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The electrons in a Phosphorescent material are excited to a higher state by photons of light, and then fall into a 'metastable' state where the transition back to the ground state is 'forbidden' (highly improbable). Intuition suggests that the first step in creating a solar energy source is to use a combination of 'doping' and the effects of a magnetic field to create more permanent electron traps (transition from a metastable state is not truly 'forbidden' as we can see when the phosphorescent material glows as it slowly returns to a ground state by losing electrons which are released as photons of light). The second step would then be to release trapped electrons as useful electrons rather than as photons, and at the present time my intuition suggests that somehow this is related to the phenomenon of magnetic resonance (such as is employed in an MRI scan).

I found the following abstract interesting because the colors emitted by this long lasting phosphorescence (blue, green, and red) are exactly the colors I have seen displayed by these flying craft, along with white light, which can produced by combining blue, green, and red light.

In this experiment we can see that the effect of doping is to create long lasting phosphorescence which means that we have created a type of 'storage battery', since the material is both a collector and is also the battery (an elegant and obvious solution) but at the same time we can see that the battery, while an improvement, continues to 'leak'. It is at this point that we would want to begin to experiment with magnets, since intuition suggests that it is the magnet that both prevents leakage, and then is also employed to liberate electrons, not as photons, but rather as a useful electric current.

Femtosecond laser-induced three-dimensional bright and long-lasting phosphorescence inside calcium aluminosilicate glasses doped with rare earth ions We report on a novel phenomenon in calcium aluminosilicate glasses doped with Ce3 + , Tb3 + , and Pr3 + . After irradiation by an 800 nm femtosecond pulsed laser, the focused part of the laser in the glasses emits bright and long-lasting phosphorescence able to be clearly seen with the naked eye in the dark even one hour after the removal of the activating laser. Moreover, by selecting appropriate glass compositions and species of rare earth ions, optional three-dimensional image patterns emitting long-lasting phosphorescence in various colors, including blue, green, and red, can be formed within glass samples by moving the focal point of the laser. Based on absorption spectra, the long-lasting phosphorescence is considered to be due to the thermostimulated recombination of holes and electrons at traps induced by the laser irradiation, which leave holes or electrons in a metastable excited state at room temperature. ©1998 American Institute of Physics.

Was Einstein Wrong?

Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity describes gravity using geometry. It is the change in the shape of 'spacetime' which explains the phenomenon of gravity. He spent the rest of his life trying to come up with a Unified Field Theory which would reconcile General Relativity with the phenomenon of Electromagnetism without success. It was said that Einstein made the attempt to reconcile the two phenomenon without resorting to Quantum physics.

It seems possible to me that Einstein's equations could accurately describe the geometry of gravity without correctly explaining the phenomenon. A relationship does exist between gravitational attraction and magnetism and we can see that the graph of an object under the influence of these two effects is identical. I have also made observations of floating craft which somehow use magnetism to defy gravity and float in the air, and also use the effect as a form of propulsion. These craft are capable of sudden bursts of acceleration and changes in direction which would indicate that within a powerful magnetic field it is possible to create a pocket of gravity which somehow has the effect of isolating objects within that pocket from the effects of 'G-Forces' (I think of that scene in a Mel Brook's movie where a space craft goes to warp speed and the Darth Vader character flies across the bridge and is slammed head first into the far wall - apparently this does not happen).

Electromagnetism affects only charged particles such as the electron, which is somehow related to how a solar battery composed of phosphorescent substance can become a battery under the influence of a magnetic field. The mediating particle for Electromagnetism is the photon, which is also convenient (this is a solar powered battery). It seems relevant to me that the craft I have seen are circular in shape, for the magnetic field is also circular and all mass tends to assume a circular shape when there is enough of it, and for this reason the geometry of gravity will also tend to become spherical in three dimensional space.

According to Quantum theory, the strong force is an attractant and the weak force is a repellent. My observations cause me to suspect that such forces are not only in effect on the atomic level but rather that this so called 'strong force' not only binds at the atomic level but also has an effect on the larger 'macro-world', and this cumulative effect is what we call 'gravity'. If this was this case, and it seems to me the only probable explanation for what I have observed, then it must also be true that somehow this weak repellent force would be somehow responsible for the 'anti-gravity' effect. Apparently this 'weak force' is more powerful than gravity but only over extremely small distances. I also find it interesting that, according to what I have read, "The Standard Model of particle physics describes the electromagnetic interaction and the weak interaction as two different aspects of a single electroweak interaction."

My observations of floating craft, which are surrounded by a powerful magnetic field, have led me to doubt the completeness of the General Theory of Relativity. If a complete explanation for phenomenon of gravity is given by a description of the changes in the geometry of space itself, then what I have seen does not make any sense. However, if it is true that these Quantum forces have influences in the 'macro-world', and not just on the atomic level, then what I have seen does make sense. Of course, this would mean that the reason why two distant galaxies are found to be moving toward each other is because of the effects of the combined 'strong' forces of Quantum physics, which operate over even vast distances such as those which separate galaxies, which I would assume would be considered absurd today. However I have a mystery here which requires a scientific solution that is intellectually satisfying, and while I am not a physicist myself, and have very little time available to become a mathematician, I have made observations, and so my speculation and my doubts about the status quo in modern physics is based upon some evidence.

There is one thing that has me puzzled, and that is the phenomenon of 'time dilation' as it relates to General Relativity and this 'stretching' of the fabric of 'spacetime'. This leads me to wonder if anyone has ever placed an atomic clock within a magnetic field. Has this experiment ever been done? What were the results? Apparently this would be a problem, since magnetic fields affect the accuracy of atomic clocks.

Elimination of magnetic influence on atomic clocks The description of this patent reads, "Improved atomic clocks and frequency standards of the type where the frequency of an oscillator is stabilized by locking via a phase lock loop to an atomic resonator and where the output of the clock is taken from this oscillator. Protective means are provided to maintain a high accuracy when such clock is exposed to a strong magnetic field. The stabilization is based on two magnetic "C"-fields which are controlled and adjusted to maintain the accuracy of the clock."

I find it interesting to note that there is now experimental evidence for an electromagnetic time dilation that is analogous to gravitational time dilation, and apparently this experiment corrects certain errors in predictions based upon special relativity.

Time dilations in bound muon decay "21 July 1980 Abstract A number of experiments show that the decay lifetimes of muons bound to atomic nuclei are longer than the decay lifetimes of free muons. The special relativistic time dilation predicts decay lifetime dilations that are substantially smaller than the observed decay lifetime dilations. In this paper it is shown that adding a recently predicted electro-magnetic time dilation (analogous to the gravitational time dilation) to the special relativistic time dilation gives a total time dilation that agrees with the observed decay lifetime dilations."

Cheaper than coal

According to what I have read a project is being financed over at Google to find an energy source that is 'cheaper than coal', and would come in at at somewhere around 2 or 3 cents per kilowatt.

It has been said that there is nothing better to spur scientific development than to already know that an answer exists and therefore must only be developed. I already know the solution to the world's energy needs, and this is based upon my personal observations.

I have told people the story of the luminous craft I first observed at Banff National Park, and which I then had the opportunity to observe from only a few hundred yards in Melville, Saskatchewan. These craft had the recognizable glow that you can also see in those 'glow in the dark toys'. This is phosphorescence. Now that this technology is powering these flying craft is an indication of the amount of power it is possible to generate using nature's solar battery. The advantage of this technology is that the solar collector is also the solar battery, and when you consider Einstein's equation - E=MC(2) - it becomes obvious that an enormous amount of energy can be stored in very little matter, such that when this phosphorescent material is properly engineered it stores enough electrical energy to propel a flying craft.

I have done some amateur research on this technology in the past and what I have discovered is that glow in the dark toys release the light energy that they capture because phosphorescent material 'leaks' energy, rather than storing energy, and the main cause of this leakage is the vibration that occurs at the atomic level as a response to heat energy. I also know that these craft generate an extremely powerful and yet very localized electrical field effect (such that there would be scorch marks left on the earth but only when the craft comes within a certain close distance to the ground, which indicates that the magnetic field is somehow highly localized around the exterior of the craft.

Some sort of relationship exists between magnetism and the control of this phosphorescent material, and this then led me to do a little research in the area of 'magnetic resonance imaging'. It is obvious that a magnet is involved since these craft float in the air, defying gravity, and there is only one example in nature whereby objects 'float' in defiance of gravity and that is under the influence of magnets. It is obvious that the field generated by a magnet is also responsible for the scorching of the earth that takes place when such an object comes close to the ground.

It should be obvious that research involving silicon as a solar power technology is the wrong path to take, for in phosphorescence we have an elegant solution which incorporates the battery and the collector. Of interest here is the electron cascade effect utilized by plants, since plants also convert solar energy to electricity, and then send the electrons cascading downward to be stored in a type of battery. I am not suggesting here that it is required that we imitate the chemical reactions in plants, since this would probably turn out to be a dead end road, much as it was not required that human beings imitate the flapping of a birds wing in order to take flight. However intuition tells me that it would be required that some sort of cascade effect takes place in order to exploit the phenomenon described by Einsteins equation, which would then result in extremely small and yet very powerful batteries, which also collectors, which is then a very elegant solution. Intuition suggests a number of possible solutions. The answer might lie in some sort of 'doping' of the phosphorescent material, or some sort of altering of the material itself, since it is required that when the material captures a photon, we must trap the resulting electron, which makes me wonder if the solution might be to strip an electron. On the other hand the material already captures photons and stores them as electrons, and it might be true that the cascading effect would occur naturally, and therefore the solution is only to prevent the material from 'leaking' electrons, and it might be the case that it is the strong magnetic field that stabilizes the material, and it would also be intuitive to deduce that it is also manipulation of this magnetic field which draws off energy when required. I have noticed that this material is capable of releasing enormous amounts of energy as light, making the craft brilliantly luminous at times, while it is also possible to siphon off energy in the form of electrons, which is obvious given the powerful magnetic field, and it would seem that a small amount of energy is required to power the magnetic field which is somehow involved in preventing this leakage and is also involved in releasing energy either in the form of light or as useful electrons.

