Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fear of God

You know I have heard it said that the fear of God might turn some people away from doing evil. If it did then it could be said that this fear of God was useful in that it served a very useful purpose on this suffering planet. Unfortunately I have never seen any evidence that this is true, but then perhaps that might be because all I have ever seen in my lifetime is religion, religion with no gods, and as we all know from extremely bitter experience, religion holds no fear for evildoers. Hell, even a scum bag like Hitler was not the least bit afraid of any so called gods or any religion and gave us a demonstration of the worthlessness of gods on this planet when he barbequed six million Jews, you know, 'God's specially chosen people.' This sort of thing does wonders for what is called 'faith', and you can see the interesting results of having religion which holds no fear for the ruthless and the powerful in that the Catholic Church, in which Hitler was raised, has now been razed by Hitler, yes, razed right to the fucking ground, along with every other church in Europe. The American church, because of cultural differences, is being razed to the ground by unbridled wickedness at a slightly slower pace, with the statistical projections indicating that the churches will all be closing down in America sometime around the year 2150, by which time there would not be found one religion in all Europe and only a few left over fanatics in America.

I am satistifed with the results and the way things have turned out for religion at the end of it all, for that long divorced whore hopped into bed with Caesar, and that meant she had to become a babysitter, watching over the kids, and making sure they behaved, and that also meant turning a blind eye to the deeds of the ruthless and the powerful, for if the powerful were no longer the powerful then she would quickly become an unhappy housewife trapped within a loveless marriage, and her long past history of whoring would have proved to have been all in vain. At then end of it all she got nothing less than exactly what she deserved and all the advertising campaigns and billboards in the world will not turn things around or reverse her ongoing ruinous collapse. For you see having a whore like her around for such a long long long fucking time has finally been enough to convince everyone on the planet that there are no gods at all.

This is not to say that the fear of God does not serve any useful purpose whatsoever, for as we have seen some deranged refugee from a mental hospital can regularly be found filling stadiums and tents and then launching into some terrorist bullying tirade as that untreated psychiatric patient vomits up the demented delusions and fantastical horrors that are typical of such wildly blaspheming maniacs. Yes, that deranged lunatic is out to save a soul and that requires the most ruthless bullying and even terrorist attacks, for how else can Adam and Eve be convinced to wear that fig leaf. How else will Adam and Eve become wise like God, knowing the difference between good and evil, and show it, by wearing a fig leaf over their disgraceful obscene parts?

So then we can see that at the hands of religion the fear of God still does serve at least one useful purpose. It was completely fucking useless when it came to confronting power and oppression but it did get the human race kicked out of YAHWEH's Garden of Paradise and left them trotting around the planet wearing fig leaves and eating poisoned apples from that sacred tree which some maniacs planted right at the center of that Garden of Eden.

Private Charity

Once again I am being forced to pinch my nostrils as the rotting stench of cruel inhumanity wafts over my planet, for there are dreadful floods in Africa, wiping out the food supply of a million of the poorest of the poor. And we all know what that means, now don't we. That's right. It is time to thin the herd out, and get rid of some more of those useless eaters that have been cluttering our otherwise pristine planet. Yes, it is once again time for the poorest of the poor to suffer from another great big famine and just drop dead.

There might still be hope, for as we know the planet is not flat broke yet. There are trillions of dollars for tax cuts for tycoons and half a trillion for war, and since it is always possible to scrape up loads of cash when it is for a good cause, perhaps we can remain cautiously optimistic.

Then again maybe we should be guarded, and very cautiously pessimistic, lest we find ourselves once again ruthlessly bullied or terrorized by terrorists, our we once again find our recklessly brave and bold politicians once again attacking all our civil rights. Perhaps those of us who have the most to worry about should be very, very careful at a time like this, or we could get on the wrong side of things and we all know what happens to us then, based upon our past historical experience and our knowledge of what happens to a people when they fuck around with some goose that was laying golden eggs.

Fortunately, we do have religion, and that means that once again the righteous ones can bring to the forefront that most righteous of causes, private charitable donations. For it worked so damned well during the time of Charles Dickens, and in fact it has worked so well all thoughout historical time when religion was peddling that notion, that we can say that if it ain't broke, why fix it. Why fuck around with such a perfectly wonderful splendid fucking plan. And besides we wouldn't want to be the ones who were responsible for asking certain uncomfortable questions which might cause people to start thinking uncomfortable thoughts, and so once again we can expect more appeals to that most sacred of social doctrines, private charitable donations.

For this reason I am not going to make the grave error of feeling optimistic, because I have been around the block a few to many times before to make a brainless mistake like that one. After all, our politicians have done the evil deed and ruthlessly thinned out the herd before, and there was no hell to pay. Religion has quietly rode out the storm, and did not hold the feet of ruthless prick to the fire, and there was no hell to pay. You see that whoring housewife just identifies so strongly with the cause of her lover that she cannot bring herself to commit any act of adultery. That would be unthinkable. Therefore, carry on, carry on, for tomorrow will be just like today, only probably even better.

What I find remarkable about religious people is that they are not in the least bit afraid of God. Not even a little. You can try to make them scared by reminding them of God, but it has been such a long long fucking time and religion has no fucking god of any sort whatsoever for such a very very long long long fucking time, that I guess it is now impossible to do that old prophet of YAHWEH thing and scare the shit out of some sinners. This is remarkable to me for when you stop to consider just how much wiser it would have been had religious people been afraid of God, considering how damned afraid of God they are going to be at some point in the days ahead, you can see quite clearly how much wiser it would have been if they would have forgotten that long neglected long rejected religion and remembered God instead and spared themselves the terror and the dread that suddenly, and quite unexpectedly came upon them as if from out of nowhere. For how very unexpected were the deeds of God. How alien and totally surprising were the ways of God.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sean Lockhart - Super Hustler

According to a slanderous slam uttered by a nasty gossip and then published in Rolling Stone Magazine, Sean Lockhart might seem kind of naive at times, but don't let the act fool you, because he is one nasty hustler with no emotional feelings whatsoever, a real smooth operating hustler.

Now I thought I would point out that Sean is some kind of male Marilyn Monroe. You can check it out for yourself by following this link -> A pic of Monroe.

Now according to Rolling Stone magazine, Monroe made about 2,000 bucks a scene at Cobra, for a grand total of about 8,000 bucks, while Kocis, who lucked out and found that male Marilyn Monroe before anyone else did, jumped at the chance to lock Monroe into a contract, even though he was an obviously underaged ‘twink’, because Bryan Kocis wasn’t about to risk allowing the goose that was going to lay those golden eggs to wander off and start laying those golden eggs in the barn next door. This was a smart move that then made Kocis an estimated two million. Then there are the other millions made by distributors and retailers and so on.

From all this we can see that Sean really isn't much of a hustler, and is a little naive, and is pretty well just what I have said he was before I was so rudely contradicted by Rolling Stone Magazine, a fleeced little lamb, and not a big time super hustler at all, for if he was a big time super hustler, he wouldn't be working at retail for 8.50 an hour and not able to change his brake fluid because it is to expensive, but Sean would be driving a fancy car, just as Rolling Stone points out was the case for Kocis, who was able to afford a whole collection of such fancy cars.

A Rolling Stone gathers some moss

Journalists are not always ‘fair and balanced’. If you’re a very lucky celebrity type, and they take a shine to you, and decide to lift you up, then journalists will not be fair and balanced by including any scurrilous scandal mongering or sniping from the side lines or rude gossip in their piece, but instead will give you a nice polished image. However, if they should decide not to polish your apple, then they might decide to do what Rolling Stone just did to Sean Lockhart, and they will become ‘fair and balanced’ by including a few body slams and some vicious gossipy dehumanizing attacks.

So then according to this ‘fair and balanced’ piece of yellow journalism in Rolling Stone, which we know is ‘fair and balanced’ because it isn’t very nice to Sean Lockhart, thus showing no tendency towards polishing some fucking apple, Sean, they tell us, is an unfeeling robot, with no emotions whatsoever, a complete fake dirty little hustler, who, while he might have a na├»ve appearance, is actually one smooth moving hustler, so don’t you believe it.

