Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Training the Troops

I have sources of information, about which people know nothing, although if they wanted to pull up a lawn chair sometime, and join me, and watch the dancing angels in The Garden, they would know a little more and they would understand what I mean when I say that I have sources of intelligence about this place that informs me about what is going on the wider world.

According to what I was told back in May of 2007, I have the American Military in my hip pocket, and I was just told the other day that I have the Porn Stars on board as part of my small collection of troops. Now I have some questions about whether this means ‘over the long term’ I have these two camps on my side, or whether it means that I have them on my side at the present time. Given my understanding of human nature and just how ruinously destroyed any form of faith has become on this planet after enduring ages of godless religion, I will assume the worst which would be that in the future I will have these two camps on my side, but at the present I can expect little from them. I could be wrong, and it could also be true that I have few scattered people here and there who are on board right now, but experience teaches me to be pessimistic over the short term and only to be optimistic over the longer term.