Therefore, given that Google is now spending millions on research into alternative energy sources, I would like to strongly recommend that experiments be conducted involving this phosphorescent material and magnets. It also seems quite probable that in the course of investigating this very useful phenomenon someone is likely to stumble upon that very interesting 'anti-gravity' effect which is more than likely a secondary by-product of the storage and manipulation of solar energy in such devices.

Beginning with the idea of going with what has already been demonstrated to work, I would like to suggest that a good place to start some research would be to imitate what has already been demonstrated by those who already know what they are doing. So then with this in mind, what is required is a hollow shell of phosphorescent coated material, with some sort of electrical generated magnet at the center. Two of the shell shapes I have observed would be the flat disk, and the object shaped like two shallow soup bowls place face to face, to create a type of 'oblong' effect. I would assume that the shape of the disk, and certain factors such as its width and depth would somehow be related to the size of the magnetic field, because the field, while it is extremely powerful does not seem to extend much beyond the outer shell. I also believe that it is typical of a magnetic field to spread and fall off gradually with distance, while this field seems to be very powerful and quite compact, and that would seem to be a relevant detail for some reason.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In some of my previous posts I told the story of how Little Adam, as I called him, went to Banff National Park. (Meet Adam, Adam Goes to Banff and links to scanned gif images of the letter I wrote at the time are found on the entry titled Banff.

Little Adam went to Banff looking for the Living God. According to Adam's theology at the time, the god of the dead, which was the god all the religions of the world, wasn't worth a damn. It was obvious to Adam that if God existed then God must be the God of the Living and not the god of the dead. According to the 'word of the god of the dead' as encapsulated in something called 'theology' if you wanted to know if that god existed then you had to drop dead and then you would find out for sure. Until that time we had something called 'blind faith' to go along with all that religion and this cruel guessing game, so I was always told, was the 'divine plan of salvation' of that god of the dead. If you guessed right, you were 'saved' by your good work of guessing the answer to that highly debatable question and if you made a wrong guess, and just took things at face value and assumed that there was no god of the dead, then that thing would send you to some place called 'hell', which was the punishment for taking a wild guess and a leap into the unknown, and screwing things up by guessing the wrong answer to that unanswerable question.

Now according to the personal theology of Little Adam, if God existed, then this meant that religious people were in a state known as 'bitter exile', cut off from the presence of the Living God as the punishment due for their sinful heresies. This being true it therefore logically followed from this theological premise that if someone were to separate themselves from the many sins of religion then it would be possible to get an answer from the Living God. Little Adam was convinced that this was true. Little Adam was not convinced that God actually existed, for after long ages of brutal punishing silence on the part of this Living God, as the stubborn and incurable dogmatism of religion met its match in the ruthless rejection by the Living God, at the end of it all you could just never really be sure if we were in exile or if there just was no Living God at all, for, you see, the experience of exile and the nonexistence of God are experienced in the same way. Both of these superficially identical experiences result in the long silence of God and produce what is known as 'the long dark night of the soul'. In both exile and nonexistence the question of the very existence of God is highly controversial and the result is a guessing game such as that guessing game of salvation. People were either dropping dead and getting the answer to their questions because there was no God or because they were being brutally and mercilessly punished by the Living God for their sinful heresies and that Living God would not pity nor relent nor condone what religion had done.

Therefore, because of the long dark night of religion, I was uncertain as to whether or not the Living God did exist, but I was certain that if such a God did exist it would be possible to break the exile by making a definitive break with all that religion the Living God hated so very much. This only made sense, for it was obvious to Little Adam that the human race was in exile only for the purpose of contradicting their religion and reducing it to dogmatic rubble.

Well, for what it is worth, I can report to the human race that the Living God really does exist. I say 'for what it is worth' because I do understand that no one hear what I am saying and no one can believe or accept my testimony at this time. This blindness and deafness is the product of thousands and thousands of years of punishing and merciless exile, and it is, as I have found, almost impossible to overcome godless experience with mere words. However, for what it is worth, I will point out to you people, that the reason why I am successful is that I am everything that I am 'no supposed to be'. I am David, 'a man after God's own heart', as he was called. I am earthy, very sexual, polygamous. I am also very critical, very skeptical, and I have no use whatsoever for those cooked up imaginations of the mind referred to as 'divine revelations' and instead I prefer science and the more certain results this method produces. I am not religious at all, which then explains why I am successful. When I say 'I am not religious at all' I also mean that I am not 'quasi religious' which is to say that I do not think in the cultural categories we have inherited from thousands of years of religion. As I have noticed, even atheists think in religious categories, even though they might think they are 'free thinkers', but this is a subject I have discussed previously and so I won't wander off topic and begin dwelling on that culturally induced manner of fucked up thinking I call 'quasi religion' which is responsible for destroying the world today rather than saving it, even though those 'moral reformers' who call themselves 'progressives' think they are saving the sinful pigs with all that evangelism of theirs, when actually the problem was not one of 'moral values' nor was the solution 'saving sinners one sinner at a time', but rather the problem all along was bad systems and structures which force people to 'sin' whether they want to or not, which also means that if someone wanted to sin they got lucky because it was possible to sin and get away with it given the way things are structured. It is this evil system that religion is designed to protect and it is for this reason that I refer to religion as 'the Anti-Moses'. But I digress...

Now it turns out that Little Adam also thought in certain culturally inculcated categories of which he was unaware. You see, Little Adam, even though he was comfortably human and quite happy to be a human being was also a child of a post-Christian culture, and so he inherited certain idiotic ideas which were going to cause him to fall into a disaster later. Given my experience in these matters, I thought I would share my story of my life with Frankenstein, since I would assume that most people are just as idiotic as Adam was and therefore are likely to fall into the same deep pit. Those who do will be luckier than I was since I am a 'prophet of YAHWEH', and that means that there will be someone around to reach out and pull them up out of that pit, while in my case I just had to suffer down in that black pit for one hell of a long time until I finally got my theology straightened out and came to understand that it was YAHWEH who is God and that there is no other God.

Well, when I came down from the mountain top at Banff I began working on a project with what I had thought was supposed to be God. You know, post-Christians, God, a lovely baby bouncing grandpa, the Great Santa in the sky, the kindly old daddy who gives out loaves and fishes, a wonderful parent, just like your mom. You know, this anthropomorphic theology really is a mistake, because a human being is a human being and thinks like a human being, but God is God. You can imagine my shock when the next thing you know I was splitting a suite with Frankenstein and I had that damned thing thumping around the place with its arms stretched out in front of it.

I had emerged out of a post-Christian culture and I inherited thousands of years of brainwashing. For that reason it was impossible for me to know God and so it was that I got to know God pretty quickly and what I discovered was so dreadful and so horrible and so terrible, or so it seemed to me, that I spent decades in a dark pit from which I could not escape. This was my life with God, my sacrificial life with God. Decades spent trapped in a suite with Frankenstein, whom I hated with a passion and from whom I could never escape. It turns out that all that anthropomorphic horseshit about how God is a really nice parent, just like your mom, is just that. It is a pile of horseshit, and it is also horseshit that 'God is a human being' having taken on a human form and therefore it just logically follows that you can think about God in human categories. Whatever human emotions demand of God, that is what God then becomes, but unfortunately, God is not a human being, the 'Virgin Birth story' was a forgery, as I mentioned in previous posts (more of that critical analysis that I was alluding to above).

NOw it turns out that there is a trace of God left on this planet, in spite of all the ruinous religion that was the root cause of the exile. The closest thing you will ever find to an accurate description of God on this planet is found in thw writings known as 'the prophets of YAHWEH' in the Bible. Now that people did not make this discovery is understandable, given the contradictions and bullshit found in the Bible. I should introduce a caveat here and point out to people that prophets of YAHWEH as found in the Bible were edited, and for this reason, they are also found to be contradictory, and thus not one hundred percent reliable. The worst example of this sort of thing is found in Jeremiah, where the prophet speaks with a forked tongue because of the editing into the manuscript of contradictory passages. (The passages wherein Jeremiah condemns that animal sacrifice as a fraud and condemns the laws about burning at the stake as 'not even entering God's mind', or condemning the entire Torah (the laws of God) as a forgery, these would be genuine since it is unlikely that a religious dogmatic would forge Biblical criticism such as this, while the passages where Jeremiah calls on everyone to sacrifice a cow forever would be the contradictory forgeries inserted into the manuscript).

Now when someone puts words into the mouth of God, by forging stories of Moses going up some mountain to bring down murderous laws, and then these slanderous laws are called 'the Laws of God' which would then make them the 'laws of YAHWEH', the result is the creation of YAHWEH, otherwise known as Frankenstein. Yes, God is just dreadful, wrathful all the time and very bad tempered, and quite fearful and terrible to be near. No God is not Santa. No God is not really nice all the time like your fucking mom. God is just horrible, just the way God is described in those prophets of YAHWEH. Truly wrathful and just dreadful and greatly to be feared.