Apparently it has been decided that Sean Lockhart is going to become a little tar baby covered with feathers as payment in kind for having been associated with one of the most dreadful scandals in recent memory. Yes, sin must be punished and no one must be allowed to walk away from such a dirty, dirty scandal untouched, and so therefore Sean is not going to get the kid glove treatment, which he would, if they decided to take a shine to him, but instead our glorious journalists are now going to become ‘fair and balanced’ and take a vicious scandal mongering meat cleaver to the kid. You see, even the celebrity who gets the apple polish treatment has detractors who would be more than willing to slander their name and spread vicious rumors, but should a journalist decide to abstain from salacious gossip and scandal mongering then such vicious attacks will not see the light of day, and the result will be a nice polished apple. You see, it is clearly a matter of choice.

Yes, for some reason there are those who are just determined that Sean Lockhart is going to become a tar baby covered with feathers, and then there are those of us are equally determined that no matter how much effort they put into that little project of theirs, at the end of it all they will have sweet fuck all to show for it. I would like to introduce people to the emotionally awkward Sean Lockhart whom I have become familiar with, who is a human being, and not a stereotype, and certainly not the miserable little fucker that apparently our moral guardians would like to paint him to be.

And let us not forget that Sean is also the fleeced little lamb, which probably also goes a long way toward explaining why the knives have come out and it is now time to make Sean into a tar baby covered with feathers.

After all, Sean represents scandal, and such bad things just do not happen in a highly respectable porn industry. No they don’t. Well of course not. Everyone in the porn industry just hates Sean Lockhart, according to Rolling Stone magazine, for the simple reason that he is an emotionless zombie bastard, a real fake, a son of a bitch, and an especially dirty little hustler, a smooth operator, and just pretty much a real creep. Yah, that’s it. That’s the ticket.

Once that hatchet job gets done on Sean, well then everything will be back to appearing to be just as clean as a whistle, just like it should be, for a very respectable, highly acceptable, middle class porn industry.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Church Computer Porn

In the wake of my latest Lenny Bruce routine, where I appeared as the Nakedly Human Faggit and the evangelist of the Porn stars, there has been this counter reaction where churches and church personalities suddenly feel the need to once again address the critical burning social issue of that dreadful scourge, that undertreated unrecognized psychological disease known as 'porno addiction'. Even the Liberal Democrat websites like Alternet have jumped onto the anti-porno bandwagon and have been publishing one sided broadsides aimed at the porn industry day in and day out, leading one of the posters in their comments section to ask the question, 'why all of a sudden all this anti-porno stuff'.

I would just like to say that I would appreciate it very much if you people out there would acknowledge my existence, and I know you don't want to, since any attention I receive is bad attention because it was attention, however it would be the decent thing to do. I am only kept so oppressed because I am so damned good at what I do, and if I was some loser no one would bother with the lock and the key. As I am aware, despite the lock and despite the key, I am famously not famous, being known in churches all over the world, having achieved this little feat over many, many years and in spite of every foolish attempt to lock the chapel door lest I should stroll by and pop in. I am also famous in the parliaments and other governing bodies and among the media and perhaps in other places I don't yet know about, the reason being you just cannot be so damned ruinously ironic and so damned funny from time to time without becoming notorious. The lesson to be learned here is that the lock and the key do not work properly and only serves to slow things down and thus lengthen out the period of the suffering of this suffering planet which is a fucked up plot and no damned good for anything. They say that hindsight is one hundred percent foresight, and so therefore someday that will become crystal clear to everyone but until then I thought I would do some people a favor by pointing out the obvious truth right now, thus giving them a jumping head start in figuring it out for themselves.

There is one church denomination, I believe it is the Methodists, who are now bringing in a really extra tough anti-porno policy. As part of this fresh new policy of theirs they are also going to be offering 'sensitivity training' and psychological therapy for any lost soul who happens to be unlucky enough to be caught with porn, for as they point out, porno is a criminal offense under Methodist religious law. I would suppose that making people more 'sensitive' to ruinously destructive influences of porno is the 'compassionate treatment' for such an offense, since rather than really throwing the book at someone who was convicted of that crime, the Methodists have chosen to make people more aware of the value of fig leaves and why it is that we wear those things so that our sexuality will not become fucked up like it does when people watch porn. For, you see, our sexuality is like a precious gift and thus is a very sacred thing, which is why we wear fig leaves in the Garden, to keep it like that and this is why we must stop people from degrading human sexuality by chucking the sacred leaf thus ruining that whole plan of keeping our human sexuality just precious and very, very sacred. The best way to do that would be to cover everyone with a fig leaf thus keeping sexuality cherished and quite special instead of being downgraded and ruined by not wearing the Holy Leaf of the Fig. Why its a marvelous fucking idea, and everyone should see that, and if they can't, well perhaps the guilt trip of sensitivity training as well as the manipulative peer pressure of Methodists whose scowling faces might be confused with the 'conviction of the Holy Ghost' might make the point perfectly clear to any offender who commits the crime of not keeping sex sacred by ditching the leaf.

Now as we know so very well, the Bible is one notorious fucked up mess. It is for this reason that in the past we would have rabbis gathering together all the fucked up and inconsistent contradictory Bible verses on some subject or another, and then those rabbis, because they refused to acknowledge that they had assembled a fucked up mess, would proceed to solve the 'divine mystery' of scripture by mumbling and muttering in the commentaries, this form of nonsense becoming known as rabbinical Midrash. Christians also find it necessary to do a little Midrash themselves which is why we have apologists and theologians and so called Doctors of the Church, since apparently the prerequisite required to be hired for those jobs is that one refuse to acknowledge the simple truth about those fucked up contradictory Bible verses and just become a deceitful liar instead, with your reputation secured if you can come up with the most plausible sounding falsehood which can then go down in history as the orthodox fucked up idea of the church.

The solution I have come up with is to be nakedly human, and so therefore it is required that I be very scandalous, for how can one be truly human and truly naked before the world without it being considered a dreadful scandal and without Methodists requiring therapeutic intervention. I remember back during the last year of the Clinton administration (yes, it has been so very long for me) the charge was leveled against me, among others, that I was obscene and pornographic, a real pornographer myself, since I was being nakedly human at the time, and this was just before I was arrested by the cops and then thrown into the cellar of our local mental institution, the high security part, where they put the most dangerous lunatics.

Well as you can see, now that I am on the streets again and my psychological cure did not stick, I am still a criminal and still as sick as I ever was. Now I know that you people, whom God does not speak even so much as one word to, just as God never gave so much as one thin dime to your ancestors for such a very, very long long time, do not accept the stories I tell you about what began for me at Banff National Park, and what continues to this very day, as I keep pointing out to you, for after all, with your high status, having been washed by a bloody lamb, born again as fresh as a kicking newborn with the umbilical cord still attached, yes, if even the pure of heart and the outstanding saved among us cannot get one word out of God or even a nickel or penny tossed your way, it obvious that my story is bullshit because that never happens for you people, now does it.

Well as I am demonstrating to you, the reason for your long, brutal exile is that you people are supremely fucked up, and this is best illustrated by the fact that you are foolishly found peddling those ever so Christian fig leaves in YAHWEH's Garden of Eden. We could debate theology here, but I have a better plan for you people, and my plan simply put is to be very nakedly human, as I have been, and then as the situation works its way to its conclusion I will also be the chosen one, the Prophet of YAHWEH, which should then be much more effective than some endless theological debate, not to mention those endless quarrels over those ridiculous contradictory Bible verses, which must therefore be quite worthless as a proof text for any fucking thing, given the obviously fucked up source.

