not ruthlessly bullying everyone about sex , he was stirring up massacre and genocide. You see, ‘Jesus Christ’ was a fundamentalist hawk of the extreme religious right, and we know that, because those documents were voted on they received the most votes. That settles the matter right there. We now have ‘Holy Scripture’. Therefore when Christians went around trashing the planet and plunging entire swaths of the globe into extreme dire poverty or just slaughtering whole nations they were just doing what they were told to do by ‘Jesus Christ’, that god made flesh, for it was ‘Jesus’ in those gospels who told those people they had to do every single damned one of those right wing hawk bible laws.

It is pretty obvious that our ancestors really were authentically devout Bible believing Christians, who, while they killed time waiting to drop dead so that they could finally find out for sure if there was a god, always made sure to do the god’s word in the bible, so that they could carry some fire insurance with them to the other side of the grave, just in case maybe it turned out that there really was a god, since as we know, one of the great controversies in any truly Christian culture is that endless debate over whether or not that god of the dead actually exists.

Yes, we have ‘Holy Scripture’, and you can sure tell just how well that voting turned out, and not just because you have the dogmatic word of that church that it did turn out right, but also by confirming that church dogma, doing so by admiring all the many splendid results and all those gifts left to the world by our ancestors, those lovely bible believing Christians, and their legacy of lovely good deeds.. Little more needs to be said about than that, since to say much more would be to once again be stating the obvious, since apparently that can never be done enough times, and always has to be done over and over and over again.

These also reel with wine and stagger with strong drink; the priest and the prophet reel with strong drink, they are confused with wine, they stagger with strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in giving judgment. All tables are covered with filthy vomit; no place is clean.

On Tax Cuts and Burning Down the House

In my piece on the 2004 Fires (perhaps that should read 2003 fires, although I posted the piece in November of 2004) I tried to draw attention to the fact that San Diego has one of the most under funded fire departments in California, and perhaps in the entire nation. This is because of tax cuts followed by cuts in the fire department. According to a piece that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, “Developers own most of the city councils… They’re able to control zoning processes, and they’re frequently behind initiatives that say no new taxes, no new fire services. It’s insanity.” It is worth noting here that the American media regulations are once again being loosened so that now one large corporation can own the newspapers and television stations in one city, and so it would seem that in the future it will become less likely that people will be able to read critical commentary like this as the media becomes even more concentrated and people will have to learn to rely more upon blogs and the internet than they do right now if they want to find out about these sorts of facts.

We know that the tax cuts at the Federal level amount to trillions of dollars, most of the money going to the richest Americans, and this does not include the tax cuts taking place at the state and municipal level which probably amount to trillions more. As well the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are approaching one trillion in total costs with costs forecast to rise to over two trillion dollars. So all told we can see that there are trillions and trillions of dollars available to Americans for various projects but at the same time we see kiddy health care getting vetoed and Americans trying to fight off privatization of their local water company or the sell off of the highway system and freeways to private corporations who will then charge people tolls to drive their cars to work, and so on and so on. And of course Americans are frequently drowning in floods or getting their houses burned down in fires because services have suffered big budget cuts. Earlier this year the money allotted to clearing brush in California before the fall fire season started was slashed.

Now there might those who think that I am advising Americans to raise taxes and reverse all those trillions of dollars they have lost in tax cuts. However we must remember that Americans are part of the highly competitive dog eat dog Capitalist economic system, and for that reason it would be better for Americans to cut taxes some more and just gut all their services. They should also continue the trend, seen at places like the auto industry of getting rid of their pension plans and their health care, and Americans should also get rid of Medicare programs and should also ditch Social Security, since all these programs represent an extra cost. We must keep in mind that Americans must compete with the absolutely worst country on earth, and that means a constant race to the bottom, or the whole country will not be able to sing that song, ‘to market to market to buy a fat pig, home again, home again, jiggity jig.’

Whenever a liberal Democrat suggests raising taxes for new programs you should ignore them. Once they get into office they will renege on that promise. Keep in mind that many of these program cuts were not started by George Bush but rather by the Democrats. You see, you have to be very, very competitive, and all that horseshit about ‘cooperation’ does not apply, because the truth is that being cooperative or helpful will just be the ruin of everyone. Of course, being competitive will also ruin everyone, but at least American’s will still have jobs, even if they are for nine dollars an hour, which might still be to much to be very competitive these days.

The British government has the right idea. They have created a tax haven for really rich capitalists, so that now London has more multi-billionaires living in that city than any other place on earth. If some reckless liberal proposed raising taxes instead of carrying on with the right wing project of gutting every program and dumping all regulations on the environment or media ownership and so on, then you must ask that liberal just how they plan to tax a rich capitalist when that capitalist has bailed out of the country and is now living in the tax haven known as London.

Remember, average American, you must be highly competitive now that your capitalists are taking off for places like China or London and laying you people off and dumping your job overboard, because you are an American, and your higher standard of living is just to damned expensive for you to expect it to be supported by those rich capitalists any more. With technological progress and globalization of production now in full swing that capitalist is now free to dump you overboard at a moment’s notice, and therefore you must be a well behaved American, listen to your union officials, and start tightening that belt. Remember, you want to look very competitive so that you can attract a capitalist to come back to your country, and that means low wages, no pensions, no health care, small fire departments, and certainly no taxes, because if there is one thing a capitalist hates it is taxes. This explains why your politicians, be they Democrats of Republicans, have been wisely rubber stamping all those tax cuts and program gutting, with more sure to come. It is the most sensible strategy for any highly competitive capitalist country so that you Americans can win the dog fight in that dog eat dog economic system.

To summarize then, you cannot have your cake and eat it, too. You cannot have capitalism and have taxes, social programs, pensions, or health care, and in the modern world you cannot have good wages, because it is just to damned uncompetitive with places like China. Capitalism is an undemocratic economic system based upon giving control of the economy to small squads of very rich artificially created alpha males. It is based upon the ‘boss principal’ and as people know when they report to work, it is a fascist economic system without so much as a trace of democracy. No one ever asks people to vote on whether or not they should get sacked and have their job shipped to China. You cannot have Democracy and Fascism both at the same time.

I thought I would make these points clear for I do not want someone to think that I was a liberal of some sort who was suggesting that somehow the solution to all American problems was to raise taxes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2004 Fires

The following is a story I posted back in 2004 concerning the California tax cuts and the way they were resulting in cut backs in fire services.

California Republicans demand no taxes, speedy fire service. Fire devours expensive (Republican) suburbs, where voters overwhelmingly supported Arnold just weeks ago.

Each new homeowner, moreover, expects heroic levels of protection from underfunded county and state fire agencies.
Fire, as a result, is politically ironic. Right now, as I watch San Diego's wealthiest new suburb, Scripps Ranch, in flames, I recall the Schwarzenegger fund-raising parties hosted there a few weeks ago. This was an epicenter of the recent recall and gilded voices roared to the skies against the oppression of an out-of-control public sector. Now Arnold's wealthy supporters are screaming for fire engines, and "big government" is the only thing standing between their $3 million homes and the ash pile.

