Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Steam Roller

The art of ‘prophecy’ consists of analysis of the probability that certain events will be the inevitable outcome of presently existing trends. My analysis of the scenario of War with Iran leads me to conclude that the most probable scenario is a victory for ‘American Imperialism’ while the ‘liberals’ and the ‘leftists’ are at the same time crushed under the enormous weight of a propaganda steam roller.

‘American Imperialism’ cannot afford another first class fuck up, and given the ruinous damage caused by the fiasco in Iraq, ‘American Imperialism’ really needs to pull a rabbit out of some hat. It is for this reason that the probability of seeing a Steam Roller running through this place is quite high. It is customary for ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ to make the assumption that ‘American Imperialism’ is a blundering lobotomized Frankenstein and for that reason is capable of producing nothing but ruinous disaster, and it is this confident assessment of Frank’s abilities that leads ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ to predict the most dire consequences of Frank’s activity when it comes to a war with Iran. No doubt Frank will destroy Iran, resulting in hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of deaths, destroying all the infrastructure and yes, even the Iranian oil wells. The entire Middle East will go up like a bomb with furious rage over the downfall of the Iranian Mullahs while the infuriated Iranian population rallies around the Mullahs, just as people always do when their country gets bombed, as suddenly those widely detested Islamic Mullahs suddenly become popular, just because Iran was getting bombed.

The list of dire consequences and ruinous disaster created by Frank and his zombie side kicks just continues to get more dreadful and morbid the longer ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ continue their propaganda campaign to save the Mullahs from ‘American Imperialism’. Apparently such an analysis is based upon dogma, and is served much like a microwave meal, just heat and serve. It is not required that every individual situation be analyzed from start to finish, for a cookie cutter approach is more than adequate, with each one of those cookies turning out exactly the same as the one before, because a cookie cutter was employed. It is this one size fits all dogmatic analysis which has been characteristic of the ‘liberal’ and the ‘leftist’ that has placed their foot firmly into their mouths, and which leads me to predict that not only will they be flattened by a steam roller for having been so dogmatically partisan, they will also be sucking on their knee caps for quite some time after the fact, that foot of theirs having been shoved so far down their throat they could not suck their toes but instead were found sucking their knee caps.

All this happened to them because they do not actually analyze each situation independently, but were partisan dogmatics who refused to acknowledge the possibility that a situation was not black and white, but rather that shades of grey existed, and that rather than being partisan fuck ups it would be better if they would acknowledge that ambiguity so often exists in the real world.

I base my prediction concerning the squashing of the ‘liberals’ and the ‘leftists’ upon my calculation that ‘American Imperialism’ has the potential to be more than a lumbering brainless Frankenstein. Now given that all that is required in Iran is the destruction of the Revolutionary Guard, since a Mullah without a gun is a Mullah without a pot to piss in, it would seem to me that given that this is ‘American Imperialism’ we are discussing here, a little of that laser surgery and dose of that ‘shock and awe’ would be all that would be required in this situation. Assuming that ‘American Imperialism’ doesn’t hack up the liver at the same time as that laser is cutting out the cancerous growth, and assuming that our friends the ‘liberals’ and the ‘leftists’ are incorrect in insisting that the surgeon is a talentless hack, then we should assume that the people of Iran will be in a real good mood once they find out that finally, at long long last, they have ditched those Mullahs they hate so very much.

The only thing that will save the sorry ass of some chattering band of ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ would be if the people of Iran were found to be blown up and thus in a very bad mood, and given how the price to save a ‘liberal’ or a ‘leftist’ is the blood of the people of Iran, naturally I am hoping that ‘American Imperialism’ runs them down with that steam roller because the price of attempting to prevent this propaganda disaster is just to high and I for one don’t think it is worth to save the ruined reputation of even so much as one partisan ‘liberal’ or one dogmatic ‘leftist’ by spilling the blood of the Iranian people.

If we assume that ‘American Imperialism’ is capable of more than the brainless Frankenstein bit then I think that we could predict such events as the following to take place after the shock and awe of that laser surgery wears off. We should expect the news programs to bombard the planet with great cheering throngs pouring into the streets of cities like Tehran as they express the exuberant exultation. Everyone in the world will see people on buildings unrolling banners saying things such as ‘Thank You America!’ while huge mobs in the streets below roar with approval. We should expect to see the American National Anthem played in soccer stadiums, followed by a huge roar and great cheers of the crowd of Iranian soccer fans, the whole thing blanketing the media systems of the planet 24 hours a day, while the propaganda steamroller drives back and forth, back and forth over those reckless ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’.

Some people just do not know enough to shut up, and I am hoping to see a propaganda steam roller shut them up, since, as I said, the price of saving those dumb buggers is to high.