Thursday, November 15, 2007

Divine Mercy Congress Planned at Vatican

Isn't God ruthless and pitiless to humanity? Does God exist, a pitiful human might wonder as they wrestle with the feeling of pain. 'Drop dead,' says God, 'and maybe you will find out then.'

Apparently the Vatican has decided to hold the very first annual 'Divine Mercy' congress. "The congress on Divine Mercy will held April 2-6, in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall. The date was chosen to coincide with the third anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II, as Divine Mercy was a major theme of his pontificate."

I anticipate the inauguration of this pointless annual celebration of nonexistent 'divine mercy' to be the attempt by the Vatican to, hopefully, dish out enough of that religious morphine to dope some people up enough that they will no longer feel the pain when they are reminded that YAHWEH, the God of Israel, is God, and that when God is offended by religion YAHWEH becomes wrathful, and our God becomes a real tough miserable son of a bitch, just as those prophets of YAHWEH in the Bible warned people would be the case.

Now once the Vatican gets through with that job of training people to ignore those prophecies in the 'Old Testament' they might want to move on to making people forget those prophecies in the 'New Testament.' For example there is that prophecy about how a sower went out to sow his seed, and then after he was done, his enemies showed up and tossed out a bunch of thistle seeds. Later on some people came to the gardener and said to him, 'why didn't you use good seed...look at that weed patch you have going there.' And the gardener replied, 'I did use good seed, but our enemies came along and sowed that thistle patch...we will just leave it there until harvest time, at which time we will burn the thistles and and carry whatever wheat was able to grow in the midst of that thistle patch into the granary.'

Perhaps if we wish to make people forget all those prophecies in the New Testament there could be an annual 'Divine Favor' celebration, where people would celebrate all the wonderful things that some god does, such as 'living in their hearts', which is real generous, and makes up for a lot that we see in the world around us, since such things do require us to be on morphine to kill the pain of having bold fearless reckless evil on the loose all the time.

We should also be trained to ignore the doctrine of the blackness of exile. "God's ears are not to deaf to hear nor are God's arms to weak to save, but rather the sin of your religion has separated you from your God." Therefore, according to the prophet of YAHWEH, whenever a people find themselves experiencing 'the long dark night of the soul', especially for long long ages of time, and when evil is running amok on the planet, it is not because it was a 'divine mystery', but rather religious people were sinful bastards, you see, and their religion was worthless hoax. This is also something we should be made to forget, this simple common sense principle, and so perhaps there should also be a day to help us forget that simple concept as well, since we apparently need a day to help us forget that there is no such thing as divine mercy to be found on this miserable and godforsaken planet, the fault so obviously being found in its godforsaken religions.