The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is now approaching one trillion dollars and is projected to reach a total of two trillion dollars. Apparently finding money to support programs is not a problem, but rather it is a matter of setting priorities. According to a report earlier in the year in the San Francisco Chronicle, “the California National Guard says equipment shortages could hinder the guard’s response to a large-scale disaster. A dearth of equipment such as trucks and radios—caused in part by the war in Iraq—has state military officials worried they would be slow in providing help in the event of a major fire, earthquake or terrorist attack.”

San Diego has only 975 fire fighters who must cover 330 square miles and a population of 1.3 million people. An agenda is pursued in city council chambers in cities throughout California of pursuing a strategy of tax cuts and no increase in the cost of fire services, with property developers having a big influence on city councils and the legislatures.

Religion in the Lion's Den

According to the St Petersburg Times A Ukranian Christian attempted to evangelize the nation by playing Daniel in the Lion's Den. Witnesses reported on the man's grisly death. "The man shouted 'God will save me, if he exists', lowered himself by a rope into the enclosure, took his shoes off and went up to the lions...A lioness went straight for him, knocked him down and severed his carotid artery."

Now I am not trying to suggest here that most Christians are foolish enough to place any of this sort of trust in God, and when faced with a Lion in a Lion's Den the typical Christian would call for someone they do trust, such as their military forces or the police. As I have noticed there are a lot of Christians who place all their trust in the police, and they also trust in Caesar and Caesar's sword. You have to trust someone. As it states, somewhat curiously I thought, in the Book of Romans in the Christian Bible, God was going away and staying away for a very long, long time, and in God's absence God gave Caesar the right to whack everyone with the sword. Someone had to do it, you see, so the logic here is that since according to that book of Romans God would not be saving anyone, that job was therefore sensibly outsourced to the true savior of the book of Romans, Caesar and Caesar's sword. Of course God also authorized Caesar to maintain law and order and protect and save Christians by authorizing Caesar's crucifix so that Caesar could torture to death house burglars and other miscreants. This little detail the book of Romans fails to mention, for as we know if there is one thing a Christian would like to forget it is Caesar's crucifix, since that might make Caesar look bad if people were to remember that instrument of torture that Caesar employed to hold together that Roman slave driving economic system. The book of Romans blames the crucifixion and torture of that Jesus character upon God who authorized Caesar to torture that Jesus to death like a house burglar so that he could 'take my place on the cross.' You can see that there is nothing inherently wrong with a crucifix and really, when you consider that we all have the original sin from Adam, as the book of Romans teaches us, and that therefore we all deserve to go straight to hell, it becomes clear then that I deserve to be tortured to death by the state. We all do. That's why God told Caesar to crucify rebellious slaves and burglars and political and religious dissidents, and that is why God wanted Caesar to torture that Jesus to death so that he could take my rightful place on the cross thus causing me to be saved by the blood of this lamb.

It is good that Christians invented religion and its right wing doctrines because otherwise people would be thinking that Caesar went around crucifying rebellious slaves only to have God raise his victims from the dead. If people were not trained to think in right wing ways by such documents as gospels and that book of Romans then they would start thinking like Moses, and that would be the ruin of that Pharoah known as Caesar, and then Christians would not have a savior at all because Caesar would be ruined and disgraced. Who would save a Christian from the Lion's Den, for pragmatic and practical sorts like Christians know that God is useless and quite good for nothing, and no reasonable Christian who has not lost their marbles would ever do something so dicey as to trust God in the midst of some lion's den. They know better. God is useless and one thing you can say for Caesar and his sword and his crucifixes is that you might, perhaps, be able to put some faith in Caesar and maybe, from time to time, you might even get saved by Caesar but you just never, ever get saved by God. Not even once. Religious people of all faiths know this elementary fact which is why the behave as they do. Their gods are the gods of the dead who live in heaven while playing that guessing game of salvation with everyone down here where you have to just take your best guess as to whether or not religion is a pile of bullshit and then you must drop dead before you will ever find out the final answer.

This is not such a great deal, and it is for this reason, because even religious people know that they just got a lousy deal, that we find religious people saying formal prayers, that don't mean anything, then it is off to support the police or some other outfit they really do trust. They do it all in the name of God, for before that God of theirs left the scene and went on a long vacation that God left behind documentation authorizing Christians to support the police by supporting much tougher sentences, such as crucifixion perhaps, or at the very least lethal injections.

The Clown

According to the Pope's traditional Wednesday Sermon, on October 24, 2007, we can learn from Saint Ambrose, who lived in the first four centuries, when all the really good theologians lived, one must assume, since these are the subjects of all the Pope's sermons, that a true preacher cannot be Lenny Bruce, but rather that a true preacher teaches people to meditate on God's Word, the Bible, and then teaches them to sing hymns and pray.

Ambrose who "brought meditation upon the Scriptures into the Latin world, ... introducing the practice of 'lectio divina' to the West." This practice "guided all his own preaching and writing which flow, in fact, from his listening ... to the Word of God."

The bishop saint made certain that those who wished to become Christians "learnt first the art of correct living" in order "to be prepared for the great Mysteries of Christ." His preaching was founded on "the reading of Sacred Scripture" with the aim of "living in conformity with divine Revelation.

"It is evident," the Pope added, "that the preacher's personal witness and the exemplary nature of the Christian community influence the effectiveness of preaching. ... From this point of view, one decisive factor is life context, the reality of how the Word is lived."

Benedict XVI recalled the fact that St. Augustine in his Confessions recounts how his own conversion was not due "chiefly to the beautiful homilies" of Ambrose, whom he knew in Milan, but above all "to the witness of the bishop and of his Milanese Church, who sang and prayed together like one single body."

"Who educates in the faith," he continued, "cannot run to the risk of appearing like a clown who plays a role, ... rather he must be like the beloved disciple who rested his head on the Master's heart and there learnt how to think, speak and act."

You know in the past I had built up a fan base because of my satirical Lenny Bruce routine, and I used to get feedback from those fans of mine stating that I was without a doubt the absolutely best writer on the Internet. Actually I was not the best writer, I was just the most ironic writer on the Internet, and it was this ability to expose the hypocritical irony in just about anything that just made me seem so damned funny, and when someone is that funny all the time, that makes people think that they are 'the single best writer on the Internet today'. It was Lenny Bruce who said that the true source of all genuine comedy was horror and tragedy, and I discovered that he was right. Hell, even something as deadly serious and somber as Adolph Hitler is really, when you look at the rancid hypocricy swirling around that dreadful horror, just as funny as hell. You know, it really did piss off Hitler that America and Britain and France and all those other European countries had already invaded and conquered the whole fucking planet, and then there was not even so much as one country left over that Hitler could invade and conquer. If he wanted to conquer and plunder some imperialist colony he would have to make do with some hard to chew leftover, like Russia. It is for this reason that I always find Remembrace Day or Memorial Day to be so damned funny, because on this day we all forget all about those big feuds, those two World Wars with a very jealous Germany which had no Imperialist Colonies, and instead we trot out any old war vet who might not yet be dead and we give thanks for the war to save freedom and democracy and become very solemn and spend a whole entire day spewing out naked hypocritical bullshit. Now I could get very depressed about these things, or I could get very ironic and make people roar with laughter, and given the choice I think I would rather laugh, since ironic humor is the Weapon of Mass Destruction when it comes to propaganda, and given that I am certainly no fig leaf wearing Christian, but rather I am the Prophet of YAHWEH, preacher of the Garden of Eden, I think that I would rather do the Prophet of YAHWEH thing and raze the place right to the ground, leaving nothing behind but some ploughed field rather than being a very nice and well behaved fellow.