It seemed to me that I had become the victim of a great tragedy, in that I went up the mountain in Banff to find God, and much to my endless regret, I was successful. I found God, which meant that I found Frankenstein. What I did not understand, and what it took me years to really understand, was that God was not a bully and a tyrant, but rather that YAHWEH, the wrathful terrifying God, was the creation of human religion, plain and simple. Even though people have been plunged into the merciless darkness of ruthless, remorseless, pitiless exile as punishment for the creation and editing of the Bible and as the payment due for their theology and religions, they haven't learned a damn thing from the vicious experience and so it is easy to predict that since, as I discovered, YAHWEH is still God, and YAHWEH is still in one hell of a bad mood, I would warn people here that this planet has not seen the last of YAHWEH, the God is Israel, the wrathful and terrible God of the Jewish Prophets, and as I discovered when I went up the mountain, my God as well.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Divine Mercy Congress Planned at Vatican

Isn't God ruthless and pitiless to humanity? Does God exist, a pitiful human might wonder as they wrestle with the feeling of pain. 'Drop dead,' says God, 'and maybe you will find out then.'

Apparently the Vatican has decided to hold the very first annual 'Divine Mercy' congress. "The congress on Divine Mercy will held April 2-6, in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall. The date was chosen to coincide with the third anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II, as Divine Mercy was a major theme of his pontificate."

I anticipate the inauguration of this pointless annual celebration of nonexistent 'divine mercy' to be the attempt by the Vatican to, hopefully, dish out enough of that religious morphine to dope some people up enough that they will no longer feel the pain when they are reminded that YAHWEH, the God of Israel, is God, and that when God is offended by religion YAHWEH becomes wrathful, and our God becomes a real tough miserable son of a bitch, just as those prophets of YAHWEH in the Bible warned people would be the case.

Now once the Vatican gets through with that job of training people to ignore those prophecies in the 'Old Testament' they might want to move on to making people forget those prophecies in the 'New Testament.' For example there is that prophecy about how a sower went out to sow his seed, and then after he was done, his enemies showed up and tossed out a bunch of thistle seeds. Later on some people came to the gardener and said to him, 'why didn't you use good seed...look at that weed patch you have going there.' And the gardener replied, 'I did use good seed, but our enemies came along and sowed that thistle patch...we will just leave it there until harvest time, at which time we will burn the thistles and and carry whatever wheat was able to grow in the midst of that thistle patch into the granary.'

Perhaps if we wish to make people forget all those prophecies in the New Testament there could be an annual 'Divine Favor' celebration, where people would celebrate all the wonderful things that some god does, such as 'living in their hearts', which is real generous, and makes up for a lot that we see in the world around us, since such things do require us to be on morphine to kill the pain of having bold fearless reckless evil on the loose all the time.

We should also be trained to ignore the doctrine of the blackness of exile. "God's ears are not to deaf to hear nor are God's arms to weak to save, but rather the sin of your religion has separated you from your God." Therefore, according to the prophet of YAHWEH, whenever a people find themselves experiencing 'the long dark night of the soul', especially for long long ages of time, and when evil is running amok on the planet, it is not because it was a 'divine mystery', but rather religious people were sinful bastards, you see, and their religion was worthless hoax. This is also something we should be made to forget, this simple common sense principle, and so perhaps there should also be a day to help us forget that simple concept as well, since we apparently need a day to help us forget that there is no such thing as divine mercy to be found on this miserable and godforsaken planet, the fault so obviously being found in its godforsaken religions.


You may have heard the story of the Jewish people (billed as "God's specially chosen people") and what happened to them in gas chambers. After being herded into what appeared to them to be showers, the doors would be locked and then Zyklon, an insecticidal gas, used to kill cockroaches, bedbugs, and Jews, as it turns out, was introduced into the chamber. As the deadly fumes spread, there would be mass panic in that gas chamber, and the Jewish people inside would rush towards the doors in blind panic in an attempt to escape their doom. When the doors were opened some Jewish slaves would then pry apart the tangled mess of bodies piled up at the doors and toss them into the fires to be cremated, while other slaves would use shovels to pick up the mounds of shit and yet other slaves worked with mops and pails to mop up the large puddle of piss on the floor, since it turned out that "God's people" had shit themselves in terror and pissed on the floor as they exited the world.

Even if the people of Israel were to become as numerous as the grains of sand on the sea shore, only a small remnant would survive the massacre and live long enough to return to the land of Israel, for the judgment executed against them would be summary and final. Or so said one of their prophets, and in this instance we can see that there are times that a prophet could actually hit a nail right on the head and make a prophecy which was a prophecy, as is certainly the case in this example.

Now the Jewish people, when they were not running from the deadly enemies for ages of time, took some time to study what their rabbis called 'the Law of God'. According to the story this was a divine scroll dictated to Moses up on some mountaintop and then delivered to the world as a gift by the custodians of the divine law, the Jewish people of Israel. Among the wonderful ideas of God were those massacres, genocides, robberies, raping, plundering and pillage, as well as forcing everyone to wear fig leaves and burning people at the stake if they did not wear fig leaves but were found to be human beings, which is a crime punishable by death, according to all our religions, which have at least that much in common.

Hitler decided to put a stop to those Jews and prevent them from spreading around their rotten stories about some so called 'god', and the best way to get rid of that Jewish god was to get rid of those Jews. If some alleged god like being actually existed, then that god could save a Jew, thus saving the reputation of that god at the same time as a Jew and the sacred scroll were being saved by that god.

One of the consequences of Hitler's attack is that now Israel is for the most part a secular nation. Sure, there are still a few weird fanatics who cannot see the writing on the wall, and are, together with their virulently right wing rabbis, currently giving the full Torah treatment to the Palestinians, killing them, knocking down their houses and stealing their land one piece at a time. Even those this behavior is scandalizing the entire world, thus earning Israel a spot in the top three on the list of the world's most evil countries, according to those poll results, it is still, I think, a very good thing those Jewish fanatics are doing, for it does demonstrate why it was that Jewish prophets were always making those wrathful prophecies and attacking the supposedly sacred cow murder ritual and referring to Israel as 'a whore who sheds blood' and who brings woe upon herself by 'building Zion with bloodshed and violent injustice.'

There are those who have taken Hitler's lesson to heart, and are convinced that there really are no gods whatsoever, for if there was a god, then why, oh why, would this dreadful thing have happened to Israel, not to mention all the other dreadful things that take place on this planet. However, this is a narrow point of view, perhaps typical of those who live in a post religious culture, in particular a post Christian culture such as ours, where people have been stupidly trained to believe that God is a lovely parent type, just like your lovely grandma or your mom. Apparently not, and the only conclusion that a person could logically draw from all this is that either their certainly are no gods at all, or that YAHWEH is God, and that the truth about God is that God is just dreadful and truly terrible, as you can tell by the horrors that rained down upon the head not only of Israel, but also upon the heads of all of humanity in a punishment ruthlessly administered without so much as a trace of mercy or pity being shown for long long ages of time as the punishment due for that idiotic form of naked blasphemy and oppression known as 'divine religion'.

The Silent Treatment

I just read that a Saudi teen aged girl who was gang raped was just sentenced by some Muslim Sharia court to suffer 200 lashes and 6 months in jail as part of her punishment for that crime. At first she was sentenced to 90 lashes, because she was a passenger in a car where the driver was not one of her male relatives. When she appealed the sentence, the higher court increased the sentence, because in launching an appeal she was showing disrespect for the Muslim court system. Her defense lawyer was also disbarred for participating in the appeal.

You know, I was thinking about how when it comes to religion and God, human beings suddenly become extremely stupid. They have more brains when it comes to understanding human relationships, which don't give them a problem, but a relationship with God gives them a big problem and they suddenly become stupid. Here we must assume that God does in fact exist, because when you have religion you don't have any god, a situation that exists for so many long ages of time, that eventually the very existence of any god whatsoever is thrown into doubt. The gods of religion have one thing in common, in that they were very powerful and mighty only for a very brief time, a long long long time ago, when those gods got busy long enough to write books before those gods then vanished and left us with books and not much else.

Now if one person did not speak to another person for twenty years, the first person would understand that there was a problem in that relationship. 'He hasn't spoken to me in twenty years,' they would say, and they would understand that when someone give you the silent treatment that means that they don't want to have anything to do with you because they have some kind of problem with you.

The same simple common sense is never found in any religion on this planet, in that when God gives the religious the ruthless silent treatment for long long ages of time, if you were to ask a religious person about their alleged 'relationship with a god' they will reply that everything is hunky dory, just as it always was and always will be. Religion is always perfect, the one true faith. This is what religious people have to say about that nonexistent relationship. The only conclusion that I can draw from this weird behavior is that religious people really don't give a damn about any god at all, and it must be true that religious people are so damned dogmatic that even God must become converted to their religion. This would then explain why we have so many gods, because each of these motionless do nothing gods of the world are the creation of one group or another of religious people, who, since they cannot convert God to their religion, just make up a god and carve some god out of book verses and then call that do nothing idol a god.

Yes, this god dwells in their hearts, and we can 'have a relationship with Jesus' through reading 'holy scriptures' and we can commune with this church Jesus who is present in some snack cracker called the Eucharist. Everything is perfect and just dandy, for the gods of religion have left us with the divine gift of religion to make up for the fact that we have no gods here. The gods have left the planet and gone to ghost heaven to await out deaths, an event we should look forward to with joy. Oh generous gift of the gods, the promise of dropping dead and going to ghost heaven. How lovely. How sublime. How perfect are the generous gifts of those book scribbling gods of religion. How merciful. How tender. How like a loving grandpa or how good to you, just like your mom.