I am in demonstration mode now, because I am through debating with you people. I am going to do my thing and now you people can go back to doing your thing, and while you are doing your thing you can become full of complete confidence in your eventual victorious triumph, for after all, I am a fellow who, it is so very obvious, is heading towards my inevitable total ruin. All you have to do is wait me out and then after I have crashed against the rocks and then I sink like the Titanic, everything will go back to normal, and you can be Methodists and Catholics and whatevers once again. For as every good Methodists knows so very well, God is some ruthless son of a bitch who doesn't do one single fucking thing for anyone, ever, throughout all of recorcded church history, and so therefore it is quite obvious that I am going to become supremely fucked over sooner or later. So then, don't worry about a thing. Everything will be just fine. Just wait, you will see. 'That prophet will turn out to be nothing more than some loud mouthed windbag, and the Word will not be found in him.'

The point to be made here is that porno is a nonissue. Yes, there are many important issues in the world that rise right to the top of the pile, but porno is not an issue here. In fact it is so far from being an issue that I am the Prophet of YAHWEH and you are not. That is the point of my little exercise, and as I am warning you people, that will be made abundantly clear to you in the future, even I am unable to make it clear to you today.

The Naked Human

Earlier this year I began to do some research by reading the blogs of porn stars in the hopes of humanizing these people because they seemed like strangers to me, and I found that to be unacceptable. I was hopefully optimistic when I began because these are porn stars and therefore one would expect to find ‘the naked human’. The idea made sense to me at the time, and I was disappointed that I was unable to find ‘the naked human’ exposed along with all those naked bodies.

The reason for this phenomenon is that from childhood onward people learn to wear the suit of armor to protect themselves from all those slings and arrows and all those flying knives. The root cause of the problem is pervasive back stabbing gossip which is some filthy habit our ancestors picked up and then like an inheritance gets passed on to generation after generation. Even porn stars, who one would think would be the most naked of humans, or so I expected, are found wearing suits of armor, and for this reason I found it almost impossible to find out as much as I would have wished to know about the real person behind the persona.

Even though I did not discover as much about porn stars as I would have wished my research was not in vain, for I did discover that even naked porn stars are afraid to appear truly naked before human society, for it turns out that the inhibition against being the naked human is even more powerful than any inhibition against removing the fig leaf from Adam or Eve and revealing the naked body.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Next African Famine

A couple of years ago there was a plague of Locusts in sub-Saharan Africa. These are subsistence farmers who live from one crop to the next, and so what this meant is that a predictable famine was coming in about eight months. The Aid agencies, those humanitarian outfits, spent those eight months begging for some scraps to be tossed from the master’s table, and they got nothing. As the months dragged by and they didn’t get a nickel, I watched as the inevitable famine affecting millions played itself out, and then, once those people were finally dead and the herd was culled and thinned out, I watched as things got back to normal on this planet.

Yes, things were back to normal. The right to life movement lost no time in defending the embryonic stem cell, that precious gift of human life. Sermons were once again preached and the salvation was once again offered to the world from pulpits. Moral values were once again the big social issue. Life went on.

Now at the same time as the famine went unfounded, the Niger military received half a billion dollars in funding, for when you a famine you run the risk of having enraged mobs on the loose, and therefore you require guns and law and order. It turns out that you can get a half a billion for the military, and you can get half a trillion for the military for a big war like the Iraq war, but you must beg for nickels and dimes from the master’s table for the cause of the ‘right to life’. For some reason this is not an issue for our great humanitarians in the ‘right to life’ movement, since it is becoming clearer and clearer as time goes by that the religious right is not a humanitarian outfit, but rather Elmer Gantry is just some cheap hustler attempting to keep the cork in the genies bottle.

Now as I sit here and await the next famine, and a repeat of this filthy charade, I can’t help but think about how the reputation of YAHWEH, my God, is about to once again be dragged through the muck and the filth by the religious people of this planet. For you see, when six million Jews get barbequed, or ruthless oppressors crush famine victims on this planet, it smears and destroys the reputation of God to have God just sitting back and letting it all happen.

Now it is once again time to learn about how valuable and extremely precious is our religion, that gift of God. Yes, it is once again time to sit back, and watch the glorious display of the glorification of the Holy Name of God. For once again it is time for our precious religion to convince everyone that there is no God, for if there was a God how could something so horrible have happened? As we know so very, very well, our religion has no God, and that has been proven abundantly time and time again, and is about to proved once again, redundantly, for how many fucking fucking times is it required that we prove the same fucking point over and over and over again. Well this is religion, and so dogmatic and ignorant thing that it is, it is required that we prove that point forever and ever until the end of fucking time, or at least until there isn’t one single fucking trace of fucking religion left on this sorry suffering miserable planet, whichever comes first. Given how all this constant evil and wickedness is destroying religion I can happily report that we will not have to wait until the end of time, but given how evil religion really is we might find ourselves waiting half a century, since according to the statistics that would be about how long it will take to finally get rid of the last traces of our collapsing and disappearing religions.

Now, as I have explained to people in the past, it is my secret plan to ‘prepare a path through the wilderness for YAHWEH, my God,’ and thus allow YAHWEH to vent the full force of the fury of the wrath of YAHWEH on this planet. People say to me, ‘where is your God?’ and I imagine as I am once again forced to sit out another one of those famines and the horrors of oppression and all the nakedly exposed and unchallenged evil inhumanity and gross immorality that is exposed along with it, that I will once again have to endure listening to dumb ignorant shits asking me to explain where my supposedly just God was during that latest outrage.

Unfortunately I am a little tied up at the moment, and so is YAHWEH, my God, for religion still remains as an obstacle in our path, and since we cannot risk giving any trace of legitimacy to that long neglected divorced whore, nor can we allow here to do some more whoring by claiming that her idol just had a ‘second coming’, I would suppose that means that I still have some brush to clear to finish clearing that path through the parched desert wilderness on this planet. For you see long, long ago when that idiotic religion became the fig leaf peddling snake in YAHWEH’s lovely naked Garden, the clouds above were commanded to never again rain on this planet, and YAHWEH left the entire planet to covered with those thorns and briars you see everywhere while at the same time YAHWEH knocked down the wall protecting that Garden so that it could be invaded by the marauders who you see trampling and destroying the place all the time.

There are those who will complain that the punishment was to severe, and they might even have a pity party while condemning God, the ruthless bastard, as is commonly done on this planet. But then it is religion we are seeking to destroy and that would take thousands of years and multiple horrors and rampaging unchecked out of control wickedness and ruthless oppression and shocking acts of cruelty and vicious bullying and one destructive horror following another until finally the whole planet becomes full of atheists, thus, finally at long last, ridding this planet of that worthless good for nothing fig leaf peddling snake.

So then arise, oh right to life movement. Arise oh keepers of the chaste vagina. Arise once again and shine once again, oh righteous and holy ones and fill the world with the light of your precious dogmas. Better yet, cry out for your idol, oh chaste virgin bride, or then again, don’t bother. Forget about it, for after all it is very unlikely that after so many thousands of years of brutal rejection that some last minute prayer will ever do you any fucking good whatsoever, so I say, carry on as before, and give us yet one more of your wonderful do it yourself jobs. Don’t be to ambitious, for why embarrass yourselves, but chose something small, something doable. Patch up the marriage of Tom and Marge. Claim yet one more victorious triumph, oh holy servants of some alleged god.. You might as well, for there is sweet fuck all waiting for you from the hand of any so called god.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Steam Roller

The art of ‘prophecy’ consists of analysis of the probability that certain events will be the inevitable outcome of presently existing trends. My analysis of the scenario of War with Iran leads me to conclude that the most probable scenario is a victory for ‘American Imperialism’ while the ‘liberals’ and the ‘leftists’ are at the same time crushed under the enormous weight of a propaganda steam roller.

