Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On the Nature of God

The Bible is a notoriously contradictory document. In the past I made it a practice to document these Biblical contradictions, the point being to demonstrate to people that if they were to seek to understand the Nature of God, reading the Bible would not be the way to go about accomplishing that task, for when we are told that something is black and then we are told that it is white, that isn’t helpful. (A link to my Bible Commentary index) It is obvious then that Sacred Canon is not the path towards ‘the knowledge of God’, and here we must make the assumption that any such God even exists at all, for as we know, it is characteristic of the long long age of the religions on this planet that there has been religion and no God, and so that issue remains controversial to this very day, except among our scientists and other atheists, who believe that the fact that we have had religion and no God for so very very long is itself all the proof required to demonstrate that God does not exist. Such is the end product of religion and its final parting gift to the world.

If we were to entertain the possibility that God does exist, then the conclusion that we must draw is that if religion has some value then is must be that God is some weird Son of Bitch and a Very Mysterious Character who demands that people seek God in some parched desert while handing out brutal penalties to those who fail to make it across the Sahara. The alternative would be to conclude that religion is quite worthless, and we can feel quite confident in coming to this conclusion both by noting the contradictory worthlessness of Canon and also by noting just how persistent God has been in destroying religion over the ages, for a religion with no God is a religion in the process of being destroyed by fire, and given enough time, such a religion will be swept from the face of the planet, for even all the Pope’s horses and all the Theologians men will never be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again once that thing falls off its perch on that precariously high wall. The perch Humpty has been found sitting upon only becomes more precarious with the passing of each century with no God to be found, and such a high wall soon becomes a wall cracked and bulging, nearing collapse, and the final destructive fall of that wall is so ruinous at the end of it all that not even a shard would be found among the wreckage that would be found big enough to use to scoop water.

It is typical for apologists and preachers of all sorts to insist that God is deeply in love with religion, and that before God divorced the entire planet and sent everyone into the dungeon dark and deep, God gave strict instructions that while God was on extended vacation everyone should be sure to spread religion all over the face of the earth. This would be done on the understanding that religion could expect no help whatsoever from God in this task, but rather the task was to be outsourced to those loyal servants of the Divine and the Sacred, the preacher, the Pope, the priest, the apologist. Yes, God was one mean and miserable Son of Bitch, for that task would be hard, and what kindly and loving parent would send their kids out into the deepest darkness without so much as a flash light with orders to chop wood without hacking their own legs off in the process.

Now if we can make the assumption that religion has been rejected by God, and that therefore there is no one single religion on the face of this planet that does what is right, this would then leave us to wonder just how one might go about discovering the truth about the Nature of God. No spiritual advisor is to be found on this planet, for there is no one single one of them who can be seen to be in real good with God, such that God would give them a boost up rather than a kick down.

As a child I found it quite simple to come to the knowledge of God, since all that was required was an observation of Natural Law at work, since only Natural Law is the work that can be said to be written by the Pen of God rather than by the Pen of some cabal of rejected priests. Natural Law cannot be forged or edited or ruinously destroyed and completely fucked up. This is only possible with the Canon Law of religion and if we have faith even the size of a mustard seed we must assume that at the very least God does not supremely fuck up the universe and that therefore it logically follows that Natural Law must be trustworthy, while the wholesale rejection of religion and her Canon Laws over long long long ages of time is also trustworthy evidence that God has rejected religion and therefore religion has no right to speak on behalf of God for God refuses to speak or act in defense of religion.

It is self evident that God has rejected religion, and when we consider the merciless cruelty that accompanies such a rejection and all the suffering in deep darkness that followed, we can then assume that God is not merely slightly annoyed with religion and has a few minor complaints about her Canon Law, but rather it must be true that God is just furious and filled with wrath against religion. With this thought in mind we can then conclude that religion is the enemy of God and therefore if we turn Canon Law on its head we might be able to discern the truth about God using this method alone. Yes, God is the exact opposite of what is preached by religion as the cruelty of the punishment would suggest is the truth about God.

I refer to myself as ‘the Prophet of YAHWEH’ and ‘the preacher of the Garden of Eden’. This worked for me, because I am the man who has done the impossible and cracked open those locked and sealed pearly gates, and God is no Divine Mystery to me. I drew two obvious conclusions about God before I climbed that Mountain of Eden, and that was that obviously God had rejected religion, a conclusion that was beyond dispute so long has the long long long age of brutal rejection been, and I also correctly concluded that God must be the God of the Garden of Eden, for I knew that I was not excited by comely appearance of an elephant, but that the lilies of humanity in that lovely Garden were intoxicating, and there was no logical reason why they should be, other than that Natural Law was at work, and Natural Law is the True Living Law of God. Therefore it logically follows that God is the God of the Garden of Eden, and religion, as is apparent, is the Fig Leaf Peddling Snake.

It is for this reason that the Nature of God remains a ‘Divine Mystery’ to religion, for religion rejects the truth and accepts no rebuke, no matter how viciously cruel that rebuke might be. The very ruthlessness and merciless quality of that long standing rebuke is itself testimony to the ruinous stubbornness of religion, for the rebuke has taken the form of the appropriate and opposite response to the greatness of religious stubbornness.

I have found that an understanding of this simple truth about the Nature of God, that God is the God of the Garden, is the key to resolving many disputes. For example, if a controversy should arise over contradictions in the Bible, a knowledge of God is all that is required to toss one Bible verse into the heap belonging to some fig leaf peddling snake, while tossing its opposite into the heap belonging to God. There is no need for controversy, for what belongs to a snake belongs to a snake and what belongs to God belongs to God.