Thursday, November 15, 2007


You may have heard the story of the Jewish people (billed as "God's specially chosen people") and what happened to them in gas chambers. After being herded into what appeared to them to be showers, the doors would be locked and then Zyklon, an insecticidal gas, used to kill cockroaches, bedbugs, and Jews, as it turns out, was introduced into the chamber. As the deadly fumes spread, there would be mass panic in that gas chamber, and the Jewish people inside would rush towards the doors in blind panic in an attempt to escape their doom. When the doors were opened some Jewish slaves would then pry apart the tangled mess of bodies piled up at the doors and toss them into the fires to be cremated, while other slaves would use shovels to pick up the mounds of shit and yet other slaves worked with mops and pails to mop up the large puddle of piss on the floor, since it turned out that "God's people" had shit themselves in terror and pissed on the floor as they exited the world.

Even if the people of Israel were to become as numerous as the grains of sand on the sea shore, only a small remnant would survive the massacre and live long enough to return to the land of Israel, for the judgment executed against them would be summary and final. Or so said one of their prophets, and in this instance we can see that there are times that a prophet could actually hit a nail right on the head and make a prophecy which was a prophecy, as is certainly the case in this example.

Now the Jewish people, when they were not running from the deadly enemies for ages of time, took some time to study what their rabbis called 'the Law of God'. According to the story this was a divine scroll dictated to Moses up on some mountaintop and then delivered to the world as a gift by the custodians of the divine law, the Jewish people of Israel. Among the wonderful ideas of God were those massacres, genocides, robberies, raping, plundering and pillage, as well as forcing everyone to wear fig leaves and burning people at the stake if they did not wear fig leaves but were found to be human beings, which is a crime punishable by death, according to all our religions, which have at least that much in common.

Hitler decided to put a stop to those Jews and prevent them from spreading around their rotten stories about some so called 'god', and the best way to get rid of that Jewish god was to get rid of those Jews. If some alleged god like being actually existed, then that god could save a Jew, thus saving the reputation of that god at the same time as a Jew and the sacred scroll were being saved by that god.

One of the consequences of Hitler's attack is that now Israel is for the most part a secular nation. Sure, there are still a few weird fanatics who cannot see the writing on the wall, and are, together with their virulently right wing rabbis, currently giving the full Torah treatment to the Palestinians, killing them, knocking down their houses and stealing their land one piece at a time. Even those this behavior is scandalizing the entire world, thus earning Israel a spot in the top three on the list of the world's most evil countries, according to those poll results, it is still, I think, a very good thing those Jewish fanatics are doing, for it does demonstrate why it was that Jewish prophets were always making those wrathful prophecies and attacking the supposedly sacred cow murder ritual and referring to Israel as 'a whore who sheds blood' and who brings woe upon herself by 'building Zion with bloodshed and violent injustice.'

There are those who have taken Hitler's lesson to heart, and are convinced that there really are no gods whatsoever, for if there was a god, then why, oh why, would this dreadful thing have happened to Israel, not to mention all the other dreadful things that take place on this planet. However, this is a narrow point of view, perhaps typical of those who live in a post religious culture, in particular a post Christian culture such as ours, where people have been stupidly trained to believe that God is a lovely parent type, just like your lovely grandma or your mom. Apparently not, and the only conclusion that a person could logically draw from all this is that either their certainly are no gods at all, or that YAHWEH is God, and that the truth about God is that God is just dreadful and truly terrible, as you can tell by the horrors that rained down upon the head not only of Israel, but also upon the heads of all of humanity in a punishment ruthlessly administered without so much as a trace of mercy or pity being shown for long long ages of time as the punishment due for that idiotic form of naked blasphemy and oppression known as 'divine religion'.