‘American Imperialism’ cannot afford another first class fuck up, and given the ruinous damage caused by the fiasco in Iraq, ‘American Imperialism’ really needs to pull a rabbit out of some hat. It is for this reason that the probability of seeing a Steam Roller running through this place is quite high. It is customary for ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ to make the assumption that ‘American Imperialism’ is a blundering lobotomized Frankenstein and for that reason is capable of producing nothing but ruinous disaster, and it is this confident assessment of Frank’s abilities that leads ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ to predict the most dire consequences of Frank’s activity when it comes to a war with Iran. No doubt Frank will destroy Iran, resulting in hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of deaths, destroying all the infrastructure and yes, even the Iranian oil wells. The entire Middle East will go up like a bomb with furious rage over the downfall of the Iranian Mullahs while the infuriated Iranian population rallies around the Mullahs, just as people always do when their country gets bombed, as suddenly those widely detested Islamic Mullahs suddenly become popular, just because Iran was getting bombed.

The list of dire consequences and ruinous disaster created by Frank and his zombie side kicks just continues to get more dreadful and morbid the longer ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ continue their propaganda campaign to save the Mullahs from ‘American Imperialism’. Apparently such an analysis is based upon dogma, and is served much like a microwave meal, just heat and serve. It is not required that every individual situation be analyzed from start to finish, for a cookie cutter approach is more than adequate, with each one of those cookies turning out exactly the same as the one before, because a cookie cutter was employed. It is this one size fits all dogmatic analysis which has been characteristic of the ‘liberal’ and the ‘leftist’ that has placed their foot firmly into their mouths, and which leads me to predict that not only will they be flattened by a steam roller for having been so dogmatically partisan, they will also be sucking on their knee caps for quite some time after the fact, that foot of theirs having been shoved so far down their throat they could not suck their toes but instead were found sucking their knee caps.

All this happened to them because they do not actually analyze each situation independently, but were partisan dogmatics who refused to acknowledge the possibility that a situation was not black and white, but rather that shades of grey existed, and that rather than being partisan fuck ups it would be better if they would acknowledge that ambiguity so often exists in the real world.

I base my prediction concerning the squashing of the ‘liberals’ and the ‘leftists’ upon my calculation that ‘American Imperialism’ has the potential to be more than a lumbering brainless Frankenstein. Now given that all that is required in Iran is the destruction of the Revolutionary Guard, since a Mullah without a gun is a Mullah without a pot to piss in, it would seem to me that given that this is ‘American Imperialism’ we are discussing here, a little of that laser surgery and dose of that ‘shock and awe’ would be all that would be required in this situation. Assuming that ‘American Imperialism’ doesn’t hack up the liver at the same time as that laser is cutting out the cancerous growth, and assuming that our friends the ‘liberals’ and the ‘leftists’ are incorrect in insisting that the surgeon is a talentless hack, then we should assume that the people of Iran will be in a real good mood once they find out that finally, at long long last, they have ditched those Mullahs they hate so very much.

The only thing that will save the sorry ass of some chattering band of ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ would be if the people of Iran were found to be blown up and thus in a very bad mood, and given how the price to save a ‘liberal’ or a ‘leftist’ is the blood of the people of Iran, naturally I am hoping that ‘American Imperialism’ runs them down with that steam roller because the price of attempting to prevent this propaganda disaster is just to high and I for one don’t think it is worth to save the ruined reputation of even so much as one partisan ‘liberal’ or one dogmatic ‘leftist’ by spilling the blood of the Iranian people.

If we assume that ‘American Imperialism’ is capable of more than the brainless Frankenstein bit then I think that we could predict such events as the following to take place after the shock and awe of that laser surgery wears off. We should expect the news programs to bombard the planet with great cheering throngs pouring into the streets of cities like Tehran as they express the exuberant exultation. Everyone in the world will see people on buildings unrolling banners saying things such as ‘Thank You America!’ while huge mobs in the streets below roar with approval. We should expect to see the American National Anthem played in soccer stadiums, followed by a huge roar and great cheers of the crowd of Iranian soccer fans, the whole thing blanketing the media systems of the planet 24 hours a day, while the propaganda steamroller drives back and forth, back and forth over those reckless ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’.

Some people just do not know enough to shut up, and I am hoping to see a propaganda steam roller shut them up, since, as I said, the price of saving those dumb buggers is to high.

The Garden of Eden or Heaven: a thought experiment

I am the preacher of ‘the Garden of Eden’. This would then, out of necessity, make a sworn enemy of that enemy of the Garden, the Fig Leaf Peddling Snake. Now as we know, based upon our mythological legend, the Garden is a naked sexual paradise where people are free to do anything they want and can live in complete liberty as human beings who are simply being human, while being buck naked at the same time. The only prohibition in that Garden Paradise would be that bit about not eating any poisoned apples. It is typical of such poisoned apples to be found right in the very center of that Garden, the place of honor, you see. So then, it just logically follows that even though some poisonous tree is highly honored and given pride of place in that Garden, it is still forbidden to follow custom and eat that poisoned fruit, for it is the one thing that is forbidden in the Garden.

Poisoned fruit is a type of religious fruit, and this we know, for when some deceitful Snake slithers into that Garden Paradise that snake promises that eating from that forbidden tree in the very center of the Garden will make a person ‘wise like God, knowing the difference between good and evil.’ This is the claim of religion, as we know, and it is religious law which claims to teach people the difference between ‘good and evil.’ The end result of eating such poisonous fruit is that naked Adam and naked Eve will no longer be found naked in a sexual paradise, but instead will become modest Adam and neurotic Eve, preserving their chastity by covering their shameful parts with fig leaves. They will also become very superstitious and will be found hiding from God in the bushes. So then we know that the poisoned fruit we must avoid if we wish to remain in the Garden of Paradise is any kind of religion which promotes chastity and modesty while also terrifying the people with rotten superstitions that cause them to become afraid of God and go into hiding.

If you see a religion like that one you might want to avoid all contact. This would mean avoiding pretty much every religion on the planet since as we all know they are all hostile to sexual paradise and the Garden, they all promote the most Holy Fig Leaf, they all claim to make people ‘wise like God’ and proclaim laws and rules and regulations which they claim teach us ‘the difference between good and evil’ but at the end of it all the only result they produce only Fig Leafed Adam and Eve of the Purified and Eternally Chaste Pussy, while nailing it all down with the terrorist attacks of a truly rotten superstition.

As we know, when Adam and Eve become stupid and show their stupidity by becoming ‘modest’ and ‘chaste’ the end result is that both Adam and Eve get expelled. This is a harsh punishment indeed, and they are sent out of the Garden to sweat and toil as they work to produce something known as ‘wealth’ for a collection of slave driving bastards. Fortunately all this sweating and toiling takes place outside the gates of Eden and fortunately Adam and Eve have been expelled from the Garden and so it would be true that while Adam and Eve would have the Most Sacred of Religions they would have no God whatsoever, and for one very hell of a hell of a hell of a long long long long time. Who knows, if that hell of a long time drags out for ages of time and that religion of theirs has no God for such a long long time that finally everyone just gives up on the idea of God altogether, perhaps then, and only then, might Adam and Eve get a few brains and finally grasp the concept that they did not become wise like God when they ate that poisonous religious apple, but rather they were expelled, the proof of their expulsion having been right before their eyes for so many long ages of time and pretty hard to miss for that very reason.

Now let us assume, just as a thought exercise, that there was no looming terrorist threatening to barbeque Adam and roast Eve should they be found without fig leaf. Let us assume that people have the freedom to think for themselves without violent coercion or bullying. If people were given the choice of returning to the Garden, a naked sexual Paradise or they were given the alternative choice of being castrated or devaginized and going to a sexless sterile religious Heaven to participate in rituals such as glorifying the lamb or adoring the revealed face of God, etc., etc., etc., assuming that people were free to choose, which choice would they make.

The answer is obvious. Loveless people who secretly hate the old tyrant would choose to go to Heaven, where you don’t need love anymore than you need love in some church or mosque. All that is required for Heaven is religion, and even the most ruined loveless sorts can manage that much. Loving people would be free to choose the Garden of Paradise, which requires a lot more from a person, which would then explain why the loveless Cain of this world would be viciously attacking loving Able, and even murdering Able as a human sacrifice to some idol, for Able is fit to live in the Garden but that ruinously poisoned Cain is not.

