Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ramon Watkins – ‘PriestYahweh’

Ramon Watkins calls himself Prophet Yahweh but it seems to me that Ramon should be calling himself ‘Priest Yahweh’ because it is typical of Ramon to reject the teachings of the Jewish prophets, of which he claims to be one, and instead Ramon selects the teachings of the Levite priests. The end result of this practice is that Ramon preaches forgery, falsehood, perjury, oppression and cruelty, since this was typical of those priests.

The Bible is riddled with contradictions, and one set of these contradictions involves the conflict between prophet and priest. One interesting example of this sort of thing can be seen in comparing legends concerning the Exodus, where we find an optimistic tradition side by side with a rewrite by the priest, which is terribly cruel and terrifying. Terror has always been the modus operandi of the priest, and this is no surprise, for the agenda of the priest has always been to reject natural law in favor of canon law, which then involves the priest in a war against nature in that the task of the priest is to peddle fig leafs in the Garden of Eden. This will require terror since there is no rational reason for the wearing of fig leaf to hide what nature reveals.

One interesting example of this conflict and the contradictions that result is found in the two stories of the flocks of quail, one of which is cheerful and optimistic and the other which comes from the priestly tradition in the book of Numbers, and is a terrorist version of the same story. The theme of the book of Numbers is the terrorist attacks launched by God whenever the people disobey the authority of a dominant clique of priests, the Aaronites, who claimed to dominate not only the people but also any other group of priests, and in this way the Aaronites played a role similar to that of the Vatican in Rome today.

Just recently Ramon casually referenced the terrorist attacks by God in the book of Numbers, since apparently, much like a priest, Ramon would also like to employ terror in an attempt to force compliance to his own claims to some kind of ruling authority.

Much like a priest, Ramon also chooses the six hundred plus stone aged Bible laws and rejects the message of the Jewish prophets, According to Jeremiah’s polemic in the seventh and eight chapters of his document, the Torah laws found in the book of Leviticus, the document of the animal sacrifice, was a forgery. “Burn your whole offerings and eat the flesh yourselves, for when your ancestors came out of Egypt I gave them no instructions or commands concerning whole offerings and sacrifices. But they did not listen, and they proceeded ahead with their own plans with the most stubbornly evil hearts. Now truth has perished from their lips and is no longer heard in this land.” Jeremiah continues his polemic by condemning those Bible laws demanding burning at the stake, saying ‘That was no command of God nor did it ever even enter the mind of God that they should do such an abominable thing.” Jeremiah then roundly condemns the priestly law, stating that, ‘Now my people do not know the requirements of God. How can you say, ‘we are wise, for we have the laws of God, when, actually, the lying pen of your priests have committed forgery.’

I find the study of Ramon to be an interesting example of the formation of a crooked religion, in that Ramon is dogmatic and his practices are nakedly corrupt and dishonest, but that doesn’t seem to bother Ramon. His tactic is to preach rotten superstitions and terrorize the people, and hopefully then nail it all into place by calling for some flying fig leaf peddling snake. In addition to rejecting the common sense advice of prophets, Ramon is also in the practice of regaling us all with his imaginative fictions, such as the recent one about robot aliens. His disciples become ruined human beings overwhelmed by terror and superstitions.

One of the problems involved in saving such people is that they are incapable of love, and for that reason they are unfit for the Garden of Eden. Religious people must go to a sterile place like Heaven, since the religious rituals of Heaven don’t require much love from a person, unlike the Garden, which does require a love of humanity. It is impossible to love another human being when you hate God, and it is only possible to hate a brutalizing terrorizing tyrant, a manipulative bastard who creates Gardens of temptation and then employs monstrous terror to force people to ‘resist the temptation’.

The end result of all this ruthless pointless bullying is the creation of cognitive dissonance, where the actual truth about the hatred of God that lives in the heart of such people is kept buried deep in their minds, since the terror and the dread that overwhelms such religious fanatics does not allow them to admit that they do not deeply love the dictator of Heaven. This anger and repressed hatred renders the religious type incapable of loving another human being, and so therefore, they must substitute religious hypocrisy for love, and they must imagine that their great love for the monstrous horrors found in those six hundred or so Bible laws is actually a sign of their holiness and evidence for a love of God, for no one else loves those laws, and only those who have the ‘spirit of God’ would love such monstrous laws. Therefore, they become naked hypocrites who tolerate even the obvious hypocrisy of a Ramon Watkins or some Elmer Gantry, because they are trapped in a deadly snare that entangles the loveless when they reject the Garden of Eden and wear the fig leaves handed out by religion instead.

The only solution that I can propose to this problem is to continue to point out to these people their obvious hypocrisy, forcing it up out of their unconscious mind, while tolerating their fierce bigoted rants that always follow upon this type of exposure. My hope would be that they might become aware of just how irrational their belief system has become and in this way they might escape the snare of religion. By allowing themselves to love the Garden, and to love naked Adam and naked Eve, they might then become able to truly love God, which would then allow them to love another human being. This would break the cycle of destruction in their lives. What makes this difficult is that human beings do not come with an ‘off/on’ switch and it is not possible for ruinously destroyed human beings to flip such a switch and suddenly becoming loving human beings. Healing takes some time, and it is the fear they have in their hearts over their own ruin that keeps them trapped within the snare.