Friday, November 9, 2007

Maniacs and Atheists

You know, I tell people that story about how I went up the Mount in Banff National Park, and they don’t believe me. (Banff, Adam goes to Banff) I can understand that, because we have had maniac religion and Maniacs on the Mount and their psycho scribblings passed off as ‘scripture’ and even ‘the word of a god’, and that would mean that we had religion with no god. It has been like that for a very, very long, long time. What all these atheists fail to see is the obvious. You see, what self respecting God would attend church or show up at some mosque? Now a self respecting God would show up at Banff, and the reason for that difference is that I was not and am not now a Maniac, and so therefore I can succeed where religion has failed, for religion is blasphemy, and you really should not expect much from God when your mouth is full of filthy blasphemy. If there is one thing an atheist and everyone else could learn from this bitter experience of brutal exile is that the punishment for such blasphemy is awe inspiring in its severity. It is also a rather long extended affair, this punishment, lasting for centuries and even ages of time, for religion is a stubborn and filthy thing and therefore the punishment, ruthless, merciless exile, must match the crime, and since it is almost impossible to rid the planet of religion, that punishment will take one hell of a hell of long, long time.