Friday, September 21, 2007


This has been the year of the floods, with places as diverse as the United States, Britain, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh seeing some of the worst flooding in close to a century, and now Africa can be added to the list.

The following link to the BBC site shows the flooding in Africa using Satellite Images. What is interesting is that just a few weeks ago the area was in drought, and now in addition to the flood waters the land is green. BBC Flood images

I suspect that all this bad weather is related to that strange 'Global Cooling Phenomenon' that occurred this spring which released a large amount of heat from the oceans, and it is heat energy that powers the weather world wide. Link to the Global Cooling Graphics

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Religion: The Strategic Dilemma

If dogmatic religion is to maintain the fiction that it preserves timeless absolute truth, then it cannot open the barn door even so much as a crack so as to let loose even one chicken or soon enough people will be calling for the release of a duck or a goose. For this reason it is best to keep the barn door bolted and securely locked, and should there be a weasel in the barn the weasel can also remain locked up in the barn, for to admit to having had a weasel in the barn and then releasing the weasel would encourage speculation and much debate as to whether they might not also be a skunk locked up in that barricaded locked down barn.

However religion has no choice but to become flexible, for the prophecy of religion will prove to have been false, as future events catch religion by surprise and events begin to unfold in ways not predicted by established dogma. Religion has no choice but to release one skunk from the barn.

The strategic dilemma confronting religion then is to find a way to open the locked barn door, so as to release the skunk without there following that skunk out the door, in quick succession, the horse, the cow, and the pig.

The Strategic Dilemma of the Apologist

Over the course of centuries the apologist made the claim that religion was a rancher raising only prime Angus cows, and now the apologist must explain how it was that such a celebrated rancher was found to be raising herds of skunks rather than the cows everyone was led to believe were in the barn.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Training the Troops

I have sources of information, about which people know nothing, although if they wanted to pull up a lawn chair sometime, and join me, and watch the dancing angels in The Garden, they would know a little more and they would understand what I mean when I say that I have sources of intelligence about this place that informs me about what is going on the wider world.

According to what I was told back in May of 2007, I have the American Military in my hip pocket, and I was just told the other day that I have the Porn Stars on board as part of my small collection of troops. Now I have some questions about whether this means ‘over the long term’ I have these two camps on my side, or whether it means that I have them on my side at the present time. Given my understanding of human nature and just how ruinously destroyed any form of faith has become on this planet after enduring ages of godless religion, I will assume the worst which would be that in the future I will have these two camps on my side, but at the present I can expect little from them. I could be wrong, and it could also be true that I have few scattered people here and there who are on board right now, but experience teaches me to be pessimistic over the short term and only to be optimistic over the longer term.

Mass Confusion

In a previous post on my main blog I described religion as being like a spring loaded trap. All religions have invented doctrines to justify their rejection by God, the story being that the god being went away on an extended vacation, leaving instructions that people should work by themselves for ages of time spreading that religion all over the world, until such a time as that god being would return. For this reason, should YAHWEH God approach this planet, this will set off the spring loaded trap as religions around the world claim that their prophecy was fulfilled and that the god of religion has returned as promised.

Now given how very many religions there are and how very many gods there are on this planet, we can expect that religion will experience a temporary surge in growth on the local scale, as Muslim Mullahs begin packing terrified converts into Mosques, now that Allah has returned, and the fundamentalist Hindus will be proclaiming the return of Shiva or Ram or some other god, while the Christian religious right goes on a rampage in countries where the prevailing culture has been Christian.

We can see then that long ages of ruthless rejection of religion would have been in vain as religion exploits any appearance by YAHWEH by setting off their spring loaded trap. Terror, pit and snare await humanity on this planet. Anyone who climbs up out of the pit will be trapped by the snare and anyone who escapes from the snare will fall down into the pit. It is the task of the Prophet of YAHWEH to disarm the spring loaded snare, but given the ruthless oppression and the solid wall of opposition that exists on this planet, that is unlikely to occur before the fact, and so therefore all work must be done after the trap of religion has been sprung.

What we can then expect is that locally we will experience one disaster after another as infamously stubborn religion denies YAHWEH and sets about trapping and capturing the human race, a state of affairs which then explains the persistent absence of God for long ages of time on this planet. However, what might seem like a disaster, is actually an opportunity, for it is the very wide spread practice of idolatry in so many forms on this planet that will lead to global mass confusion. People will be asking questions, which is good, because well they should.

It is also worth noting here that the end product of long long ages of completely godforsaken religion is the mind of an atheist. This is true even of religious people, for as I have seen, religious people think to themselves, ‘Do not be concerned, for that Prophet of YAHWEH is just some loud mouthed wind bag. Surely God will do nothing, either good or bad, so therefore, let us fight against him with our mouths, and then we will prevail.” Long bitter experience has taught religious people to be completely godless in their thinking, and for that reason the Day of YAHWEH will come upon them as completely shocking surprise, which is good, because it means that the only one who was announcing these things beforehand was the Prophet of YAHWEH. Ungodliness is rooted deep within the mind and the hearts of ruthlessly punished religious people, so I anticipate no change in their behavior in the future, but rather I would expect the present trends to continue. This is highly advantageous, for who was it proclaimed these things. It was YAHWEH who sent a messenger, and no one heard a word from religion, for their ears were closed very long ago.

It is also worth noting that in order for such outfits as the Religious Right to exploit the appearance of YAHWEH by springing that trap of theirs it will be necessary for them to ditch their dogma, for there will be no rapture, and nor will there be any ‘Left Behind’ scenario playing out on this planet. Their prophecy was false, and given that they must ditch the dogma, this raises questions about the rest of their doctrines, for as every dogmatic knows, you cannot question even so much as one dogmatic doctrine, or that could open the door to a flood tide of questioning of doctrines, which then explains the intractable reactionary stubbornness of religion.

Hormones, Adolescent Lust, and Church Canon Law

In my main blog I introduced everyone to Little Naked Adam, the Boy Wonder, who ascended to the Mountain Of Eden in Paradise and prayed open those padlocked and sealed Pearly Gates. For as Little Adam knew even before he ascended the Mountain of God, our God was YAHWEH, the God of the Garden of Eden, and it was the Fig Leaf Peddling Snake, the Church, which was responsible for the Iron Bars and the Padlock which we have seen barring the entrance to Paradise for Long Ages of Time. Yes, the Age of the Church was the Age of what Catholics refer to as The Long Dark Night of the Soul, the Long Age of the Silence of God. No, there would be no God for those people for one hell of hell of long, long time. Thus we find that the crucial philosophical question confronting humanity for Long Long Ages of Time was the irresolvable and unanswerable question, ‘Does God exist?’ The ruthless merciless pitiless conduct of God, who let us be frank, after allowing the roasting of six million Jews, and sundry assorted other atrocities throughout the Age of the Church, tells us that God is no loving parent, and this conflict between Proclaimed Doctrine and Observed Reality is what Popes and sundry Theologians throughout history have referred to as ‘the Divine Mystery’.

The solution to this ‘Divine Mystery’ takes two possible forms. The first is the solution preferred by scientists and other atheists, in that it conforms to actual observed reality and the available empirical evidence, which is to say that ‘There is no God.’ The longer that people continue to attend Mass and other churchy type functions the more credible this solution becomes to more and more people, and when you toss in that bit about six million barbequed Jews, you can well understand why the Catholic Church now is found in a state of ruin in Europe, as well as every other type of church, as the trend in any ‘Christian Civilization’, given enough time, is toward the justification of secular atheism for very obvious reasons.