Later on, when those religious people discover, for the very first time, that YAHWEH is God, and that God is very wrathful and not very nice to them at all, they can remember how it was that they were so damned mulishly stubborn that even when they were not spoken to for long ages of time, instead of using simple common sense and understanding that there was some kind of a problem with that so called relationship they claimed to be having, they made up stupid excuses and cooked up theological fictions all intended to deny the reality of their exile. Therefore since even the horrors of the long dark night of the soul and the ghoulish specter of the endless eternal darkness of godless death was not enough to purge them of their worthless religion, they will be hearing from YAHWEH God in no uncertain terms at some point in the future, and I don't think they will be able to cook up some rationalization to make that sows ear they will be getting from God into some kind of theological silk purse.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Maniac on the Mount

The first five books of the Bible are known as the Torah, which translates as ‘the law of God.’ Rumor has it that Moses went up the mountain and stayed there for forty days holding meetings with God during which time God dictated and Moses wrote down what God was going on about, and in this way we have the true divine laws, and we know it, because it was all dictated by God during a divine encounter on top of some mountain in the Sinai desert.

For some reason Moses decided to bring down those five books and publish them as ‘the divine law of God’ rather than secretly slipping away and tossing those manuscripts into the fire before there was a chance that the bad influence of God might turn humanity into a collection of fanatical maniacs.

It turns out that God is a maniac. God wants genocide and ethnic cleansing, rape, plunder, looting and pillage.

"Put the men to the sword, but the women and all the spoil you may take as booty. This is how you are to deal with far away lands. But in the lands that nearby you must not spare a living soul." Deut. 20:10

"Annihilate the nations you are dispossessing and make your home in their country." Deut. 12:29

"Put the inhabitants to the slaughter without giving any quarter and burn their town down." Deut. 13:15

“Kill every woman who has had sexual relations with a man, and kill every little boy, but keep the virgins for yourselves…divide them up evenly.” Num. 31:17

God did not want to come down and do all that mass murder in person, but rather it was the will of God to outsource to human beings the dirty job of all that up close and personal sword hacking.

“God’s purpose in doing this was to train future generations in the art of warfare, that is, all those who had not known it before.” Judges 3:2

Centuries later this dreadful problem would repeat itself when once again God would dictate another book, this time to Mohammed, and God would once again call for more of that same sword chopping and would also demand that Muslims use knives to saw off human heads. This latest violent trouble making rant of God was then published as the ‘Koran’. Bad habits are so hard to break. Apparently this will be the last time God will be found stirring up violence for according to what the Muslims tell us the Koran is ‘the seal of the prophets’ and was God’s last word on the subject, so we can expect no more trouble from God in the future and that only leaves us to get rid of all the trouble that God caused in the past. If we can just find some way to shake off the filthy influence of God in the past then finally humanity will be safe from the mind warping ideology of God, unless God also turns out to be a liar, and discards the promise made to those Muslims, and decides to try again and write just one more document.

There is a possibility that God might want to break that promise to those Muslims that the Koran would be God’s top document and final word, for it is characteristic of God to bitch and complain to prophets that no one ever listens to God on this planet. Now I do see that there are a few Muslims who are still willing to obey God and saw those heads off with knives and bring in really tough Sharia law, and there are fundamentalist Christians who remain devoted to doing some of God’s law, if not every last one like they used to do when they were killing all those natives a few generations ago (“Kill all the natives of the land. You must not leave a single one alive.” God). But things are slipping and falling behind. It would seem that humanity needs a fresh dose of God to get the violence level back up to par on this planet and that probably means another one of those divine interventions, and therefore humanity should be on the watch for another one of those Maniacs on the Mount. It could happen at any time.

Breaking free of the cruelty of God has always been a problem for the human race, for there is always one more Maniac on the Mount who will appear on the scene to cause even more trouble, this sort of thing happening from time to time throughout history. They tell us this ‘Jesus Christ’ was the Son of God, which means that it must have true that this ‘Jesus’ was the Son of Sam, the Son of a Maniac. This would seem to be true, for ‘Jesus’ was just one more of those Maniacs on the Mount. This you can confirm for yourself by reading through his famous ‘Sermon on the Mount’ and you will find that he certainly qualifies for the title ‘Son of God’ for this much celebrated sermon is just one more of those rants that we expect when some Maniac is on the Mount.

According to the wise council of ‘Jesus’ in that most celebrated of sermons, no one must ever think that he was going to cancel out those previous laws of God. Apparently some people might have somehow have gotten the idea that he might be canceling the Laws of God, but he wasn’t going to cancel even so much as one of those deranged laws. No, certainly not, for heaven and earth could pass away and hell could freeze over ten times colder than Antarctica, and he would still not cancel even so much as one of those laws. Rather he was launching a crackdown and those laws would all be kept around and fulfilled right down to the last dot over the last letter ‘i’ and until the last letter ‘t’ would be crossed. No one should ever think he was in favor of watering down some of the worst of those dreadful, awful laws, because he wasn’t and those horrible laws would all be done right down to the last letter. This is the opening salvo of this ‘Jesus’, the famous fundamentalist declaration of the infallible inerrancy of the Bible, and is just the way this ‘Jesus’ had of setting us all straight by letting us know we were going to be disappointed if we were expecting something other than another Maniac on the Mount.

If this ‘Jesus’ had any complaints about those laws it was that they were much too merciful and his intention was to toughen up those laws and make them even stricter than before. Yes, what humanity required was a crackdown, especially when it came to those sex laws, which were not tough enough, because they had been watered down by Moses. Moses just was not tough enough when it came to sex and left to many loop holes because he was going easy on those people. ‘Jesus’ was not about to make that same mistake, and indeed he would be fixing that glaring error by plugging any remaining sex loop holes.

If anyone even so much as thought about sex that would be punished the same way this ‘Jesus’ would punish a person for actually having had sex, because he was making those dreadfully murderous Bible sex laws even stricter than before. Those Bible sex laws only punished sex acts with the death penalty (being burned alive at the stake or stoned to death one stone at a time). This ‘Jesus’ was cracking down and making those laws even more severe, for he would be burning people in hell for even thinking about sex acts, thus plugging that gaping hole in those previous laws whereby people were only punished for doing sex, thus leaving them free to think about sex and get away with it.

Therefore, according to sage advice of that latest of the Maniacs on the Mount, it would be better for humanity to saw their hands off throw those sawed off hands into the fire to prevent criminal acts of masturbation, for he was burning people in hell for the sex thoughts that went along with that sex act of jerking off. Better for that hand to be punished with the death penalty than for the whole body to remain attached to that sinful hand and suffer the same consequences. It would be better for them to poke their eyeballs out with a salad fork if they couldn’t stop themselves from looking, and throw those sexually sinful eyeballs into a fire, for it would be better for those two sexually sinful eyeballs to burn than to have ‘Jesus’, that latest divine Maniac on the Mount, throw those two eyeballs into hell with the person still firmly attached.

Contemplation of all this causes me to wonder if people ever stop to think before they praise our divine preachers, or before they bust out into song over that sermon delivered by that Maniac on the Mount. I have to wonder about this after having listened to this fundamentalist Maniac on the Mount thump the Bible, and declare that contradictory pile of nonsense to be infallible and inerrant, and then launch even more lunatic attacks on humanity than those launched by Moses, that first Maniac on the Mount, a tradition then carried on by the Maniac Mohammed, who was just as deranged as those other two maniacs.. Does anyone ever actually read that monstrous Rant on the Mount before they bust out into praise for that poisonous sermon? Apparently it doesn’t take much to please some people, and even if some deranged maniac should climb up a mountain and launch into some delusional vicious rant, for some damnable reason that fundamentalist attack will be celebrated far and wide, by liberals and conservatives alike, as one of history’s greatest sermons delivered by one of the greatest philosophers of all time, even though if you actually read that thing and thought carefully about what you were reading it would be obvious that this is not some divine philosopher but rather just another one of those Maniacs on the Mount.

Maniacs and Atheists

You know, I tell people that story about how I went up the Mount in Banff National Park, and they don’t believe me. (Banff, Adam goes to Banff) I can understand that, because we have had maniac religion and Maniacs on the Mount and their psycho scribblings passed off as ‘scripture’ and even ‘the word of a god’, and that would mean that we had religion with no god. It has been like that for a very, very long, long time. What all these atheists fail to see is the obvious. You see, what self respecting God would attend church or show up at some mosque? Now a self respecting God would show up at Banff, and the reason for that difference is that I was not and am not now a Maniac, and so therefore I can succeed where religion has failed, for religion is blasphemy, and you really should not expect much from God when your mouth is full of filthy blasphemy. If there is one thing an atheist and everyone else could learn from this bitter experience of brutal exile is that the punishment for such blasphemy is awe inspiring in its severity. It is also a rather long extended affair, this punishment, lasting for centuries and even ages of time, for religion is a stubborn and filthy thing and therefore the punishment, ruthless, merciless exile, must match the crime, and since it is almost impossible to rid the planet of religion, that punishment will take one hell of a hell of long, long time.

On Maniacs, and how they were found on Mounts

If some Maniac wants to climb a mountain, and start ranting, this would not be a problem, if it were not for the practice of occasionally canonizing Maniacs. Most Maniacs on Mounts are long forgotten, but periodically some Maniac gets lucky and starts a religion and then the trouble starts. It turns out that once some Maniac gets lucky it takes forever and a day to ditch the insanity that came spewing out of the mouth of that deluded psycho when that psycho climbed some mountain and then cut loose with some filthy, ruinous rant that then somehow became divine and then widely celebrated and praised for one hell of long, long time.

Now the problem we have with Maniacs climbing Mounts is obviously a problem of forgery and fraudulent claims, and this would be true no matter which way a person looked at the problem. An atheist would claim that the deranged rant of a maniac was obviously not ‘the word of some god’ but by definition must be a fraudulent forgery, for no god exists. I am not an atheist myself, having spent a little time up a few of those mountains myself, but I draw the same conclusion as the atheist, that these are obviously forgeries, and I am encouraged that God agrees with me on this one, for as we all know so very well, there is no God to be found in religion, and there has been no God here for as long as religion has existed. I can understand how YAHWEH God feels about this matter, because I also want to stay as far away from that disgusting pile of monstrous maniac muttering as I can get, and like God, I refuse to have anything to do with such disgraceful blasphemous slander and filth, which would also go a long way to explaining why I have had luck up on the mountains while religion never had any luck at all.