Divine Revelation

Now let us talk for a few moments about those two incompatible ways of seeking truth - science and its emperical method and religion and its method of divine revelation. If something is revealed to us by means of some supposedly 'divine revelation' this does not exclude putting the matter to the test by means of the methods of science.

For example, we are told by religion through the means of 'divine revelation' that there is this goddess, the Queen of Heaven, who had an immaculately conceived pussy who then had intercourse with a ghost and then through her immaculate pussy gave birth to a divine god/human hybrid, doing so, we are told, without even busting her immactulate hymen. You see after giving birth to a god being you do want to get your pussy perfectly immaculate from that time forward as a sign of extreme holiness and this means that the Queen of Heaven remained forever a virgin and never ever allowed some hard dick to go where a divine god baby had gone before. The divine revelations concerning this goddess with an immaculate pussy do not begin and end with the Bible for we know that in the 19th century a Pope had another one of those divine revelations and announced to the world that after a lifetime of perfect pure pussyhood the virgin with the immaculate pussy was assumed bodily up into heaven where she now lives and hears peoples prayers and also occassionally shows up by manifesting herself on earth to warn European children about the dangers of communism of Russia.

Now either this divine revelation is a description of an objective reality, in which case it can be tested using the methods of science, or it is a pile of shit and a falsehood, in which case it cannot be tested by the methods of science since it is impossible to prove a negative.

It is interesting to note that all such divine revelations are not testable by science, there being nothing to test, which strongly suggests that divine revelation results in the creation of huge piles of completely made up worthless shit. The same cannot be said of the methods of science which produce results which can be verified and we can therefore have some assurance that the results produced by critical and objective observation of what really exists produces reasonably reliable descriptions of an objective reality that actually bears some resemblance to something that actually does exist in the real world.

I have noticed that while religion is doing one miracle after another on television, and while Pentecostal prophets are now becoming so spiritually powerful they are now raising the dead in places like Africa and Latin America, for some fucked up reason religious people quarrel with science and try to pull such stunts as introducing Creationism doctrine into schools. when really religious people should be doing rock solid science. After all, when you have a gazillion miracles going on it would be a simple matter to subject this evidence to rigorous scientific analysis, thus crushing science under a steam roller as the evidence mounts up in huge giant piles until finally it becomes irrefutable. The fact that this obviously excellent strategy is never pursued by religion is proof positive to me that religion is full of deciet, fraud, deception and is peddling a big pile of steaming bullshit, because for religion to back up its so called 'divine revelation' with rock solid science is after all the absolutely perfect and most excellent strategy. The obvious conclusion to be drawn here, owing to the excellence of the strategy, is that religion has only bullshit and thus wants to keep divine revelation and stay far far away from that ever so harmful science. From this we can conclude that divine revelation is simply a pile of bullshit and any claim that somehow a divine revelation has a status either equal to or greater than science is a worthless claim, for what could be better than a divine revelation which supposedly describes some form of objective existing reality that was further backed up by rock solid science.

As just one example of how science can result in good rock solid doctrine, I will remind people that in addition to being the Prophet of YAHWEH (preacher of the Garden of Eden) I am also a bit of a scientist myself, and really, when you stop to think about it, what could possibly be better when it comes to developing a theory of evolution than to actually have the rare opportunity to watch a bunch of bedbugs actually going through the process of evolution, thus demonstrating how that is really done. This creates problems for our scientists, since there is no evidence that I can see that bedbugs are 'randomly mutating' but rather they are systematically spreading around a specifically targeted set of dominant genes. This does not surprise me to much, because you see there is no such thing as 'theistic Darwinism', since Darwinism is an atheistic theory which therefore requires 'random mutations', whereas my theory is about what you would expect from someone such as myself, and since it turns out to be true that YAHWEH really is God, and that God does in fact exist, even though God never attends church or mosque or temple, then you would expect Darwinism to get the flush down the toilet sooner or later.

What would wind up giving that erroneous Darwinism the big flush would not be 'Divine Revelation' but rather good science, which it turns out also makes for good doctrine, unlike that divine revelation which only results in big piles of made up shit followed by thousands of years of ruthless merciless exile. After all, what half decent God would want to be seen as supporting in even the smallest way those great big piles of shit? It is for this reason that you are always safer to go with science than you are to go with something as prone to producing those giant sized piles of shit such as that 'divine revelation' and the always controversial and always unproven and unprovable results this method is certain to produce.

Link : Principles of Evolution : A Study in the Evolution of Bedbugs

Condemning Religious Violence

A religious gathering in Naples brought together leaders from all the world's big religions in an ecumenical 'peace summit'. The theme of the summit was "A World Without Violence: Faiths and Cultures in Dialogue."

Last year the Pope did not attend the event, sending a letter instead, but this year he did attend in person, which surprised some people since it is the official policy of the Vatican that all other religions are imperfect in one or another when compared to Roman Catholicism, and therefore it would be better for a Pope to send a letter than to attend to interfaith conferences in person since it might suggest that all religious leaders are pretty much the same if a Pope attends, whereas if a Pope stays home and sends a letter it reminds everyone that they are not.

The theme of this years summit was to condemn any violence in the name of religion, since violence in the name of God is 'blasphemy'. In statements released by the religious leaders we were reminded that 'all the world's religions teach peace'

According to Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople the only worthwhile battle for a religious believer is the battle against their own passionate sexual lusts. "Because violence is an anti-value, it cannot be used to defend values......war in the name of religion is war against religion...Violence will cease when each of us cultivates a holy and blessed vendetta against ourselves and our own passions," he stated.

The Pope stated that, 'Never, evoking the name of God can one justify evil and violence'."

At the luncheon table, a feud then broke out between the Jewish rabbi and the Muslim cleric attending the event.

Rabbi Metzger "said a few things -- I did not start it -- and the cardinal of Naples (Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe) said the questions cannot be resolved in the time we have for lunch so it is better to focus on peace," Ibrahim noted.

"I got the feeling that a conversation of that kind was not welcome at the Pope's table and the cardinal was very wise" to ask the other guests to change the subject, he said.

Ibrahim, Cardinal Sepe and Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury all told reporters they did not think the pope heard the discussion since there were 10 people at the table and several conversations were going on simultaneously.