In this weeks homily the Pope saw fit to address the issue of Naked Little Adam with No Fig Leaf (the Prayer Warrior, the Boy Wonder). “Humanity must strive to first accurately know "true doctrine" and then translate it into one's own life by following moral principles and virtues, the pope said (and) provide children early on with the "spiritual weapons" they would need to protect themselves later during adolescence and the teen years from "the violent winds" of lust and other strong desires….Aided by the virtue of temperance and a solid Christian formation…Everything in life will unfold "with joy and (parents) can teach their children the virtues," the pope said…a married couple, together with their children, form a "domestic Church" in which young people are educated in faith and virtue.”

Here we have another one of those interesting Catholic contradictions and no doubt another example of one of those impenetrable ‘Divine Mysteries of God.’ Yes, children must be urgently taught the virtues of Church Canon Law, so that they might come to reverence the Most Sacred and Holy Fig Leaf before the Natural Law of God kicks in at puberty, and with a rush of hormones urgently propelling towards the strong winds of lust our children should fall into the egregious sin of having orgasms with each other, or, just as horrible, having orgasms with Rosy Palm. For God has created the world full of such dangerous and destructive temptations, and this is the Very Mysterious Christian God, and so therefore a temptation must be very, very tempting, or it would not be a temptation. It just logically follows. A temptation must be tempting so that there will be a great spiritually uplifting struggle to resist that most tempting of temptations. Let us make note of the plain and clear evidence which tells us that God does nothing to assist church doctrine and rather, being a mysterious fellow indeed, God works against doctrine time and time again, thus making urgent preaching so very necessary and is why parents must begin brainwashing their children very early on in life knowing, as parents and priests know so very well, that an outbreak of pubic hair is coming in just a few years, bringing with it the eternal damnations of the tempting temptations of the very mysterious Christian God.

From this Divine Mystery of the Christian God we can learn that the Christian God is infamously worthless and no damned good for anything other than creating problems for pious Christian parents, and for Popes and for Priests who must continually exhaust themselves trying to undo the terrible damage done by God. Apparently fixing up the fuck ups of God is the assigned task of a Pope and a Preacher, this becoming apparent when you consider the many long long centuries they have spent working at that thankless task. You would think that perhaps once in a while they might receive a helping hand from above, but the task has been thankless, and that’s gratitude for you.

On the Nature of God

The Bible is a notoriously contradictory document. In the past I made it a practice to document these Biblical contradictions, the point being to demonstrate to people that if they were to seek to understand the Nature of God, reading the Bible would not be the way to go about accomplishing that task, for when we are told that something is black and then we are told that it is white, that isn’t helpful. (A link to my Bible Commentary index) It is obvious then that Sacred Canon is not the path towards ‘the knowledge of God’, and here we must make the assumption that any such God even exists at all, for as we know, it is characteristic of the long long age of the religions on this planet that there has been religion and no God, and so that issue remains controversial to this very day, except among our scientists and other atheists, who believe that the fact that we have had religion and no God for so very very long is itself all the proof required to demonstrate that God does not exist. Such is the end product of religion and its final parting gift to the world.

If we were to entertain the possibility that God does exist, then the conclusion that we must draw is that if religion has some value then is must be that God is some weird Son of Bitch and a Very Mysterious Character who demands that people seek God in some parched desert while handing out brutal penalties to those who fail to make it across the Sahara. The alternative would be to conclude that religion is quite worthless, and we can feel quite confident in coming to this conclusion both by noting the contradictory worthlessness of Canon and also by noting just how persistent God has been in destroying religion over the ages, for a religion with no God is a religion in the process of being destroyed by fire, and given enough time, such a religion will be swept from the face of the planet, for even all the Pope’s horses and all the Theologians men will never be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again once that thing falls off its perch on that precariously high wall. The perch Humpty has been found sitting upon only becomes more precarious with the passing of each century with no God to be found, and such a high wall soon becomes a wall cracked and bulging, nearing collapse, and the final destructive fall of that wall is so ruinous at the end of it all that not even a shard would be found among the wreckage that would be found big enough to use to scoop water.

It is typical for apologists and preachers of all sorts to insist that God is deeply in love with religion, and that before God divorced the entire planet and sent everyone into the dungeon dark and deep, God gave strict instructions that while God was on extended vacation everyone should be sure to spread religion all over the face of the earth. This would be done on the understanding that religion could expect no help whatsoever from God in this task, but rather the task was to be outsourced to those loyal servants of the Divine and the Sacred, the preacher, the Pope, the priest, the apologist. Yes, God was one mean and miserable Son of Bitch, for that task would be hard, and what kindly and loving parent would send their kids out into the deepest darkness without so much as a flash light with orders to chop wood without hacking their own legs off in the process.

Now if we can make the assumption that religion has been rejected by God, and that therefore there is no one single religion on the face of this planet that does what is right, this would then leave us to wonder just how one might go about discovering the truth about the Nature of God. No spiritual advisor is to be found on this planet, for there is no one single one of them who can be seen to be in real good with God, such that God would give them a boost up rather than a kick down.

As a child I found it quite simple to come to the knowledge of God, since all that was required was an observation of Natural Law at work, since only Natural Law is the work that can be said to be written by the Pen of God rather than by the Pen of some cabal of rejected priests. Natural Law cannot be forged or edited or ruinously destroyed and completely fucked up. This is only possible with the Canon Law of religion and if we have faith even the size of a mustard seed we must assume that at the very least God does not supremely fuck up the universe and that therefore it logically follows that Natural Law must be trustworthy, while the wholesale rejection of religion and her Canon Laws over long long long ages of time is also trustworthy evidence that God has rejected religion and therefore religion has no right to speak on behalf of God for God refuses to speak or act in defense of religion.

It is self evident that God has rejected religion, and when we consider the merciless cruelty that accompanies such a rejection and all the suffering in deep darkness that followed, we can then assume that God is not merely slightly annoyed with religion and has a few minor complaints about her Canon Law, but rather it must be true that God is just furious and filled with wrath against religion. With this thought in mind we can then conclude that religion is the enemy of God and therefore if we turn Canon Law on its head we might be able to discern the truth about God using this method alone. Yes, God is the exact opposite of what is preached by religion as the cruelty of the punishment would suggest is the truth about God.

I refer to myself as ‘the Prophet of YAHWEH’ and ‘the preacher of the Garden of Eden’. This worked for me, because I am the man who has done the impossible and cracked open those locked and sealed pearly gates, and God is no Divine Mystery to me. I drew two obvious conclusions about God before I climbed that Mountain of Eden, and that was that obviously God had rejected religion, a conclusion that was beyond dispute so long has the long long long age of brutal rejection been, and I also correctly concluded that God must be the God of the Garden of Eden, for I knew that I was not excited by comely appearance of an elephant, but that the lilies of humanity in that lovely Garden were intoxicating, and there was no logical reason why they should be, other than that Natural Law was at work, and Natural Law is the True Living Law of God. Therefore it logically follows that God is the God of the Garden of Eden, and religion, as is apparent, is the Fig Leaf Peddling Snake.

It is for this reason that the Nature of God remains a ‘Divine Mystery’ to religion, for religion rejects the truth and accepts no rebuke, no matter how viciously cruel that rebuke might be. The very ruthlessness and merciless quality of that long standing rebuke is itself testimony to the ruinous stubbornness of religion, for the rebuke has taken the form of the appropriate and opposite response to the greatness of religious stubbornness.

I have found that an understanding of this simple truth about the Nature of God, that God is the God of the Garden, is the key to resolving many disputes. For example, if a controversy should arise over contradictions in the Bible, a knowledge of God is all that is required to toss one Bible verse into the heap belonging to some fig leaf peddling snake, while tossing its opposite into the heap belonging to God. There is no need for controversy, for what belongs to a snake belongs to a snake and what belongs to God belongs to God.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A battle is going on in various countries around the world to bring to an end the primitive practice of giving pubescent girls a Clitorectomy. This practice is also referred to by the misnomer ‘Female Circumcision’, although if the same method was employed on males, they wouldn’t have a cock, just a stump where their cock once was. The idea behind this Clitorectomy is to ensure that girls will not become sluts by denying them the female orgasm, thus ensuring that they will not be burned forever in hell by angered god being who just hates it when girls give into temptation instead of resisting the temptations and becoming very spiritual and religious the way this god being wants them to be. You see, the purpose behind the great temptations of the orgasm are to give people heavy weights that their spirits can pump as though they were pumping iron, thus making for strong ghost spirits that are fit to live forever in the purity of sexless heaven. Clitorectomy is a religious practice.