But I digress and wander off the topic…

The gospel known as Matthew has pride of place as the first of those gospels in the Bible. This is a complex and complicated document, in that it is the product of what can only be explained and understood as being the result of multiple redactions. Redaction is a form of editing whereby a secondary source is weaved into a primary source, with the final redacted document becoming a product of the synthesis of these separate sources. In the Bible such redaction can usually be recognized by the contradictions and inconsistencies introduced into the document, for the main purpose of so much Biblical redaction is that it is done for ideological reasons. Someone did not like what someone else said and decided to put words into their mouth, and since the ideology of the redactor was in disagreement with the ideology of the original author the result is curious contradictions.

There are multiple contradictions found in Matthew, and then to make the document even more complex, there are contradictions found embedded within contradictions, which are indications of successive redactions. I made my first attempt to make some sense out of this document several years ago and the result of my literary analysis led me to draw the conclusion that the virgin birth story was a forgery appended to the document at a later date for ideological reasons. (See The Origins of the Virgin Birth Story). Later I discovered that the archaeological evidence backs up this conclusion, for as late as the middle of the second century copies of Matthew were in circulation that did not include the virgin birth story. Joseph, we are told, was the father of ‘Jesus’. (See Forgery in the Bible for scans of these variant versions of the Matthew document).

The method I employed in my literary analysis was to take a pair of tweezers and then pluck out each embedded contradiction in Matthew. These contradictory passages were then tossed into a pile for later analysis. What is then revealed is that there was a linked chain of contradictory insertions in the manuscript. The passages were related by ideology, and they all reflected the point of view and the ideological concerns of a fundamentalist Jewish sect. We have the appended virgin birth story, which denies that Joseph was the father of ‘Jesus’. We have the fundamentalist declaration of Biblical inerrancy and the perfection of the Torah laws found embedded in the Sermon on the Mount, where it is out of place. One of the themes of the Sermon on the Mount is an attack on the Torah Laws, following the formula, ‘you have heard it said in the Torah that you must do this, but what I say to you is ‘don’t do that.’ As one example of this sort of thing, ‘you have heard it said, ‘an eye for an eye’, but what I say to you is this. Turn the other cheek.’ Throughout the document of Matthew ‘Jesus’ is referred to by the title, ‘the Son of David’. Then in another anomalous passage there is found the explicit denial that ‘Jesus’ was ‘the son of David’, for he was not the ‘Son of David’. This is the only denial of David found in all the Christian documents, and it is equally contradictory and out of place in Matthew, where ‘Jesus’ is referred to as ‘the son of David’ countless times before this bizarre denial is found inserted into the manuscript.

The denial of David is related to the Virgin Birth story, for the purpose of the Virgin Birth story is to deny Joseph, and since Joseph is a descendant of David, to deny Joseph is to deny David. This denial of David is related to the inserted declaration of Biblical infallibility found in the Sermon on the Mount, for David was not Jewish. David was ‘a Samaritan’. Further David was a Moabite Samaritan, and Moabite Samaritans were banned from joining the Jewish religion forever and ever in the laws found in the Torah. (Actually the Torah is contradictory, for in one passage the people are forbidden to despise Moabites, for ‘Moabites are your blood brothers’ and in a contradictory passage the people are commanded to remain separate from Moabites forever and have nothing to do with a Moabite. It is this latter admonition that was the ideological impetus for the redactions found in Matthew).

To call someone a ‘Samaritan’ was similar to calling someone a ‘nigger’ or a ‘gook’. It was a racist slander in the context of the society that produced the Matthew document. Therefore, if Joseph was the father of Jesus, and if the Torah law was infallible right down to the lost dot over the last letter ‘i’, then this meant that ‘Jesus’ was the Son of David, which meant that the Messiah was a ‘Samaritan nigger’. Therefore there was no way that Joseph could be the father of ‘Jesus’, and since it would be dreadful to suggest that Mary slept around and got pregnant from another man, the only solution was to cook up that fictional story of the virgin birth, and then declare this ‘Jesus’ to be not the Son of David at all but rather ‘the Son of God.’ This was the solution of the Jewish fundamentalist redactor.

It was also true that ‘Jesus’ came from Nazareth, which was the same as saying today that he came from ‘Harlem’ or ‘Chinatown’, and since this was offensive to racists fundamentalists who believed in biblical infallibility, it was required that the redactor also cook up the fictional story of Herod’s massacre of the infants to explain how it was that Joseph and Mary fled from the pure racial town of Bethlehem to go live in Harlem with the ‘Samaritan niggers’ in order to escape from that maniac Herod. History has not record of such a massacre. Josephus, who covers all of Herod’s depravities, does not mention this event. The Jewish people have no historical memory of this event, while they still remember Massada, which happened at about the same time. The massacre of the infants was an invented forgery, inserted for the same ideological reasons that the virgin birth story was invented out of thin air and appended to the manuscript. The same mind that cooked up that virgin birth story out of thin air also cooked up that fiction concerning the massacre, and both fictions serve the same ideological function. Our redactor was a racist.

There are other curious contradictions in Matthew. Starting from chapter six, the Gospel of Matthew consists of an edited revision of the Gospel of Mark. Line by line Matthew follows the gospel of Mark, and the author, who was apparently a fundamentalist who was offended by criticism of certain Torah laws found in Mark, edits Mark to remove the offensive passages and restore the doctrine of biblical infallibility. In this context, and given the original motive for the redaction of the Gospel of Mark, it would appear that the Sermon on the Mount is out of place, and that this sermon which is inserted before the redaction begins on the gospel of Mark at chapter six, was appended later to the beginning of the manuscript by a critic of the Torah. This was then followed by another redaction when a fundamentalist inserted the contradictory declaration of biblical infallibility into the Sermon on the Mount, as well as the denial of David and the Virgin Birth Story and the Nazareth Narrative. This seems to have then been followed by another redaction by a Torah critic, in that the family tree in the book contradicts the virgin birth narrative, in that we are told that ‘Jesus’ was descended from a ‘hooker’ from Jericho and a ‘nigger’ from Moab, and since both these women were ‘niggers’ and ‘Samaritan gooks’ the suggestion is being made that this Jesus was somehow related to ‘chinks’ and ‘wops’, rather than being a member of the pure race.

This controversy over the ‘nigger’ issue as it concerned this ‘Jesus’ was not found only in Matthew’s gospel. In the gospel of John, the Jewish people attack this ‘Jesus’ on racist grounds, insisting that ‘you are nothing but a Samaritan while we are part of the pure race descended from Abraham, and you have the gall to lecture us?’ It was also said of him that he was from Nazareth, the Harlem of that time, and so people were saying, ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth.’

The solution found to this racist controversy was for the religious right to attempt to placate the racists by elevating this ‘Jesus’ to the status of a divine human hybrid, a kind of god baby, with no father, and thus no racist controversy. This tactic was unsuccessful, since the Jewish racists of the time rejected this ‘Jesus’, and it was only later when the Romans and the Greeks came along that they made the mistake of not being critical and brutally honest about those manuscripts they were about to declare the holy word of God, and thus they build a fraudulent theology upon an edifice of forgery. One of the tragic consequences of this process was the creation of one Maniac on the Mount after another, since such Maniacs when found on mountains are the product of the redaction of the fundamentalists of the religious right of the time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lest We Forget

Sunday, November 11th, is ‘Remembrance Day’ in Canada. Just this morning I saw a banner posted which showed the crosses of our war dead emblazoned with the words ‘Lest We Forget’. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion I though I would do my bit to make sure that we remember those two world wars, ‘lest we forget’, for it seems to me that on Remembrance Day we do forget one hell of a lot, and given how that seems to be the customary practice every damned year, perhaps the real motto of ‘Remembrance Day’ should be changed to ‘Lest We Remember’ for it would seem that this holiday is a celebration of hypocrisy more than a solemn remembrance of ‘our war dead’. For this reason perhaps the true motto of ‘Remembrance Day’ should be ‘Lest we Remember’ for we only have ‘Remembrance Day’ so that we will be trained, once a year, to forget one hell of lot, and so perhaps this yearly celebration of the Military Industrial Complex should be renamed ‘Forgetfulness Day’ rather than ‘Remembrance Day’ given that no one remembers a damn thing on November 11th. Given how much effort is expended to make damn sure that no one remembers a damn thing for the entire remainder of the year it seems pretty clear to me that forgetting and not remembering is the true purpose of this annual plunge into naked hypocrisy.

Sunday, November 11th,, is ‘Remembrance Day’ in Canada, and in various other countries around the world which were once part of the empire conquered by Britain in times past when it was Britain rather than the United States which was the planetary top dog. At the height of her powers Britain had invaded and conquered one quarter of the globe, and she only lost her empire because she found herself involved in two very costly feuds with Germany, a country with no imperialist colonies. Germany, like Britain, was a capitalist country and given that both Germany and Japan were resource poor nations it was essential that both these nations follow the example of all the other major capitalist countries of the world and perform a hostile takeover so that they could grab greater market share by lowering their input costs so as to increase their profits, doing so by grabbing some of those cheap resources that became available when a spot on the planet was invaded and conquered and then plundered for peanuts.

Thus was created the so called ‘third world’ for the countries which were looted and sacked were looted and sacked in order to maintain that competitive edge, for if even one competitive capitalist country were to lower their input costs by employing slave driving methods to extract those resources in the colonies this would require slave driving and deep poverty to become the norm in every other imperialist country lest they lose their competitive edge by having their costs increased because they were not miserable sons of bitches out in the colonies and thus paid a decent wage.

