Saturday, September 29, 2007

Private Charity

Once again I am being forced to pinch my nostrils as the rotting stench of cruel inhumanity wafts over my planet, for there are dreadful floods in Africa, wiping out the food supply of a million of the poorest of the poor. And we all know what that means, now don't we. That's right. It is time to thin the herd out, and get rid of some more of those useless eaters that have been cluttering our otherwise pristine planet. Yes, it is once again time for the poorest of the poor to suffer from another great big famine and just drop dead.

There might still be hope, for as we know the planet is not flat broke yet. There are trillions of dollars for tax cuts for tycoons and half a trillion for war, and since it is always possible to scrape up loads of cash when it is for a good cause, perhaps we can remain cautiously optimistic.

Then again maybe we should be guarded, and very cautiously pessimistic, lest we find ourselves once again ruthlessly bullied or terrorized by terrorists, our we once again find our recklessly brave and bold politicians once again attacking all our civil rights. Perhaps those of us who have the most to worry about should be very, very careful at a time like this, or we could get on the wrong side of things and we all know what happens to us then, based upon our past historical experience and our knowledge of what happens to a people when they fuck around with some goose that was laying golden eggs.

Fortunately, we do have religion, and that means that once again the righteous ones can bring to the forefront that most righteous of causes, private charitable donations. For it worked so damned well during the time of Charles Dickens, and in fact it has worked so well all thoughout historical time when religion was peddling that notion, that we can say that if it ain't broke, why fix it. Why fuck around with such a perfectly wonderful splendid fucking plan. And besides we wouldn't want to be the ones who were responsible for asking certain uncomfortable questions which might cause people to start thinking uncomfortable thoughts, and so once again we can expect more appeals to that most sacred of social doctrines, private charitable donations.

For this reason I am not going to make the grave error of feeling optimistic, because I have been around the block a few to many times before to make a brainless mistake like that one. After all, our politicians have done the evil deed and ruthlessly thinned out the herd before, and there was no hell to pay. Religion has quietly rode out the storm, and did not hold the feet of ruthless prick to the fire, and there was no hell to pay. You see that whoring housewife just identifies so strongly with the cause of her lover that she cannot bring herself to commit any act of adultery. That would be unthinkable. Therefore, carry on, carry on, for tomorrow will be just like today, only probably even better.

What I find remarkable about religious people is that they are not in the least bit afraid of God. Not even a little. You can try to make them scared by reminding them of God, but it has been such a long long fucking time and religion has no fucking god of any sort whatsoever for such a very very long long long fucking time, that I guess it is now impossible to do that old prophet of YAHWEH thing and scare the shit out of some sinners. This is remarkable to me for when you stop to consider just how much wiser it would have been had religious people been afraid of God, considering how damned afraid of God they are going to be at some point in the days ahead, you can see quite clearly how much wiser it would have been if they would have forgotten that long neglected long rejected religion and remembered God instead and spared themselves the terror and the dread that suddenly, and quite unexpectedly came upon them as if from out of nowhere. For how very unexpected were the deeds of God. How alien and totally surprising were the ways of God.