What I find so peculiar about this affair is that religion does not teach peace, but rather if you actually take even a short cursory look at religion, you will see that religion teaches violence. The Hindu Gita is a narrative of a bloody war god and the bloody wars fought out at the command of this war god by the religious followers of the war god. The Koran urges that unbelievers be put to the sword if they do not accept Islam, and also encourages Muslims to saw their heads off, which is where Muslims get the idea from in the first place. And of course both Christians and Jewish books preach violence and hatred, and so therefore one can only assume that it is hypocritical for Pope's to call upon people to study 'holy scripture' one week and then appear to condemn religious violence the next week, for to study 'scripture' is to be on the receiving end of the constant spewing of hatred and calls for violence. I mean it is not like violence is an aberration that is somehow strangely foreign to religion, as though it was some unwelcome intruder, but rather all sorts of cruelty is endemic in religion, and therefore if religious leaders were really sincere in calling for no more religious violence they would of course be encouraging people not to read any more of those damnable scriptures and they would be teaching people such doctrines as that 'the Bible is certainly not the Word of God, but rather is some cooked up forgery and a fraud.' This would be the responsible course of action for our peace loving religious leaders to take.

"The mind that becomes soiled in youth can never again be washed clean; I know this by my own experience, and to this day I cherish an unappeasable bitterness against the unfaithful guardians of my young life, who not only permitted but compelled me to read an unexpurgated Bible through before I was 15 years old. None can do that and ever draw a clean sweet breath again this side of the grave." Mark Twain

Since Bible reading has gone out of fashion, and even though Pope's and countless preachers of all stripes and variations continue to urge that people take up Bible reading as a daily practice, even though no one ever does, I thought it might be good to familiarize people who don't read Bibles with the religious violence that is taught in Bibles. This will mean that you may never 'draw a clean sweet breath again' but it seems to me that this is a small price to pay to become better educated on these matters.

There is this endless quarrel that goes on between American Liberals and the religious right, with the religious right insisting that America was a nation founded by Christians and based upon the Bible, while liberals insist this is not true. On this issue I am afraid that I must take the side of the religious right, for as you can tell by remembering the massacres that happened to the Native Americans, who were wiped out from coast to coast, and then you compare what Bible believing Christians were told to do the natives of the land, you can easily see that America was indeed founded by Bible believing Christians.

"When the lord your god has led you into the land you are entering to make your own, nations will fall before you. You must lay them under solemn ban and show them no pity." "The lord your god has given you this land as your own. All your fighting men must take up arms and march." Deut. 3:18 "You must drive all the natives of the land before you. If you do not drive the natives of the country before you then those who remain will become disgusting to your eyes and a thorn in your side. They will harass you in the land where you live, and I will deal with you as I meant to deal with them." Num. 33:51 "Devour the nations the lord your god delivers over to you. Show them no pity." Deut. 7:16

"The land you are invading is foul because of the filthiness of the natives. Their land is filled with filth from end to end because of the foulness of the natives. So you must not marry them or be concerned with their prosperity, so that yourselves may grow strong and eat the best of what the country produces yourself, and leave it as an inheritance to your sons forever.'" Ezra 9:10
"You must keep all the commandments I give you so that you will have the strength to conquer the land you are to enter and make your own." Deut. 11:8 "Annihilate the nations you are dispossessing and make your home in their country." Deut. 12:29 "Put the inhabitants to the slaughter without giving any quarter and burn their town down. In this way the lord might turn from his fierce anger and show you compassion." Deut. 13:15

"god, you gave over these nations and these peoples and allotted these as our regions. They occupied the land. You multiplied their sons and daughters and led them to the land you had told them to possess. Their sons invaded and conquered the land and humbled the natives when you gave into their hands the natives of the land to be treated just as they pleased." Neh 9
"Put the men to the sword, but the women and all the spoil you may take as booty. This is how you are to deal with far away lands. But in the lands that nearby you must not spare a living soul." Deut. 20:10

"They waged war as god had commanded them and killed every male. But they kept the women as captives and took their wealth as spoil. Moses was enraged. 'So you spared the women? Kill every woman who has had sexual intercourse but keep the virgins for yourself. Divide them up evenly.'" Num. 31:7, 14

"Keep your word to march as the lord's vanguard, until the land is subdued before him. This region shall be yours!" Num. 32:20 "Drive out all the natives before you. You shall take possession of the land and settle it, for I, the Lord, have given it to you as your property. Divide it up among your clans." Num. 33:52

"Slaves you may possess, but make sure they are foreigners. You may also make slaves of the natives who dwell among you and from their children who are born and reared in your land. You may own them as chattels and leave them to your sons as their heriditary property, making them slaves forever. But you should not lord it over your own countryman, your own kinsmen." Lev. 25:44

Numbers 21:2 "And Israel vowed a vow to the LORD, and said, "If thou wilt indeed give this people into my hand, then I will utterly destroy their cities." And the LORD hearkened to the voice of Israel, and gave over the Canaanites; and they utterly destroyed them and their cities."

Deuteronomy 2:1 "When the LORD your God brings you into the land which you are entering to take possession of it, and clears away many nations before you ... and when the LORD your God gives them over to you, and you defeat them; then you must completely destroy them; you shall make no peace treaties with them, and show no mercy to them."

Deuteronomy 7:16 "And you shall destroy all the peoples that the LORD your God will give over to you, you will who them no pity ... If you say in your heart, ‘These nations are greater than I; how can I dispossess them?’ you shall not be afraid of them ... until those who are left and hide themselves from you are destroyed."

Deuteronomy 20:15 "In the cities of these peoples that the LORD your God gives you for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but you shall utterly destroy them."

Deuteronomy 31:3 "The LORD your God himself will go over before you; he will destroy these nations before you, so that you shall take their land .. And the LORD will destroy them. And the LORD will give them over to you, and you shall do to them according to all the commandment which I have commanded you."

Deuteronomy 33:27 "Destroy. So Israel dwelt in safety, the fountain of Jacob alone, in a land of grain and wine; yea, his heavens drop down dew. 29 Happy are you, O Israel! Who is like you? ... Your enemies shall come fawning to you; and you shall tread upon their heads."

Joshua 9:24 "The LORD your God had commanded his servant Moses to give you all the land, and to destroy all the inhabitants of the land from before you."

Judges 21:11 "This is what you shall do; every male and every woman that has lain with a male you shall utterly destroy." And they found among the inhabitants of Jabeshgilead four hundred young virgins who had not known man by lying with him; and they brought them to the camp at Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan."

1 Samuel 15:18 "And the LORD sent you on a mission, and said, ‘Go, utterly destroy the sinners, the Amalekites, and fight against them until they are consumed.’"

Joshua 8:24 "When Israel had finished slaughtering all the inhabitants of Ai in the open wilderness where they pursued them and all of them to the very last had fallen by the edge of the sword, all Israel returned to Ai, and smote it with the edge of the sword."

1 Samuel 15:3 "Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have; do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.’"