It is for this reason that I refer to the capitalist economic system as a game of ‘follow the dirty pig’ since the history of capitalism demonstrates that everyone, sooner or later, winds up competing with the greediest pig on the planet, this greedy pig having lowered the bar and in this way forcing everyone else to do that limbo rock where they attempt to sink low enough to slide under that bar even if it is now inches off the ground.

You can see the same principle at work today now that some really greedy pigs went to China and started paying 35 cents an hour in wages, which then started both a stampede to China, as everyone else was forced to compete and match that pig, as well as a downward plunge in wages and benefits all over the world as the entire planet is now sliding back into really brutal 19th century robber baron capitalism. This then explains why you see auto workers now giving up their pensions, which will no longer be given to anybody. It turns out that pensions and health care were anomalous developments in capitalism, available to only a couple of generations, and now finally the dirtiest greediest capitalist pigs have come up with a strategy to get rid of those things once and for all. In France Sarkozy has just come to power and you can hear the sound of that French chain saw starting up, as pensions and benefits will now be chain sawed in France so that France can remain competitive with Germany, a country that started up the chain saw several years ago (the so called ‘Hartz reforms’ which have been gutting pensions and benefits in Germany for years, thus giving Germany a competitive edge over France).

Both Germany and Japan shared a common history, in that both countries were backwards and remained bogged down in feudalism until late in the 19th century. This ended in Germany when Bismarck launched wars to conquer all the petty German speaking feudal fiefdoms and united them into one country which today we now know as Germany. In Japan the end of feudalism came about when the European imperialist powers conquered all the nations of south east Asia, and then gun boats sailed into Japanese waters. Japan escaped immediate invasion given that the Island is resource poor and hardly worth the bother of looting, but the shock induced by the appearance of those gun boats sailing in and out of Japanese coastal waters shattered the feudal order in Japan. In just a matter of a few short decades Japan underwent a rapid transformation and became an industrialized capitalist nation, and then began building those giant aircraft carriers and destroyers that would later be found bombing Pearl Harbor.

By the time that Germany and Japan emerged from feudalism and became modern nation states the party was over and the entire planet had been plundered and sacked. There were no countries in Asia remaining for Japan to invade and conquer and thus gain access to the cheap plundered resources required if Japan’s new capitalist economy was to remain competitive on the international market. For this reason Japan was forced to mount a hostile takeover of a really big country like China, and so grab market share by grabbing China’s resources. Wisely the capitalist imperialist powers left China alone, that country being to damned big to attempt to conquer, and thus Japan was left with a very difficult chew as over the course of a decade Japan struggled to choke down the plate of leftovers in China. Similarly it was inevitable that Germany would be drawn eastward to attack Russia and attempt to make Russia an imperialist colony for Germany since, once again, no other country had taken the risk of attacking a big country like Russia since they were easy pickings to be found and weak countries waiting to be attacked all over the planet. It was this common history and the common problem confronted by both Germany and Japan which would lead these two countries to became allies in the Second World War.

If you read the actual unedited texts of Hitler’s speeches in various beer halls and taverns, you will find that one of the recurring themes is Hitler’s bitter complaint that the entire planet had been divided up like a giant pie by America and the European imperialist powers, and now there wasn’t even so much as one country left over that he could invade and conquer. They took every single one, and now Germany did not have even one imperialist colony. It was all so unfair and very unjust, and for this reason Hitler’s speeches returned again and again to theme of international justice between ‘the Great Powers,’ for you see, the crusade of Hitler was a noble search for justice and equality between the really big capitalist powers of the world, which meant that Germany now had the inalienable right to attack Russia and make Russia into an imperialist colony to balance out that unfair situation that existed at that time.. The entire planet had been invaded and plundered and sacked. The Dutch controlled the Dutch East Indies. The French controlled French Indo-China. They speak Portuguese in Brazil and Spanish in Latin America. America had proclaimed the Monroe doctrine, warred with Spain and taken over Latin America, invaded the Philippines and plundered big chunks of territory taken from Mexico, and marines landed repeatedly in Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. At the height of her global conquest, Britain had invaded and conquered one quarter of the entire planet.

Now all Hitler wanted was to invade and conquer Russia. However he faced an obstacle. He would have to convince the British imperialist to go along with the plan. Britain however did not rise to global domination without a good reason why this had happened. For centuries Britain had deliberately crushed any other European power that looked like it might rise to a dominant position. Nelson had sunk the Spanish fleet and Wellington had brought an end to the rise of France by destroying Napoleon at Waterloo. British policy had been consistent for centuries. She would invade Europe and crush any other power that might rise on the continent, thus assuring the global domination of the British Empire for centuries to come. She was not about to change her policy when it came to the rise to greater power of Germany, for if Germany did plunder Russia and gained access to all the rich raw resources found on Russian soil then Britain would face an equal in Europe.

It was for this reason that Churchill was determined to stop Hitler, for the policy of Winston Churchill was just the continuation of the old British policy of previous centuries. Churchill was determined to keep what Britain had won and was not about to have British domination of the world threatened in any way by some upstart like that Hitler.

However, both British and German capitalist imperialists faced an intractable contradiction. During the first feud with Germany over the right to imperialist colonies, which we refer to as the ‘First World War’, the British Empire had gone heavily into debt, since it was not possible to pay the military expenses involved in global domination while at the same time being forced by a jealous German imperialism to pay the costs for war on the continent, and the Germans were determined to make Britain pay the price. As Hitler warned Churchill time and time again, if the British tried to stop Germany even one more time, the result would be the bankruptcy and destruction of the British Empire. The Germans also faced a contradiction in that in order to get imperialist colonies for German capitalism and ensure the competitive advantage of German capitalism in future generations, they would have to involve themselves in yet another World War against all the big imperialist powers. As history showed, this was a very risky gamble and quite unlikely to succeed, since Germany did not yet have the raw resources to fight a long war. Hitler’s solution to this problem was Blitzkrieg, so called lightening war. First Hitler would quickly knock out the other European countries in a swift lightening attack, and then he would turn eastward and have a free hand to devote Germany’s limited military capabilities to launching a similar lightening war against Russia. This would have to be a short quick war since Germany did not have any imperialist colonies and was a resource poor nation, but if this gamble succeeded then Germany would have all the raw resources of Russia at her disposal and would be able to build up her military power to such an extent that even another world war with all those other imperialist powers would not be able to threaten German imperialism ever again. Germany would get her ‘justice’ by getting some imperialist colonies and no one would stop her. This was Hitler’s plan.

Hitler was gambling that the Brits, who had been almost bankrupted by Germany the first time around, would not risk losing everything by having one more go at Germany, but Churchill was caught in a strategic dilemma in that if Britain did nothing, she would keep her empire, but over time she would lose the spot as top dog since Germany would rise up to become more powerful than Britain, the reason for this being the rich resources to be plundered by Germany in Russia. So therefore if Britain maintained her previous policy, she would go bankrupt and lose her empire, but if Britain did nothing, eventually she would lose her powerful position to Germany. For this reason Churchill decided to roll the dice, and then after the war the British attempted to hang onto to the British Empire but eventually unable to do so, because the cost of doing so was ruinous. German policy had been to open the way to the future rise of Germany by deliberately bankrupting Britain, the one country that had stood in the way of other European powers for centuries, and in this the German imperialists were eventually successful.

Hitler warned Churchill that the end result of one more of those British feuds on the continent would be that Russia would control half of Europe and America would then rise up to take Britain’s place as dominant world power, after which would follow a global struggle between America and Russia. He was correct, but even though he was talking common sense, he was unable to deter Churchill, for like Hitler, Churchill had decided to solve his strategic dilemma by means of rolling the dice and gambling.

At the same time, on the other side of the world, Japanese imperialist had resolved on a gamble similar to that taken by Hitler in Germany. The Japanese would also launch a lightening war. First they would bomb the American fleet in Pearl Harbor. Over the course of the next year, the Japanese booted the American Imperialists out of the Philippines, after which Douglas Macarthur stepped onto a boat speaking the famous words, ‘I shall return’, as he vowed to come back at Japan and reclaim that imperialist colony for America. The Japanese then threw the French out of IndoChina and kicked the British and the Dutch out of their imperialist colonies in a swift lightning war which took advantage of the fact that those European powers were locked into a struggle with Hitler in Europe and did not have the forces available at the time to stop Japan. After grabbing all those imperialist colonies for Japan the problem then became for the Tojo to hang onto his prize over the long term, which was going to prove to be a problem. However, the future of Japanese capitalism was at stake and Japan required cheap resources to lower her input costs and maintain her competitive position in the market, and since China was a very tough chew and the expense was hardly worth the effort, Japan decided to gamble on lightning war and grab some of those easier and more profitable imperialist colonies that were at the time being looted by America and the European capitalist powers.

Hitler’s beer hall speeches at the time were masterpieces in ironic sarcasm. Churchill was a bald faced hypocritical liar which made him an easy target. Churchill would attempt to stir everyone up for war by speaking darkly about Hitler’s bully boys and their maniacal plan for world domination. In response Hitler would feign mock modesty and remind everyone that he did not have any imperialist colonies. My world, Hitler said, is a small world, and involves only my daily concern with just the German people. There are others whose thoughts daily must turn to global domination, such as Churchill, who had to maintain British domination over one quarter of the conquered planet. To such as these men, said Hitler, belong thoughts of global world domination. For him his thoughts everyday were about Germans, and only Germans, since he did not have any imperialist colonies to occupy his thoughts with plans for getting and then keeping world domination.