One may wonder where such an insane idea ever came from in the first place, and we find that the original source of this cruel idea was none other than the much celebrated greatest philosopher of all time, ‘Jesus Christ’, who exclaimed ‘Woe to the world for the temptations to sin,’ and then proceeded to recommend chopping your hand off in the case that you were tempted to masturbate or popping the eyeballs our of your own head if you were tempted to look at a bare bum, for temptations must come, having been invented by the god being and then laid out like delicacies on a smorgasbord table, but woe to anyone who does not resist those temptations, for it would be better if you were to saw the clit off a young girl and toss that dirty clitoris into the fire than to have some slutty sleazebag girl, with an addiction to female orgasms, burning forever in the torments of hell. Better to allow that clitoris or two testicles to burn by themselves, than to remain attached to those two filthy and obscene organs and so burn along with them in eternal and unquenchable fires.

This lovely and sensible advice is still being taken to heart around the world today as girls are being forcibly held down while some deranged old woman with a razor blade saws off her clit. What I find remarkable is that in the midst of this hue and cry over this primitive and cruel superstition, you never hear one word about the root cause of this practice, which would mean acknowledging that the source of this disgusting idea is ‘Jesus Christ’ as portrayed in those forgeries of the religious right known as ‘Gospels’. Let us give credit where credit is due, and not forget to mention ‘Jesus’ or ‘Gospels’ when we are venting our outrage over the practice of female mutilation, since it is to this great philosopher that the origins of the practice must be traced.

Advising deranged old women to saw the clits off of young girls is just one of the admirable pieces of advice dispensed to the world by that giant of philosophy known as ‘Jesus Christ’, who also taught us the fundamentalist doctrine that every single damned dot over every letter ‘i’ in the Bible is infallibly inerrant, and that even every single contradiction that exists in the Bible will remain until every single word of the Bible gets fulfilled. He also advised us to allow evil to run wild and unchecked on the planet. Yes, we should do good to Ted Bundy. We should love Ted and pray for Ted and not resist Ted, and the results of this particular piece of advice are quite plain to see as the planet is overwhelmed with wickedness which faces no serious resistance, but rather we see Christians making moral appeals to Ted Bundy or praying, which also does no damn good whatsoever.

The Gospels – a brief introduction

Our gospels were not written by ‘Christians’. If a ‘Christian’ is said to be someone who believes in Yeshua (‘Jesus’) then our gospel writers were not Christians, for they were opposed to everything Yeshua preached and they were deeply offended by everything he did. For this reason, what we have here is not a destroyed pearl, but rather we find in the gospels a buried pearl. A destroyed pearl can never be recovered, and has been lost forever, but a buried pearl can be rediscovered, and because it is buried what is required is some digging.

The most interesting of the gospels, and the best place to recover the buried pearl, is the Gospel of Mark. Mark was a member of the ‘religious right’ and he wrote his gospel to make that scandalous character, Yeshus (‘Jesus’) seem acceptable to the followers of that right wing hawk known as John the Baptist. It is important when studying any document to understand who the author was and what the agenda of the author was and it is also important to understand who the target audience was for a piece of writing, and to discern what the author was hoping to achieve. Who wrote this book? Why did they write it? Who benefits from this work? Who was the intended audience?

Now the Gospel of Mark is an early work, and so it is absent a lot of the cooked up mythology that you find in the later books which renders them pretty much worthless as potential historical sources. Because the Gospel of Mark was composed so close to the time of the events its describes, the author of the Gospel was forced to deal with a host of scandals that had enraged the followers of the religious right, in particular the followers of John the Baptist, a religious right hawk. The way in which the author of Mark’s Gospel deals with these scandals is to follow this formula. First he acknowledges the scandal. Then he makes up some perfectly idiotic sounding excuse for that scandal. Then he moves on to the next scandal and the process is repeated. Therefore, because the author was unable to deny the scandals, for not enough time had passed for the huge scandal of Yeshua (‘Jesus’) to be forgotten, this means that we can uncover the buried pearl by ignoring the piles of dirt shoveled onto that Pearl by the author of the Gospel of Mark. We recover the pearl by ignoring those asinine excuses and just keeping the pure scandal itself, which then allows us to do an historical reconstruction of the real Yeshua, the man and not the myth.

Yeshua was a Jewish Prophet, and like the former Jewish prophets he attacked the Torah laws as being invalid. He went even further in his attacks than the previous generations of prophets dared to go, in that he denied the authenticity of the Sabbath laws, which means that he denied the authenticity of that story of Moses going up the mountain to bring down the Ten Commandments. For this reason the religious right sarcastically quoted to him from the Ten Commandments (‘six days you have to do your work, but not on the Sabbath’). The author of Mark’s gospel is a right wing hawk himself, and not a follower of Yeshua, and so he makes up some asinine excuses for the breaking of the Sabbath (it was an emergency, what if a goat fell down a well, and he also uses the right wing authoritarian argument that Yeshua was ‘Lord of the Sabbath’, and thus was permitted to break the Sabbath himself, but that doesn’t mean that you can). None of the works Yeshua did on the Sabbath were dire emergencies. People could have waited a few hours until Sun Down and it is also worth noting that it is a death penalty offense strictly prohibited in those stone age bible laws to harvest on the Sabbath. Yeshua did not require excuses made for his practice of breaking the Sabbath, for he was doing this to make a point, which was that the laws of the Pharisees were in fact forgeries, just as the Jewish prophet Jeremiah said was the case.

Yeshua did not practice religious mortification. He did not do penance for sins, nor did he fast, nor did he observe lent. Because the author of Mark’s gospel wanted to make his phony version of Yeshua’s story appealing to the religious right, and in particular to the followers of John the Baptist he insists that the reason why Yeshua partied and drank all the time was because ‘it was the wedding of the bride and the bride groom’, and we all know how people carry on at weddings. However, that was then and this is now. Now it is the perpetual and eternal funeral for Yeshua, and so therefore everyone must now observe lent, do penance for their sins, and fast, just like John the Baptist did, or, to put it another way, everyone must become a Roman Catholic, even though, as Mark admits, you could never confuse Yeshua with a Catholic or a Baptist while he was alive, because he partied all the time, usually with those people the religious types considered to be the worst people in town.

On one occasion the religious fanatics caught Yeshua getting his toes sucked by some women who had a reputation for being what we today would call ‘a slut’. Now as we all know when ‘a slut’ is sucking a man’s toes, that is a very sexual act, but Mark, being a right winged hawk, was just as horrified by that toe sucking scandal as were the Baptists and as the Catholics still are to this very day, and so he made up that story about how this dirty slut was going to hell, but in his grace, she was forgiven by the tyrant Lord after she humbled herself in penance and sucked his toe. This story was a real tough one for Mark to come up with some stupid excuse for but he did manage to come up with something and that bit about ‘Jesus showed grace to sluts who sucked his toe’ has now become the official Roman Catholic explanation for that scandal of the toe sucking incident. The truth of the matter would be that Yeshua was caught with a woman who was obviously his sexual partner, which then created an enormous scandal, which then required the religious right to make up another one of those stupid excuses.

By the way, if you mention that toe sucking incident to a Christian, or especially to a Roman Catholic, they will stir up outrage at the thought that the virgin Messiah actually inserted an erect penis into a vagina, and especially when you consider that it was a vagina the religious right had damned at the time as being the vagina of a real slut. In response to this chorus of furious outrage I will reply by saying that we have had a Roman Catholic church for a couple of thousand years, and we have had no god here, since it is very well known by everyone that neither YAHWEH or Yeshua have ever attended Mass, and only Catholics are ever seen doing something like that. Therefore, who gives a fuck what the banished exiles have to say about anything, for when the world first listened to them they were cast into the dungeon where everyone has remained since that time, and for that reason alone it would be a good idea never to listen to such people ever, ever again.