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ramon and the Airforce

On his blog Ramon Watkins has continued to post more of those videos of his. On October 17th he posted another video of one of those long cigar shaped craft, and on October 18th he posted a video of a circular glowing ball. Unfortunately he continues to preach about how his god is a super powered black human who drives a UFO and he also continues to preach that historical falsehood concerning how Black Americans 'of slave descent' once 'ruled the world' until they stopped following those 600 stone aged Bible laws, at which time they were sent into slavery to punish them until they learned to follow those prehistoric superstitions once again. Fortunately, Ramon is only working on YouTube right now, since he cannot tolerate being humiliated in public when he calls for some space craft and then gets dumped while some deeply skeptical crowd is watching that sorry performance.

As bad as Ramon's preaching is (in particular that part about how most of humanity will deep fried in a lake of fire for not doing those worthless stone aged Bible laws) there might still be some value in what he is doing here, especially since he can cause little harm while he is being safely contained on the YouTube channel. I am hoping that those folks over at Nellis Air Force Base, which is parked right next door to where Ramon lives, are watching while he pursues that hobby of his.

If you watch a Ramon video it might give you some idea of what I mean when I tell people to 'come and watch the dancing angels.' One of the differences between myself and Ramon is that I only go out at night, and so the results are more spectacular than what Ramon manages to film during the daytime. I also have this ability to engage in a form of long distance communication, in that the object becomes very brilliant for a time, to indicate 'YES'. This used to happen evevy single night, over and over again during the night, as part of an ongoing conversation. One of the problems with this form of communication is that a person is required to already know a great deal so that they can ask the right questions. This has not been happening for the last couple of months since apparently I am finished with that 'prophecy' business, for if there was something that needed to be said, they would certainly be working with me to make sure that I said it.

Last night the dancing angel showed up twice, and this was after an absence of four days, since the last time they showed up was early Monday morning when two of them showed up simultaneously, so at the present time I am pretty much performing without a net. To get to the point here, anyone who is wondering what I mean when I speak about 'watching the dancing angel' could watch some of those Ramon videos and get some kind of an idea of what I mean, and so perhaps those videos might serve some kind of a useful purpose in that way as well. With Ramon you always have to take the good with the bad, with the bad being that dreadful preaching of that ruthless superstition known as 'Black Israelite Religion'.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Temple of the Lord

According to Adolph Hitler, as revealed in his behind the scenes table talk with his cronies, that inferior race, known as the Jews, were responsible for weakening the Master Race, the Nordic Aryans, by teaching them religion. The invention of the brainwashing doctrine known as Roman Catholicism, which, according to Hitler, was invented by the Jews as a weapon against their superiors, the Master Race of Aryans, had fatally weakened the ruthless instincts of the superior Aryans, and it was this religion which had prevented the Master Race from dominating and ruling the world. The solution was to destroy Roman Catholicism, the invention of the Jew, and rid Europe of the taint of Roman Catholic Religion.

Hitler's strategy was to expose the Jewish people as frauds, by holding up to public contempt and ridicule their claim to be "God's specially chosen people.' And what better way to destroy the Jewish ideology and undermine its grip on the human mind, that to destroy the Jewish people. Yes, Hitler would massacre those Jews, and in order to expunge the world of the taint caused by the Roman Catholic Church, Hitler would even slaughter the last Jew on the face of the planet, if only he could. According to Hitler, unfortunately, given how religious people were at the time, it would be impossible for him to realize his goals of creating the Master Race. That would have to wait until the 21st century, for according to Hitler's estimation of the time required to destroy the Roman Catholic Church in Europe, it would take two or three generations before the required destruction of religion would occur, leaving Europe Catholic free, thus releasing the grip of the Jew on the human mind. This makes sense, for you see, Hitler would have to wait for the elderly Catholic to drop dead, then wait for the middle aged Catholic to drop dead, and then wait even longer for the young Catholics to finally drop dead, and then in about three generations, the Catholic Church would collapse into ruins in Europe, finally making Europe completely free of the grip of the Jew.

Those who are familiar with situation in Europe would know that in pursuing this strategy Hitler proved himself a prophet of sorts, because the Roman Catholic Church has fallen into ruinous destruction all over Europe, and now there is hardly a Catholic to be found on the continent.

In the ancient world, the Jewish prophets were in the custom of confronting the people for their habit of practicing religion while at the same time having no god. The fact that they were rejected and living in exile did not stop the religious dogmatics of the day from proclaiming, 'this is the Temple of the Lord, this is the Temple of the Lord, this is the Temple of the Lord.' The prophets would then explain to those people that repeating that empty slogan would not benefit them in the least, for, to paraphrase that notorious message so characteristic of a true prophet of YAHWEH, they would be attacked by their enemies, and they would all submit to slaughter and massacre, while their enemies burned their sacred religious temple right to the ground. Their enemies would expose them as a people with no god and their endless dogmatic repetition of a pointless slogan would be exposed for the worthless thing that it was.

What has been happening to not just the Roman Catholic Church, but also to all her daughters, who are also going into ruinous decline and facing inevitable collapse, as well as the international disgrace that has come upon Israel in the times after Hitler, are an interesting example of the sort of thing that Jewish prophets were always going on about in ancient times. As those prophets warned those people, a religious people with no god are doomed, for all it would take is one weird freak to lower them right into the dust of the earth, and leave them to face their inevitable ruin from which they would find no deliverance. Yes, as those prophets of YAHWEH always warned those people, it only takes one scum bag to destroy a religion and expose the fraudulent nature of its claims, and for that reason religious people gain nothing from their dogmatic repetition of that stale slogan of theirs, 'this is the Temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord.'

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lesser Evilism

The time has come for the Liberal Democracts to pick their pony to run in the next horse race, and as one would expect, those Liberals are checking the teeth and the gums of those ponies, and they are attempting to find the pony with the highest moral and ethical standards. You will hear comments such as, 'I think that out of all the potential candidates, John Edwards has the highest ethical standards and therefore he is probably the one who is most likely to do what is right, and will not give us the shaft as has so often been the case with poilticians in the past.'
The American Liberal truly is a backwards creature, for apparently they think that they can place a 'good Democrat' into power, and then, voila, that politician will begin to make ethical decisions. As for the Republicans, the partisan charges being leveled by those Democrats are that the Republicans are unethical and have no moral values, which is the root cause of the problem.
This form of political analysis is quite infantile, for the truth of the matter is that politicians operate while wearing a straight jacket which is supplied by the system of the status quo, and for that reason politicians always have a narrow range of options. As it turns out as that system decays and gets more and more bogged down by the historical dead weight of its past contradictions, the range of options available to any politician becomes ever more narrow, and at the end of it all the only options available to even the most ethical candidate are evil options.
Therefore we can see that American politics has degenerated to the point that all political debate must now center on which of two evil policy options was the lesser of two evils. Now it must be accepted that no matter what some American poiltician does these days it will be an evil deed, so what we need to decide is which evil deed would be the lesser of the evil options currently available to John Edwards or any other ethical politician, Republican or Democrat, who must, out of neccesity, throw his moral values out of the window once he gets into office and start practicing evil policies which will naturally enough deeply disappoint and even deeply anger the voters of the country.
Let us consider a few simple examples. Now we know that under a competitive system like capitalism, when one capitalist goes to China to exploit real cheap labor, soon enough the rest of the herd must follow and at the end of it all there will be a stampede. The option is to compete by laying off Americans and moving to China, or go bankrupt. Now the evil policy options available to a politician in a straight jacket are to allow the 'free market' to work its wonderful magic, which is gutting the American economy, or perhaps a very ethical politician could put up trade barriers and tarifs. However America has a trade deficit and needs to export, and so therefore America cannot afford to start a trade war. Therefore, given that we are thinking in terms of that status quo system, where moral and ethical values are of no real concern to us, we must now ask ourselves which, out of these two evil options, should a politician choose to implement.
Let us consider another simple example. America needs to compete and so therefore America needs to deal with its shrinking manufacturing base by exporting more products on the international markets. This would require a much lower dollar. That will spur exports and close the trade gap. However, now the Europeans are bitching that they are now losing exports because of the high Euro and they are saying that they are losing patience with being the ones being forced to pay the price to fix what is wrong in the American economy. As the European econmomies continue to stagnate, eventually they will want less American exports, which will screw up that plan. So once again our politicians must not think about moral and ethical values, but they must roll up their sleeves and choose between two evil policies with ruinous consequences, and then whatever ruination comes upon the country later can be blamed by backbiting partisans and the unethical behavior of whatever politician made whatever choice was deemed immoral or unethical, thus causing the disaster that followed.
You can easily see just how backwards and ignorant this quasi religious thought style is when you remember that the problems in that system are going to produce an evil result one way or the other.