According to Hitler, Churchill was one of the worst war mongers on the planet. As Hitler kept telling the German people in those speeches of his, time and time again he had offered peace to Churchill. He greatly admired the British Empire and didn’t have a problem with Britain invading and conquering one quarter of the known world, just so long as Churchill would be reasonable and let Hitler invade just one country, like Russia. It would be such a pity if Churchill was to lose the British Empire by attempting to stop Hitler from invading Russia, and no one would be sadder than Hitler to see British Imperialism collapse into ruins, for this was never his intention. No, Hitler admired countries that invaded the whole world and did not want anything bad to happen to them, and if only the British people would not listen to that war mongering liar like Churchill perhaps they could come to a peaceful agreement. Hitler would invade Russia, getting a German colony and ending Marxism as a favor for the rest of the world, and then Hitelr would guarantee the British Empire for generations as a show of gratitude. If Britain was a little short of cash and some colony was in revolt, Hitler would supply troops to help the cash strapped Brits keep that colony under control.

Now that Remembrance day has once again come along, it is once again that time of the year when we forget all these things. Yes it is time for that annual celebration of the Military Industrial Complex, the time for everyone to gather in solemn assembly and reflect gratefully upon the great sacrifices made by that Military Industrial Complex so that we could all enjoy such things as free speech and democracy, for are not all these things the gift generously bestowed upon us in the spirit of nobles oblige by that Military Industrial Complex, for no other reason that that they just love us so much. Yes, whenever there is a threat to free speech or democratic rights or constitutional law the Military Industrial Complex stands ever at the ready, on guard for our freedoms. This is why we pay trillions of dollars to keep that thing going, to protect these things. Except for the past few years, when for some puzzling reason various constitutions are being threatened by rising states of fascism and the Military Industrial Complex hasn’t said much about it, much less done anything about it. Perhaps this a break with tradition given their past history of plunging even entire planets into bloody ruin when the smallest threat to free speech and constitutional rights appeared.

Those with an historical memory might recall that ‘free speech’ and ‘constitutions’ are things gained by means of what was known as, in just one example, ‘the American Revolution’, during which the Revolutionary armies gunned down the oppressive military industrial complex of the day, finally pumping that thing so full of bullets that the oppressive military power was unable to prevent the rise of free speech and democracy. It certainly wasn’t a gift. But then this is ‘Remembrance Day’ once again, and I would suppose that this is yet one more thing we should be made to forget on this the most forgetful day of the year.

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Where there is found to be a conflict between experience and doctrine, it is always experience that takes precedence. Doctrine is either modified so as to create a satisfactory agreement with experience, or in those cases where no satisfactory resolution of a conflict between actual lived experience and a doctrine religious people adapt to this situation by becoming bigoted and dogmatic about the erroneous doctrine.

One example of this sort of thing is that bit about how the religious God is just like a kindly parent, and what kindly parent would ever give someone a stone or a serpent when they asked for a loaf of bread. Of course all parents nurture and feed and care for their children, but God cares for no one, and we have even see weirdoes slaughtering ‘God’s specially chosen children’ and suffering no consequences for doing so. Certainly experience teaches religious people that if they need a loaf they are much better off to look to the protection of Caesar and not rely upon a cracked and broken stick such as a God.

Given this deep conflict that exists between supposed doctrine and actual experience in the real world religious people respond by simply being mindlessly dogmatic about the doctrine of God as a caring and concerned parent. The explanation for this behavior pattern is found in the explanation that modern psychology gives for the phenomenon of bigotry, since dogmatism in religion is just a variant expression of bigotry. Cognitive dissonance occurs when the truth is kept repressed in the unconscious mind. What is on the surface is the bigoted view point, and whenever reality threatens to intrude and cause the repressed truth to surface this is prevented by an outburst of bigotry, or in the case of religious people, an outburst of stubborn dogmatism. Often such expressions of a bigoted point of view are accompanied by hypocritical pseudo-indignation and the source of the fury of bigotry is the rage felt by the individual as the threatened rupture of a type of intellectual dam that keeps the truth safely barricaded in the unconscious mind.

A bigot or a dogmatic needs to believe that certain things are true in order to preserve a certain world view and it would appear that while people can be very dishonest with themselves the human unconscious mind is unable to tell a lie, and this is the root cause of the problem of religious violence and the desire to kill the heretical unbeliever so as to keep them quiet and thus unable to disturb the delicate equilibrium that exists within the mind of religious dogmatic. Religious violence occurs because religious people are dogmatic bigots and people become bigots when they believe a falsehood, or, in the case of religious people, when they are worshipping idols.

The Theology of Exile

Experience creates doctrine and is the foundation of all so called ‘theology’. The meaning of the word ‘theology’ is ‘the study of God’, but in actual practice ‘theology’ is a description of the lived experience of religious people. In this world there are only two logical expressions of ‘theology’, the first being ‘the theology of exile’ which describes a world where religion has been totally forsaken and abandoned completely by God, which provides an intellectually satisfying explanation of observed reality if we conclude that God does exist. The second satisfactory theology is no theology at all, in that no God exists, and this is a theology that agrees with lived experience of many people, and is in most cases the actual belief system of even many religious people who never ask for loaves because they know based upon bitter experience that no loaf would be forthcoming and public humiliation is all one could expect for being foolish enough to ask. For this reason religious people say their prayers and then they get down to the real business at hand, lobbying Caesar, or doing the work of God themselves because if they don’t do it no one will.

The theology of religion is a theology that categorically rejects the concept of ‘exile’ and ‘punishment’ and attempts to create a mental frame through which to interpret the actual lived experience of the religious in such a way as to normalize and rationalize these experiences by resolving certain intractable contradictions. The exile is explained as being the product of ‘original sin’ that, tragically, has caused a great barrier to go up separating God from humanity. This concept then justifies the practice of a religion that has no God, for it is said to be the task of religion to build a bridge between humanity and God, a task assigned to religion by that absent God before that God left the scene after briefly intervening just long enough to create religion, and then disappeared never to be seen again.

The alternative to this doctrine of original sin would be to acknowledge that the real cause of the gulf that exists between humanity and God is religion itself. Religion is rejected and thus in exile, which would then give us a satisfactory explanation of the so called divine mysteries of God. Divine mysteries are resorted to in order to describe the intractable contradiction that exists between expected dogma (God as a very nice guy) and actual observed reality (God as a distant, remote ruthless prick). Where such ‘divine mysteries are found there we would also find exile, for the purpose of this ‘divine mystery’ is to simply deny the exile and claim that the contradiction is a lovely divine mystery of some sort or another.

The existence of a place called ‘heaven’ where ghosts go when they leave dead human bodies and is the abode of a god of the dead is also a signal indicator of the state of exile. It is either true that religion is in exile, and thus will never receive a thing from some god in this world, or it must be true, as the atheists insist is the case, that no god exists and that therefore religious people must resort to such fantasies as the delusion that some remote and very distant, ominously silent god type being lives up in a place called heaven while waiting for human beings to drop dead so that a ghost can come out of their bodies and join this god in heaven.

In order to rationalize the experience of brutal exile it is necessary for religion to take a theological lemon and add lots of sugar and so produce some more of that theological lemonade. Apparently it does not occur to religious people that those who are being very obedient to God would be found sucking a lemon when they were given a lemon to suck, and only the rebellious will be found squeezing lemons, adding sugar water, and then drinking sweet lemonade.

If religious people want to know for certain that there is in fact a god of the dead waiting for them after death up in ghost heaven they have no choice but to suck on that lemon and just wait until the very moment of death, or more correctly, for the very moment after death, assuming that such a moment actually does exist. No one knows. Does God exist? ‘Drop dead,’ says this God, ‘and maybe you will find out.’ Throughout the ages this divine mystery has been maintained by means of ruthless, merciless pitiless silence. Humanity can suffer and they can suck that lemon, says that God, assuming that a God exists. No one knows, and this is yet one more of those lemons that must be sucked until the lips pucker. Religion offers sugar, since a spoon full of sugar, it is said, helps to kill the mouth puckering taste of that bitter, bitter lemon.

“Drop dead,” says God. Therefore, since this is the divine message religion has received from God, and since religion is rebellious, which is why they get a snake or a stone instead of a loaf or a fish, it just logically follows that religion must once again reach for the sugar bowl and make some more of that lemonade out of that lemon. Religion must go forth into the world and with a rhetorical flourish, religion must preach the glorious salvation of the ‘Drop Dead’ gospel, encouraging everyone to accept religion so that they can ‘Drop Dead’ and become a ghost up in ghost heaven as per the mysteriously divine plan of God. Anyone can tell just how deeply reverent religious people are because even when God is being a son of bitch and a real mean miserly bastard by asking people to play that guessing game (decide, choose Jesus, yes or no, its your best guess) instead of complaining about that cruel tough minded old bastard, God, religious people praise and glorify that mean son of a bitch and obediently preach the ‘drop dead gospel’ to all humanity. It was the divine message : ‘Drop Dead’. Therefore what is required is spoonfuls of sugar, or even cupfuls and buckets filled with that sugar to make the sour taste of such a pungent lemon go down in the most delightful way.

Religion as Trap and Snare

The long punishing exile of religion proves to be an incurable condition and a state which we would expect to last forever, assuming that godless religion could ever last forever (an unlikely scenario) or we would expect the exile to last to the bitter end of the exile, assuming that God existed and thus an end to the exile was forthcoming. Therefore we would anticipate the collapse and ruin of religion followed by endless eternal darkness (God does not exist) or we would anticipate the collapse and ruin of godless religion followed by the termination of the state of exile (God does exist). We would not expect an interruption of the exile at some intermediate point, but rather we would expect religion to be handed over to the jailer and the torturer until each generation has paid the very last cent of the debt owed, and this is true because religion is an inescapable trap and a deadly snare.

