Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mass Confusion

In a previous post on my main blog I described religion as being like a spring loaded trap. All religions have invented doctrines to justify their rejection by God, the story being that the god being went away on an extended vacation, leaving instructions that people should work by themselves for ages of time spreading that religion all over the world, until such a time as that god being would return. For this reason, should YAHWEH God approach this planet, this will set off the spring loaded trap as religions around the world claim that their prophecy was fulfilled and that the god of religion has returned as promised.

Now given how very many religions there are and how very many gods there are on this planet, we can expect that religion will experience a temporary surge in growth on the local scale, as Muslim Mullahs begin packing terrified converts into Mosques, now that Allah has returned, and the fundamentalist Hindus will be proclaiming the return of Shiva or Ram or some other god, while the Christian religious right goes on a rampage in countries where the prevailing culture has been Christian.

We can see then that long ages of ruthless rejection of religion would have been in vain as religion exploits any appearance by YAHWEH by setting off their spring loaded trap. Terror, pit and snare await humanity on this planet. Anyone who climbs up out of the pit will be trapped by the snare and anyone who escapes from the snare will fall down into the pit. It is the task of the Prophet of YAHWEH to disarm the spring loaded snare, but given the ruthless oppression and the solid wall of opposition that exists on this planet, that is unlikely to occur before the fact, and so therefore all work must be done after the trap of religion has been sprung.

What we can then expect is that locally we will experience one disaster after another as infamously stubborn religion denies YAHWEH and sets about trapping and capturing the human race, a state of affairs which then explains the persistent absence of God for long ages of time on this planet. However, what might seem like a disaster, is actually an opportunity, for it is the very wide spread practice of idolatry in so many forms on this planet that will lead to global mass confusion. People will be asking questions, which is good, because well they should.

It is also worth noting here that the end product of long long ages of completely godforsaken religion is the mind of an atheist. This is true even of religious people, for as I have seen, religious people think to themselves, ‘Do not be concerned, for that Prophet of YAHWEH is just some loud mouthed wind bag. Surely God will do nothing, either good or bad, so therefore, let us fight against him with our mouths, and then we will prevail.” Long bitter experience has taught religious people to be completely godless in their thinking, and for that reason the Day of YAHWEH will come upon them as completely shocking surprise, which is good, because it means that the only one who was announcing these things beforehand was the Prophet of YAHWEH. Ungodliness is rooted deep within the mind and the hearts of ruthlessly punished religious people, so I anticipate no change in their behavior in the future, but rather I would expect the present trends to continue. This is highly advantageous, for who was it proclaimed these things. It was YAHWEH who sent a messenger, and no one heard a word from religion, for their ears were closed very long ago.

It is also worth noting that in order for such outfits as the Religious Right to exploit the appearance of YAHWEH by springing that trap of theirs it will be necessary for them to ditch their dogma, for there will be no rapture, and nor will there be any ‘Left Behind’ scenario playing out on this planet. Their prophecy was false, and given that they must ditch the dogma, this raises questions about the rest of their doctrines, for as every dogmatic knows, you cannot question even so much as one dogmatic doctrine, or that could open the door to a flood tide of questioning of doctrines, which then explains the intractable reactionary stubbornness of religion.