Protest Politics

Protest politics are one of the decayed remnants that still remain behind in a post Christian quasi religious culture. The reason for this is that protest politics focuses on moral and ethical values, which is a completely bankrupt perspective. It is for this reason that protest politics has always proven to be worthless and no damned good for anything in the past. At the end of it all protest politics leaves people completely demoralized, and then like washed up 1960s radicals they just learn to accept that humanity is an originally sinful pig and they become yuppies and sell out to the system, knowing as they do that you just cannot reform the morals of a collection of pigs no matter how hard you try.
One example of this sort of thing are 'tree sitters'. This protest movement is concerned about the immoral behavior of unethical loggers who will ruin the environment by chopping down every forest if they are not prevented from sinning some more. Yes greedy and unethical logging companies are chopping trees and ruining pristine environments. A moral and ethical protest must be launched to stop their sinning, and this involves having protestors sitting up in trees so they cannot be chopped down.
Now as we know, logging companies must be competitive, or they will go bankrupt. Logging families will lose the house when they can no longer compete with loggers from other nations in the race to chop down trees and thus keep the competitive logging industry in business. For this reason the wife of a logger threatened to go out into the forest and machine gun every last fucking spotted owl in the forest and just get it fucking over with.
As for tree sitters, their past history is one of constant retreat. Each year they sit in trees a little further back in that forest. They claimed some past victories, but they proved to be short lived as the sinful logging companies once again went after those trees. Over time the rage of the tree sitter builds against the American people who are originally sinful pigs because even though a moral and ethical appeal is being made by the tree sitting protest movement they never get mass support from those unethical pigs, the American people. You can always recognize some washed up moralizing quasi religious radical who believes in the doctrine of originally sinful pigs because you can instantly recognize them by their cynical view of the American people as being immoral and unreformed sinful pigs. It is often said that the American people are politically backwards because they no longer show up in large numbers for protest politics. The opposite is true, for the American people are to politically advanced and they understand just how worthless protest politics is and so they don't even waste their time with that bankrupt strategy.
Now are protests always worthless. Protest politics which focus on reforming what are alleged to be the sinful pigs in some corporation or in some political office are always worthless and in the end lead to washed up and demoralized herds of ruined radicals who never understood that the system only allows the evil option and therefore cannot be fixed by morally reforming individuals, since the only options available under that flawed system are the lesser of two evils. A protest movement which was not focused on quasi religious moralism masquerading as progressive activism would be intent on raising public awareness of systems and how they work and the role played by systems and that might have some value, unlike those quasi religious post Christian protests about morality and ethics which represent a dying political perspective which has already gone completely bankrupt, as you can tell by how few people ever bother with protests these days.


I have often heard evangelical types deliver their testimony, wherein they explain that while they had been raised in a family that attended a conventional mainline church, in all those years they had never had what they call a 'personal relationship with Jesus'. That all changed when they encountered the religious right, and for the first time they experienced what they refer to as 'the power of the Holy Ghost.' Their experience of Jesus suddenly became very real, they say.

There are many people who hear such talk and assume that these evangelicals are deluded. This is an oversimplification. They are describing an experience which is to them very real. The reason for this is found in understanding that 'Christian Theology' is not actually a 'theology', which would be 'the study of God', nor does this system of thought describe 'the divine reality' but rather it encapsulates human psychology, and it is this clever trick that makes the experience of 'conversion' seem so intensely real to the converted.

Human beings are social creatures, and there is nothing more important to a human being that to be accepted by the group. It is for this reason that human beings can find it difficult to accept criticism, and this also explains why people react so negatively to rejection, sonmetimes reacting even with violent anger, for human beings are extremely sensitive to potential rejection by the larger group. It is this facet of human nature that provides the motive force behind the phenomenon known as 'peer pressure' and it is this peer pressure which is the source of all cultural differences on earth as human children learn that in order to be accepted they must conform to all the variants that are seen as cultural norms in different societies in the world, with variations from all sorts of strange habits and customs being viewed as deviant or sinful, and thus worthy of the rejection that human beings cannot tolerate.

It turns out that peer pressure is also the root source of all the variant religions on earth, and what is referred to as 'Christian Theology' is actually a description of the underlying psychological processes of this phenomenon known as peer pressure, and therefore is not a description of some sort of 'divine reality' at all. People speak of being 'convicted of their sin by a Holy Ghost.' This is a mystification of normal human behavior as people attempt to get another human being to conform to conventional norms and do so by threatening rejection which then inspires a feeling quite similar to genuine guilt. When an evangelical speaks about how suddenly the experience of the Holy Ghost became so vivid and real to them once they first encountered the religious right, this is a description of an authentic and deeply felt experience. It was not a divine experience. It was simply the manipulation of one human being by another. Evangelicals then speak of how Jesus developed a personal relationship with them and began changing them from the inside out. Once again they really did experience these things, but what was actually happening is that they were continually being manipulated by the group. Their behavior was frowned upon. They were granted approval or disapproval in all sorts of small and subtle ways. They began to conform to the expected norms, and because this 'theology' is actually a mystification of a normal human experience, the mystification prevents them from understanding that they are actually being manipulated by the other members of the group. They claim that their 'relationship with Jesus' suddenly became vivid and real when they first experienced 'the power of the Holy Ghost', and it is this lived experience produced by this mind fogging mystification which then cements a belief in evangelical doctrine. If you doubt their doctrine they will insist that you have not yet experienced for yourself 'the changing power of the Holy Ghost.' If you resist manipulation by the group they will insist that you are a stubborn sinner and you simply refuse to repent because you know that you must give up certain sins and you don't want to do that.