The reason for that religion becomes an eternal trap from which few religious people can ever escape is found in understanding the phenomenon that psychologists refer to as ‘mortality salience’. When we have religion we have a ‘divine mystery’. Does God really exist? This is the great controversy that rages for generations in every society that has a tradition of religion. If God does not exist, then this means that the eternal bottomless pit that everyone seems to be heading towards during their life’s journey is just what it appears to be. It is eternal endless darkness and an everlasting void, the endless eternity of death and nonexistence. Since when people have religion they have godless religion, uncertainty, and what has been called ‘the long dark night of the soul’ (referring to all those fearful doubts that arise from time to time in the soul of every believer in their more honest moments) therefore the only solution that can be found to this problem is to become very dogmatic and insist that religion is perfect. Religion is perfect. While it is true that no god of any sort has been seen since some fantastic and very brief period of time in the very ancient past, nevertheless such an absence of God cannot be construed as a damnation of religion, for the damnation of religion is the end of God, or so they seem to think. No, rather it is true that religion is like a strong and mighty bridge that connects humanity to the past, when, for a very brief time, there was a God. Furthermore, before that God went away on a long extended leave, that God gave explicit instructions that religious people maintain this bridge to the ancient past when there was a God, for no bridge no God.

In this way people keep having religion, which means that they prolong the exile, which then brings that torturous dread, that mortality salience, which then impels religious people to continue work on bridge repair, leading to more religion, leading to more condemnation and damnation of religion, and more brutal merciless exile, which then extends the reign of the long, dark night of the soul, leading once again to even more dogmatic religion, and more damnations and ever lengthening bitter exile. Bucket loads of sugar will be required, with the amount of sugar becoming ever greater the longer the brutality of the experience of this punishing exile continues and the sour lip puckering flavor of that lemon becomes ever more sour with the passage of centuries, and yes, even ages of time.

It is for this reason that religion becomes a deadly trap and a snare from which humanity never escapes. They were doomed by their religion right from the very start and they would remain in jail until they paid the last cent and completed the very last day of the entire sentence. The hope for a reduced sentence would prove to be a futile hope, for it would require release upon the grounds of good behavior, and there wouldn’t be any good behavior. There would be ever more religion, practiced ever more zealously, as religious people fled from the dread terrors of the long, dark night of the soul, seeking refuge in the very religion which was destroying throughout the entire period of the exile. For you see the alternative in the mind of religious people would be that there religion was false and that therefore no God existed and all that awaited them, and their ancestors was the endless eternal blackness of ever lasting death bringing with it their total annihilation.

Original Sin and Divine Predestination

The doctrine of ‘original sin’ provides an explanation that is incoherent when considered as a philosophical proposition given its inherent contradictions. If God is both all powerful and all knowing therefore it must be the case that God was the ‘original sinner’, for God created Adam with the capacity to sin and furthermore God knew that Adam was going to sin, and far from doing something to prevent Adam’s sin, God nevertheless created Adam with the foreknowledge that in the manner of Adam’s creation was found the origins of the inevitable fall.

If this was not true, then it must the case that God was not all knowing and not all powerful. Condemning Adam for being a sinner would make about as much sense as condemning an Aardvark for being Aardvark, or condemning and Ant Eater for eating ants. Ant Eaters eat ants and sinners such as Adam sin for the simple reason that it is the created nature of Ant Eaters to eat ants just as it was the created nature of Adam to sin. Therefore it cannot be true that God cannot tolerate sin, for we can see in the world around us that God certainly created one hell of a lot sin, and did so knowingly and with foreknowledge.

The argument found in the book of Romans states that God is All Powerful and that God is also All Knowing and that therefore it was indeed God who created all the evil in the world so as to ‘demonstrate wrathfulness’ in order to ‘demonstrate justice’. All the world is therefore a stage, just as Shakespeare summarized this theological perspective in one of his plays. We are all just clay pots on the potters wheel.

An ant eater is created to eat ants. Good people are created to do good while evil people are created evil, such as Pharaoh, who was created to do evil by God so that God’s power could be demonstrated to everyone by taking down Pharaoh. It was an all powerful God who was in ‘complete control’ who deliberately placed Pharaoh upon the throne as part of that divine plan to ‘demonstrate justice’ by knocking down Pharaoh. It was all planned ahead of time, just as all the evil in the world was planned out ahead of time by God who is the only ‘original sinner’ if we assume, as is the case in the book of Romans, that God is all powerful. If this is not true, then it must be the case that evil people can somehow thwart the will of God, proving to everyone the lack of power possessed by God. Since the book of Romans is a very right wing document, this perspective is rejected, and instead evil becomes ‘the divine will of God.’

One pot is created good and another pot is created evil. This does not depend on human choices or human will but rather upon the divine will of God who is in perfect control. Before people were born and had done anything good or evil God said ‘Jacob I loved and Esau I hated.’ Therefore there is no salvation based upon works or good deeds, but all is merely dependant upon the grace of God, so that it does not rely upon human effort or human will power, but rather upon the arbitrary choice of God. This is known as the doctrine of ‘divine predestination’ and one thing that can be said in favor of this doctrine found in the Book of Romans is that as a theology it is more consistent than conventional Christian doctrine that plucks quotes out of context in the book of Romans, while ignoring the actual theological world view that informs the book – the doctrine of predestination, which is required if God is to be both All Powerful and All Knowing and yet we would still find evil in the world.

God, the Original Sinner

There are those who attempt to reconcile the contradiction between the theology of predestination found in Romans with the typical Christian theology of ‘individual responsibility’ by suggesting that God chose Jacob ‘before he was born and had a chance to make his own decisions about good or evil’, because God looked into the future, saw that Jacob made good choices, and therefore chose Jacob, while rejecting Esau, before Esau was born, for the opposite reason. This is contradictory. If God looked into the future and saw evil and then God, who they say cannot tolerate even small sins, then went ahead with the creation of the world including all the evil which God saw coming beforehand, therefore it must have been the case that it was the will of God to create all that evil for that is what God did. Therefore it was the divine choice of God to create Esau in such a way that Esau was capable of doing evil, much as an ant eater is created capable of eating ants, which was also the divine choice for ant eaters. For this reason it must have been the divine will of God to reject Esau before Esau was born and had a chance to do any evil, for this was what God created. It was not Esau who had the choice of creating evil, but rather it was the divine will of God, the true original sinner, to deliberately and with malice aforethought, create every single evil thing that ever happened.

Every evil act was authorized by God and so therefore it would be pointless to pray to God to stop some evil act since before time began, and any evil act could be committed, God looked ahead into the future, saw the evil act, no matter how atrocious, and then authorized that evil act. There would be no point in praying to God to stop a tyrant, for God already authorized the evil acts of a tyrant like Pharaoh. Therefore the best thing to do is to just accept the status quo, which is the perspective that we find at the very climax at the end of the book of Romans (and it is for this reason that I call the theology of the book of Romans very ‘right wing’). Anyone who tries to change the world is guilty of screwing around with the divine order and so therefore social change or resistance to any authority figure, such as Caesar, is rebellion against God. God gave Caesar the sword to chop down anyone who defies God by rebelling against Caesar.

That the doctrine of predestination is very right wing in its political and social implications is demonstrated again and again in Paul’s letters, where he calls upon everyone to not rock any boats but rather to preserve the status quo. Slaves obey your masters, with fear and trembling, as you obey Christ, and not only while being watched. Women must wear the veil because that was the tradition. Let all of society become fossilized and let everyone remain where they are and not change anything. Become good citizens who do not question the status quo or rock any boats. The result of this perspective can be seen in the manner in which Christian civilization in Europe became fossilized and remained bogged down in unchanging backwardness for ages of time (the longest phase of this social stagnation given the apt designation ‘the dark ages). It took revolutionary upheavals and the endurance of much blood shed and torture at the hands of the church before the rise of such things as science or democracy could finally return to the earth just a few centuries ago (both science and democracy had been born in the ancient world, but both were ruthlessly stamped out by the rising power of the Christian church, for they represented social change, which was rebellion against the divine order of things as established on earth by God’s sacred decree).

One of the contradictions of the theology of predestination is found when we consider that the concept of ‘justice’ is completely absent in the book of Romans. Paul deals with his critics by telling them to shut up. ‘So you might say to me, if God created me a sinner then why am I still being judged for sin. But I say to you to shut up, for who are you that you talk back to God. Cannot God create one pot for a noble purpose and one pot for a worthless purpose…So what if God patiently endured the creatures of wrath, destined for destruction, but only so as to demonstrate the richness of his grace to the creatures of his mercy.’

There is no justice in creating an ant eater to eat ants and then damning the ant eater for ‘ant genocide’. Similarly there is no justice in God creating sinful pots and then judging the sinful pot for being sinful. According to Paul, in the book of Romans, there is no authentic ‘justice’ in the world, but rather what we see is all a fake, a divine ‘demonstration of justice.’ This is what justice would look like if such a thing actually existed. However justice cannot exist for this would mean that somehow things got out of hand and that therefore God was not all knowing and all powerful. Therefore it becomes obvious that all the world is a stage and everything we are seeing is just a fiction, cooked up by God, who for mysterious reasons, wanted to demonstrate to everyone what justice would look like if such a thing actually existed, and therefore cooked up this great and completely phony dramatic performance we call life so as to demonstrate that concept, doing it all on purpose so that no one need worry that perhaps the all powerful completely controlling God of the religious right somehow allowed things to get out of hand, and was therefore not a perfect authoritarian thus being the perfect role model for earthly right wing authoritarians (for as in heaven, so on earth).

Link to a page I wrote a few years ago discussing Paul’s theology of predestination and the interpretation of ‘original sin’ which results when this theology becomes the interpretive frame.