Thursday, September 20, 2007

Religion: The Strategic Dilemma

If dogmatic religion is to maintain the fiction that it preserves timeless absolute truth, then it cannot open the barn door even so much as a crack so as to let loose even one chicken or soon enough people will be calling for the release of a duck or a goose. For this reason it is best to keep the barn door bolted and securely locked, and should there be a weasel in the barn the weasel can also remain locked up in the barn, for to admit to having had a weasel in the barn and then releasing the weasel would encourage speculation and much debate as to whether they might not also be a skunk locked up in that barricaded locked down barn.

However religion has no choice but to become flexible, for the prophecy of religion will prove to have been false, as future events catch religion by surprise and events begin to unfold in ways not predicted by established dogma. Religion has no choice but to release one skunk from the barn.

The strategic dilemma confronting religion then is to find a way to open the locked barn door, so as to release the skunk without there following that skunk out the door, in quick succession, the horse, the cow, and the pig.