The Gospel of Matthew was composed by a Jewish fundamentalist who was offended by some of the criticism leveled at the sacred laws found in the Bible. According to Mark, Moses brought down the Ten Commandments, and while it is true that Yeshua did what he wanted on the Sabbath and was just notorious for his persistence on this matter, there was a perfectly good excuse each time. According to Mark all those Bible laws were also brought down by Moses, with the exception of the food laws, which were human commandments. Therefore, Mark suggests, while it was true that Isaiah and Jeremiah in particular, condemned those stone age laws as forgeries, they did not mean all of them, since most of them were just fine, and only the food laws and the clean and unclean laws were human commandments added onto those laws by the Pharisees. The rest of those laws were fine, Mark insists, except for the fact that they needed to become more severe, for Moses was to easy on those people and thus did not toughen up those laws enough and therefore allowed people to get away with to much. This is a perverted version of the teaching of Yeshua and also a perversion of the message of the Jewish prophets.

Even the mild criticism of the food laws and the clean unclean laws was to much for a right wing fundamentalist like that Matthew and so therefore he copied Mark’s manuscript (beginning at Matthew chapter six he follows Mark) and step by step he edited out all the parts that would piss off a fundamentalist. He also added that bit about how the bible was infallibly inerrant, and some other fundamentalist came along later and cooked up that story about the virgin birth and added that thing on, for you see, it was against those six hundred or so sacred bible laws for Joseph to be the father of the Jewish Messiah, for Joseph was of Moabite descent, and according to the law, no Moabite could ever be accepted. For that reason sometime in the second century another Jewish fundamentalist cooked up the story of the virgin birth, which we know to be true, for there are extant copies of the Gospel of Matthew still in circulation during the middle of the second century which do not include that cooked up virgin birth story. A literary analysis of the manuscript also indicates that the virgin birth story was alien to the original manuscript.

The point to be made here is that for thousands of years no one ever knew Yeshua. He was a Jewish prophet, which meant that he was a revolutionary, the biggest difference being that he went much further than even the Jewish prophets ever dared to go. He was determined to be ‘the Messiah’ and no one can be ‘a savior’ without going all the way, and if a suffering and oppressed humanity was to ever be rescued and saved from the cruel attacks of senseless religion and its rancid superstitions, someone was going to have to go deep, deep into scandal before it would ever become acceptable to just be a human being again, with a penis or a vagina, without being attacked by fig leaf peddling snakes invading the Garden of Eden.

Ramon Watkins – ‘PriestYahweh’

Ramon Watkins calls himself Prophet Yahweh but it seems to me that Ramon should be calling himself ‘Priest Yahweh’ because it is typical of Ramon to reject the teachings of the Jewish prophets, of which he claims to be one, and instead Ramon selects the teachings of the Levite priests. The end result of this practice is that Ramon preaches forgery, falsehood, perjury, oppression and cruelty, since this was typical of those priests.

The Bible is riddled with contradictions, and one set of these contradictions involves the conflict between prophet and priest. One interesting example of this sort of thing can be seen in comparing legends concerning the Exodus, where we find an optimistic tradition side by side with a rewrite by the priest, which is terribly cruel and terrifying. Terror has always been the modus operandi of the priest, and this is no surprise, for the agenda of the priest has always been to reject natural law in favor of canon law, which then involves the priest in a war against nature in that the task of the priest is to peddle fig leafs in the Garden of Eden. This will require terror since there is no rational reason for the wearing of fig leaf to hide what nature reveals.

One interesting example of this conflict and the contradictions that result is found in the two stories of the flocks of quail, one of which is cheerful and optimistic and the other which comes from the priestly tradition in the book of Numbers, and is a terrorist version of the same story. The theme of the book of Numbers is the terrorist attacks launched by God whenever the people disobey the authority of a dominant clique of priests, the Aaronites, who claimed to dominate not only the people but also any other group of priests, and in this way the Aaronites played a role similar to that of the Vatican in Rome today.

Just recently Ramon casually referenced the terrorist attacks by God in the book of Numbers, since apparently, much like a priest, Ramon would also like to employ terror in an attempt to force compliance to his own claims to some kind of ruling authority.

Much like a priest, Ramon also chooses the six hundred plus stone aged Bible laws and rejects the message of the Jewish prophets, According to Jeremiah’s polemic in the seventh and eight chapters of his document, the Torah laws found in the book of Leviticus, the document of the animal sacrifice, was a forgery. “Burn your whole offerings and eat the flesh yourselves, for when your ancestors came out of Egypt I gave them no instructions or commands concerning whole offerings and sacrifices. But they did not listen, and they proceeded ahead with their own plans with the most stubbornly evil hearts. Now truth has perished from their lips and is no longer heard in this land.” Jeremiah continues his polemic by condemning those Bible laws demanding burning at the stake, saying ‘That was no command of God nor did it ever even enter the mind of God that they should do such an abominable thing.” Jeremiah then roundly condemns the priestly law, stating that, ‘Now my people do not know the requirements of God. How can you say, ‘we are wise, for we have the laws of God, when, actually, the lying pen of your priests have committed forgery.’

I find the study of Ramon to be an interesting example of the formation of a crooked religion, in that Ramon is dogmatic and his practices are nakedly corrupt and dishonest, but that doesn’t seem to bother Ramon. His tactic is to preach rotten superstitions and terrorize the people, and hopefully then nail it all into place by calling for some flying fig leaf peddling snake. In addition to rejecting the common sense advice of prophets, Ramon is also in the practice of regaling us all with his imaginative fictions, such as the recent one about robot aliens. His disciples become ruined human beings overwhelmed by terror and superstitions.

One of the problems involved in saving such people is that they are incapable of love, and for that reason they are unfit for the Garden of Eden. Religious people must go to a sterile place like Heaven, since the religious rituals of Heaven don’t require much love from a person, unlike the Garden, which does require a love of humanity. It is impossible to love another human being when you hate God, and it is only possible to hate a brutalizing terrorizing tyrant, a manipulative bastard who creates Gardens of temptation and then employs monstrous terror to force people to ‘resist the temptation’.

The end result of all this ruthless pointless bullying is the creation of cognitive dissonance, where the actual truth about the hatred of God that lives in the heart of such people is kept buried deep in their minds, since the terror and the dread that overwhelms such religious fanatics does not allow them to admit that they do not deeply love the dictator of Heaven. This anger and repressed hatred renders the religious type incapable of loving another human being, and so therefore, they must substitute religious hypocrisy for love, and they must imagine that their great love for the monstrous horrors found in those six hundred or so Bible laws is actually a sign of their holiness and evidence for a love of God, for no one else loves those laws, and only those who have the ‘spirit of God’ would love such monstrous laws. Therefore, they become naked hypocrites who tolerate even the obvious hypocrisy of a Ramon Watkins or some Elmer Gantry, because they are trapped in a deadly snare that entangles the loveless when they reject the Garden of Eden and wear the fig leaves handed out by religion instead.

The only solution that I can propose to this problem is to continue to point out to these people their obvious hypocrisy, forcing it up out of their unconscious mind, while tolerating their fierce bigoted rants that always follow upon this type of exposure. My hope would be that they might become aware of just how irrational their belief system has become and in this way they might escape the snare of religion. By allowing themselves to love the Garden, and to love naked Adam and naked Eve, they might then become able to truly love God, which would then allow them to love another human being. This would break the cycle of destruction in their lives. What makes this difficult is that human beings do not come with an ‘off/on’ switch and it is not possible for ruinously destroyed human beings to flip such a switch and suddenly becoming loving human beings. Healing takes some time, and it is the fear they have in their hearts over their own ruin that keeps them trapped within the snare.