The mind clouding mystifications of this 'Christian Theology' are not limited to leaving people confused as to the true nature of human interactions, but it also works to mystify social processes, and a study of history demonstrates that this particular form of mystification is even more ruinously disastrous for human societies than simply forcing people to conform to certain cultural and traditional norms. Christianity confuses the human intellect by teaching people that all the problems in the world are caused by something known as 'original sin.' People are trained to self identify by saying 'I am a sinner.' This then means that all the problems in the world can be solved by saving 'sinners' doing so 'one sinner at a time'. When something goes wrong in the world it is a problem of 'moral values' and therefore the political debate in any truly religious culture will become very partisan since it consists for the most part of attacking the ethical values of one politician while extolling the morality and ethics of another politician.

There are obvious 'theological' problems with this doctrine of the originally sinful pig. If God created Armadillos, and then Armadillos were declared to be 'originally sinful' this would mean that God must either be an incompetent manufacturer, who sends out defective appliances and then blames the consumer, or God must be either malignant or prideful and arrogant, for God creates defects and then attempts to shift the blame by blaming the defective. All the tortured attempts to salvage that doctrine of the originally created sinful pig must fail for it cannot be true that God was all powerful and all knowing, another religious doctrine, without it also being true that therefore God created Adam in such a way that Adam could suffer 'the fall'. It must have been that God saw that Adam could fall, and another inconsistent and contradictory religious doctrine teaches us that 'God is very Holy and cannot tolerate the least bit of sin.' This doctrine is then used as the justification for hell fire, so neccesary if adequate force is to be used to force unwilling human beings to wear fig leaves in the Garden. Howeever since God knew that Adam would 'fall' and that Adam would 'sin' and God, who supposedly cannot tolerate any sin at all, nevertheless did not make the required adjustments to ensure that this did not happen, then we can see that truly the 'original sinner' was God, and not Adam at all. Eagles do not choose to fly, and bugs do not choose to crawl, and neither can Adam to choose to sin. If Adam 'fell' and then Adam 'sinned' then it was because Adam was created to sin knowing full well that he would sin since it was God who created sin intentionally and it was God who authorized beforehand that Adam would fall.

None of this makes any sense at all, and the reason for this nonsensical non-philisophy is that the doctrine of 'original sin' is a clever fiction designed to protect the status quo by diverting blame for the world's problems. Protecting the status quo does not mean protecting people, but rather it means protecting systems wherein dominance and power are concentrated, and the doctrine of original sin confuses the intellect by blinding people to systemic problems by encouraging them to blame individual 'sinners' doing so 'one sinner at a time.' Every time something goes wrong in the world it can be blamed on a sinner, and if the whole world becomes screwed up, well that can be blamed on the fall and the fact that everyone in the world is unsaved originally sinful pig.

Now let us assume that an unethical politician pushes buttons or pulls levers. The correct question to be asked is why the human race was so reckless as to leave levers and buttons around so that someone who was immoral could cause disasters for humanity by pushing buttons or pulling levers. These would be criticisms of the system itself, and since religion is determined to protect systems of power and authority, such criticism is taboo. Therefore people must be trained in the religious doctrine of sinful pigs, and therefore in any Christian culture if a politician pulls levers and punches buttons, partisan attacks on the morality or ethics of that politician are the result of the now degraded political discourse in that country.

What makes matters even worse is that there are times when the system demands that a politician punch buttons or pull levers, or otherwise there will be big problems. One simple example of this would the way in which a system based upon fierce competition between human beings, such as capitalism, results in the rise of India and China, as those first few capitalists start the competitive ball rolling by moving to China were they can pay 35 cents an hour, and for a time get the jump on the competition. Naturally it won't be long before everyone jumps on the bandwagon, for the choice is either to go bankrupt or compete. There are those who say, 'yes, but we can put up tarifs and block imports'. This would then mean that we will also not be selling exports, for it is very unlikely that a country will protect itself from cheap imports while other countries graciously agree to continue to accept exports. Therefore if the population was to blame immoral politicians for the erosion of the base of their economy, that would be post-Christian thinking, since it is based upon that erroneous dogma of 'the sinful pig', for actually that was a problem produced by the system and is the end result of simply supporting the status quo. Certain things are just going to happen under that system, and a politician actually has a very narrow range of options. Sometimes evangelicals will make note of that narrow range of options, sigh, and say that heavy on the head of the king lies the crown, for the king must deal with a world full of original pigs. Actually the king must deal with the results of a system that puts in place those levers and those buttons which can then be pushed, and can perhaps even be pushed by a real sinful pig. Even in that case the problem is not the existence of a sinful pig but rather the problem is a society which is so intellectually bankrupt that they cannot even understand the simple concept that when you have a system that puts out levers and buttons which are then available to be pushed by the occassional sinful pig, that means you have a problem with the system.

The politics of 'moral values' which focuses on the 'ethics' of a policitican, which is so typical of American politics, is a backwards perspective which is one of the toxic intellectual residues left over from America's past history as a very religious Christian nation. it turns out that even when religion goes through its historical decay, some of its core ideas survive, since people are the products of thousands of years of accumulated culture. Even those who call themselves 'progressives' and whose boast is that they are 'not religious' may as well be religious for their politics is the politics of moral values, and they blame problems upon unethical politicians. This makes American politics so very partisan and so divisive. America is now a post Christian nation that has not yet matured and grown up politically, and so its poiltics remained bogged down in the left over deterious of a collapsing religious mindset.

Religion survived for such a long time because it took the form of a self fulfilling prophecy. Religion made the human mind stupid by employing that philisophically and theologically bankrupt doctrine of 'original sin' the only purpose of which was to protect the status quo by protecting systems and diverting all attacks into the dead end road of attacking individual sinners for all the problems flawed system of the status quo always produce throughout history. The end result of this practice was to plunge humanity into one ruinous and unchecked and unstoppable disaster after another. Ruinous things would be produced by that system, and if you study history you will see evidence for a psychological feed back loop in operation, in that each time humanity plunged blindly like lemmings over some cliff, the response was repentance followed by a type of 'religious revival', since the disasterous ruin once again produced by their fucked up systems was misinterpreted as being 'the divine punishment for sin'. Naturally the solution was more of that same religion which had caused the disaster in the first place, which then meant more disasters, followed by more repentance and more religious revival. When we understand this correctly we can see that religious doctrine was actually a deadly trap and a snare, a deep pit from which it took a very, very long time to escape. Eventually the unchecked and constantly uncontrolled evil unleashed on the world by the status quo and its systems which provide the powerful tools required to do evil would in the end destroy religion, for people would say, 'if there was a God how could these evil things happen.' For this religion would have no answer at the end of it all and the service rendered to the status quo would destroy the priest at the end of it all. The process would be a long one because of that curious feedback loop which would feed off disaster and instead of destroying religion would empower religion over and over again for a considerable length of time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flipping Burgers in the Porn Industry

