Friday, September 28, 2007

A Rolling Stone gathers some moss

Journalists are not always ‘fair and balanced’. If you’re a very lucky celebrity type, and they take a shine to you, and decide to lift you up, then journalists will not be fair and balanced by including any scurrilous scandal mongering or sniping from the side lines or rude gossip in their piece, but instead will give you a nice polished image. However, if they should decide not to polish your apple, then they might decide to do what Rolling Stone just did to Sean Lockhart, and they will become ‘fair and balanced’ by including a few body slams and some vicious gossipy dehumanizing attacks.

So then according to this ‘fair and balanced’ piece of yellow journalism in Rolling Stone, which we know is ‘fair and balanced’ because it isn’t very nice to Sean Lockhart, thus showing no tendency towards polishing some fucking apple, Sean, they tell us, is an unfeeling robot, with no emotions whatsoever, a complete fake dirty little hustler, who, while he might have a naïve appearance, is actually one smooth moving hustler, so don’t you believe it.

Apparently it has been decided that Sean Lockhart is going to become a little tar baby covered with feathers as payment in kind for having been associated with one of the most dreadful scandals in recent memory. Yes, sin must be punished and no one must be allowed to walk away from such a dirty, dirty scandal untouched, and so therefore Sean is not going to get the kid glove treatment, which he would, if they decided to take a shine to him, but instead our glorious journalists are now going to become ‘fair and balanced’ and take a vicious scandal mongering meat cleaver to the kid. You see, even the celebrity who gets the apple polish treatment has detractors who would be more than willing to slander their name and spread vicious rumors, but should a journalist decide to abstain from salacious gossip and scandal mongering then such vicious attacks will not see the light of day, and the result will be a nice polished apple. You see, it is clearly a matter of choice.

Yes, for some reason there are those who are just determined that Sean Lockhart is going to become a tar baby covered with feathers, and then there are those of us are equally determined that no matter how much effort they put into that little project of theirs, at the end of it all they will have sweet fuck all to show for it. I would like to introduce people to the emotionally awkward Sean Lockhart whom I have become familiar with, who is a human being, and not a stereotype, and certainly not the miserable little fucker that apparently our moral guardians would like to paint him to be.

And let us not forget that Sean is also the fleeced little lamb, which probably also goes a long way toward explaining why the knives have come out and it is now time to make Sean into a tar baby covered with feathers.

After all, Sean represents scandal, and such bad things just do not happen in a highly respectable porn industry. No they don’t. Well of course not. Everyone in the porn industry just hates Sean Lockhart, according to Rolling Stone magazine, for the simple reason that he is an emotionless zombie bastard, a real fake, a son of a bitch, and an especially dirty little hustler, a smooth operator, and just pretty much a real creep. Yah, that’s it. That’s the ticket.

Once that hatchet job gets done on Sean, well then everything will be back to appearing to be just as clean as a whistle, just like it should be, for a very respectable, highly acceptable, middle class porn industry.