Friday, September 28, 2007

Sean Lockhart - Super Hustler

According to a slanderous slam uttered by a nasty gossip and then published in Rolling Stone Magazine, Sean Lockhart might seem kind of naive at times, but don't let the act fool you, because he is one nasty hustler with no emotional feelings whatsoever, a real smooth operating hustler.

Now I thought I would point out that Sean is some kind of male Marilyn Monroe. You can check it out for yourself by following this link -> A pic of Monroe.

Now according to Rolling Stone magazine, Monroe made about 2,000 bucks a scene at Cobra, for a grand total of about 8,000 bucks, while Kocis, who lucked out and found that male Marilyn Monroe before anyone else did, jumped at the chance to lock Monroe into a contract, even though he was an obviously underaged ‘twink’, because Bryan Kocis wasn’t about to risk allowing the goose that was going to lay those golden eggs to wander off and start laying those golden eggs in the barn next door. This was a smart move that then made Kocis an estimated two million. Then there are the other millions made by distributors and retailers and so on.

From all this we can see that Sean really isn't much of a hustler, and is a little naive, and is pretty well just what I have said he was before I was so rudely contradicted by Rolling Stone Magazine, a fleeced little lamb, and not a big time super hustler at all, for if he was a big time super hustler, he wouldn't be working at retail for 8.50 an hour and not able to change his brake fluid because it is to expensive, but Sean would be driving a fancy car, just as Rolling Stone points out was the case for Kocis, who was able to afford a whole collection of such fancy cars.