I am astonished by what I have recently discovered about that porn industry. I had always assumed that gay porn stars, as one example, were probably making between 25,000 and 50,000 a picture, with perhaps the odd porn star bringing in 100 grand a picture. If someone would have asked me, 'what do you think they earn,' that would have been my best guess. Now I have discovered that they are working for a couple of grand. Yes, our kids are going out and applying for jobs in that porn industry in the same way they would apply for a job flipping burgers and asking people 'would you like fries with that, sir?' Granted, they are getting two or three months of burger money in a couple of hours on some afternoon, and maybe that seems like a good deal, but when you average it all over time, it is burger money. Yes, even straight boys are appearing on film to pretend to do the fag thing, and it is not even required that they be bribed with 25, 50, or 100 grand. They do it for peanuts. That amazes me, and I just cannot get the thought out of my mind. It haunts me. The porn industry is enormous. It is now the biggest segment of the entertainment industry, dwarfing conventional movies, television and cable channels, and the sports industry. It brings in about 60 billion dollars a year, and if you think in terms of decades, it is a trillion dollar industry. It is obviously enormously profitable, and I would like to be even more surprised by finding out what the profit margin is in this particular capitalist enterprise, but I am quite sure given the low costs involved in producing this highly profitable product, that we would discover an enormously huge profit margin, unlike that of any other industry on this planet. Typically profit margins might measure in the low double digits, and a twenty five percent return would be considered exceptional, and therefore when your rate of return in measured in four figures I am sure, you know, thousands of percent, that is quite good, at least from the point of view of the capitalist 'entrepreneurs' who are obviously making tens of billions of dollars in profit on what must be a highly profitable 'investment' of peanuts, since peanuts is all that is required to make porn these days. It is the most excessive example of naked greed and exploitation of one human being by another that I can think of, and truly this porn industry represents what capitalism would like to be in every industry if only that was possible in every industry, instead of just being possible in that porno industry.

This upsets me because it indicates that our kids have no solidarity and no group consciousness, and they just glumly accept the fact that the world is divided between wealthy exploiters and the cheap exploited and the idea that someone can make two or three months of burger money in an afternoon thus seems like a good idea to our kids, a real great deal. They are like little sheep without a shepherd, and that disturbs me, and it also disturbs me that they just glumly accept whatever that exploitative capitalist system dishes out, and even the grossest and most excessive examples of domination and greed does not stir up any sort of opposition within them, because they have been abandoned by every shepherd they have ever known, and everyone keeps telling them that this is just the way things are. Accept it.

This gloomy acceptance of any kind of exploitation and greed is very disturbing to me, for it suggests that the world is going to be flushed down the shitter and that no hope exists for the future, and that poverty and disease and misery will be the lot of humanity, and that such things as one billion downtrodden people will continue to do without something as simple as a square meal a day for no other reason than that they lack a dollar bill in their pockets and are the brutally oppressed poor of humanity. The food exists, but then so does that capitalist system, and that grossly oppressive system dictates that the weak and the helpless must be purged from the system so that the strong may survive. Apparently everyone just accepts that idea, or they are brainwashed and think that poverty is the result of some tragic automobile accident, a thing out of our control and the result of some natural force, perhaps like an unpredictable and uncontrollable tornado or hurricane.

When I take it all in the fact that our kids will allow themselves to be greedily exploited in exchange for a few months of burger money all at once, and the fact that they think that this is about as good as a deal gets on this planet, leaves me feeling very depressed since it is a signal indicator of just how dismal the prospects for the planet are at the present time, and unless something changes, this present generation holds out little hope for the future. They are little sheep with no shepherd, and the shepherds they did have were nothing but bullies, rams with large horns who shove them out of the way with their horns, and then stick their hooves into the pools of water to stir up mud and muddy the waters. At the present time it would appear that all this constant bullying and this persistent oppression which is required if robber barons are to remain in power and ward off the threat posed by being surrounded by the incipient revolution caused by their evil deeds, all this has been successful and you can see how successful it is just by looking at that porn industry and seeing legions of our kids trekking off to work to get that great deal of two or three months of burger money in one afternoon, while at the same time thinking that was a good deal, or perhaps thinking it was a shitty deal but given how no one can do a damn thing about it, they accept such a shitty deal.

There is, however, something positive that I can see when I consider this strange looking picture, and that is that if a person was to look back even one generation, it is apparent that things were not like this. What this tells me is that sea change has just occurred in our society, and we now live in a post-Christian culture, or perhaps better said a post-religious culture, since every religion on the planet is losing the young generation and going into ruinous collapse at the same time. The fact that our kids think of a porn job the same way they think of a job flipping burgers is proof positive of this monumental change underway in human society, and it also explains the hysterics characteristic of religion today, as religion of every brand and sort frantically looks for someway to 'win the current generation.' Yes, it is payback time for religion, and now the buzzards are coming home to roost in that place, and all the unrighteousness and injustice of which religion was a partner in the past have completely discredited religion, for you cannot have nakedly hypocritical religion and a world full of ruthless oppression at the same time, for the blood of the martyrs does not water the soil for religion, bur what actually happens is that when a god's people get barbecued by a weirdo, such as happened to Israel, you will find no church left in a place like Europe. Hitler was correct when he predicted that it would take two or three generations to destroy the church and get rid of the damn thing. We should give credit where credit is due and call Hitler a type of prophet, since apparently Hitler was a lot smarter than some dogma spouting priest or some doctrine quoting preacher, for it was Hitler who was the prophet in this place while they were not.

The fact that the present generation has completely and totally rejected religion, leaving it to die by the side of the road, holds out great promise for the future of a suffering humanity, for it was religion that was responsible for the ruination of this planet. Religion accomplished this brainwashing by making people so damned stupid that they always thought the problems of the world were caused by 'sinful sinners' and that therefore the way to save the world was to 'morally reform' a 'sinner' and bring 'sinners' to 'salvation' doing so 'one sinner at a time.' The actual truth was that religion was a tool of oppression designed for the purpose of disgusing the fact that sinful systems were in place on the earth, for protecting the status quo does not involve protecting individual people, but rather it is the protection of sinful systems of domination and oppression which empower individual oppressors who then play a game of musical chairs and take turns crushing the rest of the human race. They can do so not because they are powerful people, for they actually wipe their own arse ends after they take a shit, but rather they were able to pull levers and punch buttons which were kept safely in place by that tool of oppression and that servant of the status quo, hypocritical and corrupt religion, and the brainwashing doctrine of 'original sin' which religion employed to keep people so damned stupid and ignorant that they were critics of sinful people rather than becoming critics of corrupt and sinful systems, which were the real problem.

It was not for nothing that Caesar choose the priest and elevated the priest to supreme power in the fourth century, for by then the so called 'doctrine of salvation' had been perfected, and the cow sacrifice of the god baby Jesus for sin had replaced the true meaning of crucifixion, which was an act of terrorism and brutal oppression by Caesar. This is obvious, but it is equally obvious that this is something that people forgot once they listened to that Merlin the magician, the priest, and all the other things they forgot after that was inevitable and the world now heads to ruin as the result of this rotten corruption, as it was destined to from the very beginning of that worthless plot to stabilize the Roman status quo and preserve that Roman slave driving system by teaching the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Anti-Moses to those Roman slaves.