Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fear of God

You know I have heard it said that the fear of God might turn some people away from doing evil. If it did then it could be said that this fear of God was useful in that it served a very useful purpose on this suffering planet. Unfortunately I have never seen any evidence that this is true, but then perhaps that might be because all I have ever seen in my lifetime is religion, religion with no gods, and as we all know from extremely bitter experience, religion holds no fear for evildoers. Hell, even a scum bag like Hitler was not the least bit afraid of any so called gods or any religion and gave us a demonstration of the worthlessness of gods on this planet when he barbequed six million Jews, you know, 'God's specially chosen people.' This sort of thing does wonders for what is called 'faith', and you can see the interesting results of having religion which holds no fear for the ruthless and the powerful in that the Catholic Church, in which Hitler was raised, has now been razed by Hitler, yes, razed right to the fucking ground, along with every other church in Europe. The American church, because of cultural differences, is being razed to the ground by unbridled wickedness at a slightly slower pace, with the statistical projections indicating that the churches will all be closing down in America sometime around the year 2150, by which time there would not be found one religion in all Europe and only a few left over fanatics in America.

I am satistifed with the results and the way things have turned out for religion at the end of it all, for that long divorced whore hopped into bed with Caesar, and that meant she had to become a babysitter, watching over the kids, and making sure they behaved, and that also meant turning a blind eye to the deeds of the ruthless and the powerful, for if the powerful were no longer the powerful then she would quickly become an unhappy housewife trapped within a loveless marriage, and her long past history of whoring would have proved to have been all in vain. At then end of it all she got nothing less than exactly what she deserved and all the advertising campaigns and billboards in the world will not turn things around or reverse her ongoing ruinous collapse. For you see having a whore like her around for such a long long long fucking time has finally been enough to convince everyone on the planet that there are no gods at all.

This is not to say that the fear of God does not serve any useful purpose whatsoever, for as we have seen some deranged refugee from a mental hospital can regularly be found filling stadiums and tents and then launching into some terrorist bullying tirade as that untreated psychiatric patient vomits up the demented delusions and fantastical horrors that are typical of such wildly blaspheming maniacs. Yes, that deranged lunatic is out to save a soul and that requires the most ruthless bullying and even terrorist attacks, for how else can Adam and Eve be convinced to wear that fig leaf. How else will Adam and Eve become wise like God, knowing the difference between good and evil, and show it, by wearing a fig leaf over their disgraceful obscene parts?

So then we can see that at the hands of religion the fear of God still does serve at least one useful purpose. It was completely fucking useless when it came to confronting power and oppression but it did get the human race kicked out of YAHWEH's Garden of Paradise and left them trotting around the planet wearing fig leaves and eating poisoned apples from that sacred tree which some maniacs planted right at the center of that Garden of Eden.