Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A battle is going on in various countries around the world to bring to an end the primitive practice of giving pubescent girls a Clitorectomy. This practice is also referred to by the misnomer ‘Female Circumcision’, although if the same method was employed on males, they wouldn’t have a cock, just a stump where their cock once was. The idea behind this Clitorectomy is to ensure that girls will not become sluts by denying them the female orgasm, thus ensuring that they will not be burned forever in hell by angered god being who just hates it when girls give into temptation instead of resisting the temptations and becoming very spiritual and religious the way this god being wants them to be. You see, the purpose behind the great temptations of the orgasm are to give people heavy weights that their spirits can pump as though they were pumping iron, thus making for strong ghost spirits that are fit to live forever in the purity of sexless heaven. Clitorectomy is a religious practice.

One may wonder where such an insane idea ever came from in the first place, and we find that the original source of this cruel idea was none other than the much celebrated greatest philosopher of all time, ‘Jesus Christ’, who exclaimed ‘Woe to the world for the temptations to sin,’ and then proceeded to recommend chopping your hand off in the case that you were tempted to masturbate or popping the eyeballs our of your own head if you were tempted to look at a bare bum, for temptations must come, having been invented by the god being and then laid out like delicacies on a smorgasbord table, but woe to anyone who does not resist those temptations, for it would be better if you were to saw the clit off a young girl and toss that dirty clitoris into the fire than to have some slutty sleazebag girl, with an addiction to female orgasms, burning forever in the torments of hell. Better to allow that clitoris or two testicles to burn by themselves, than to remain attached to those two filthy and obscene organs and so burn along with them in eternal and unquenchable fires.

This lovely and sensible advice is still being taken to heart around the world today as girls are being forcibly held down while some deranged old woman with a razor blade saws off her clit. What I find remarkable is that in the midst of this hue and cry over this primitive and cruel superstition, you never hear one word about the root cause of this practice, which would mean acknowledging that the source of this disgusting idea is ‘Jesus Christ’ as portrayed in those forgeries of the religious right known as ‘Gospels’. Let us give credit where credit is due, and not forget to mention ‘Jesus’ or ‘Gospels’ when we are venting our outrage over the practice of female mutilation, since it is to this great philosopher that the origins of the practice must be traced.

Advising deranged old women to saw the clits off of young girls is just one of the admirable pieces of advice dispensed to the world by that giant of philosophy known as ‘Jesus Christ’, who also taught us the fundamentalist doctrine that every single damned dot over every letter ‘i’ in the Bible is infallibly inerrant, and that even every single contradiction that exists in the Bible will remain until every single word of the Bible gets fulfilled. He also advised us to allow evil to run wild and unchecked on the planet. Yes, we should do good to Ted Bundy. We should love Ted and pray for Ted and not resist Ted, and the results of this particular piece of advice are quite plain to see as the planet is overwhelmed with wickedness which faces no serious resistance, but rather we see Christians making moral appeals to Ted Bundy or praying, which also does no damn good whatsoever.