Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In some of my previous posts I told the story of how Little Adam, as I called him, went to Banff National Park. (Meet Adam, Adam Goes to Banff and links to scanned gif images of the letter I wrote at the time are found on the entry titled Banff.

Little Adam went to Banff looking for the Living God. According to Adam's theology at the time, the god of the dead, which was the god all the religions of the world, wasn't worth a damn. It was obvious to Adam that if God existed then God must be the God of the Living and not the god of the dead. According to the 'word of the god of the dead' as encapsulated in something called 'theology' if you wanted to know if that god existed then you had to drop dead and then you would find out for sure. Until that time we had something called 'blind faith' to go along with all that religion and this cruel guessing game, so I was always told, was the 'divine plan of salvation' of that god of the dead. If you guessed right, you were 'saved' by your good work of guessing the answer to that highly debatable question and if you made a wrong guess, and just took things at face value and assumed that there was no god of the dead, then that thing would send you to some place called 'hell', which was the punishment for taking a wild guess and a leap into the unknown, and screwing things up by guessing the wrong answer to that unanswerable question.

Now according to the personal theology of Little Adam, if God existed, then this meant that religious people were in a state known as 'bitter exile', cut off from the presence of the Living God as the punishment due for their sinful heresies. This being true it therefore logically followed from this theological premise that if someone were to separate themselves from the many sins of religion then it would be possible to get an answer from the Living God. Little Adam was convinced that this was true. Little Adam was not convinced that God actually existed, for after long ages of brutal punishing silence on the part of this Living God, as the stubborn and incurable dogmatism of religion met its match in the ruthless rejection by the Living God, at the end of it all you could just never really be sure if we were in exile or if there just was no Living God at all, for, you see, the experience of exile and the nonexistence of God are experienced in the same way. Both of these superficially identical experiences result in the long silence of God and produce what is known as 'the long dark night of the soul'. In both exile and nonexistence the question of the very existence of God is highly controversial and the result is a guessing game such as that guessing game of salvation. People were either dropping dead and getting the answer to their questions because there was no God or because they were being brutally and mercilessly punished by the Living God for their sinful heresies and that Living God would not pity nor relent nor condone what religion had done.

Therefore, because of the long dark night of religion, I was uncertain as to whether or not the Living God did exist, but I was certain that if such a God did exist it would be possible to break the exile by making a definitive break with all that religion the Living God hated so very much. This only made sense, for it was obvious to Little Adam that the human race was in exile only for the purpose of contradicting their religion and reducing it to dogmatic rubble.

Well, for what it is worth, I can report to the human race that the Living God really does exist. I say 'for what it is worth' because I do understand that no one hear what I am saying and no one can believe or accept my testimony at this time. This blindness and deafness is the product of thousands and thousands of years of punishing and merciless exile, and it is, as I have found, almost impossible to overcome godless experience with mere words. However, for what it is worth, I will point out to you people, that the reason why I am successful is that I am everything that I am 'no supposed to be'. I am David, 'a man after God's own heart', as he was called. I am earthy, very sexual, polygamous. I am also very critical, very skeptical, and I have no use whatsoever for those cooked up imaginations of the mind referred to as 'divine revelations' and instead I prefer science and the more certain results this method produces. I am not religious at all, which then explains why I am successful. When I say 'I am not religious at all' I also mean that I am not 'quasi religious' which is to say that I do not think in the cultural categories we have inherited from thousands of years of religion. As I have noticed, even atheists think in religious categories, even though they might think they are 'free thinkers', but this is a subject I have discussed previously and so I won't wander off topic and begin dwelling on that culturally induced manner of fucked up thinking I call 'quasi religion' which is responsible for destroying the world today rather than saving it, even though those 'moral reformers' who call themselves 'progressives' think they are saving the sinful pigs with all that evangelism of theirs, when actually the problem was not one of 'moral values' nor was the solution 'saving sinners one sinner at a time', but rather the problem all along was bad systems and structures which force people to 'sin' whether they want to or not, which also means that if someone wanted to sin they got lucky because it was possible to sin and get away with it given the way things are structured. It is this evil system that religion is designed to protect and it is for this reason that I refer to religion as 'the Anti-Moses'. But I digress...

Now it turns out that Little Adam also thought in certain culturally inculcated categories of which he was unaware. You see, Little Adam, even though he was comfortably human and quite happy to be a human being was also a child of a post-Christian culture, and so he inherited certain idiotic ideas which were going to cause him to fall into a disaster later. Given my experience in these matters, I thought I would share my story of my life with Frankenstein, since I would assume that most people are just as idiotic as Adam was and therefore are likely to fall into the same deep pit. Those who do will be luckier than I was since I am a 'prophet of YAHWEH', and that means that there will be someone around to reach out and pull them up out of that pit, while in my case I just had to suffer down in that black pit for one hell of a long time until I finally got my theology straightened out and came to understand that it was YAHWEH who is God and that there is no other God.

Well, when I came down from the mountain top at Banff I began working on a project with what I had thought was supposed to be God. You know, post-Christians, God, a lovely baby bouncing grandpa, the Great Santa in the sky, the kindly old daddy who gives out loaves and fishes, a wonderful parent, just like your mom. You know, this anthropomorphic theology really is a mistake, because a human being is a human being and thinks like a human being, but God is God. You can imagine my shock when the next thing you know I was splitting a suite with Frankenstein and I had that damned thing thumping around the place with its arms stretched out in front of it.

I had emerged out of a post-Christian culture and I inherited thousands of years of brainwashing. For that reason it was impossible for me to know God and so it was that I got to know God pretty quickly and what I discovered was so dreadful and so horrible and so terrible, or so it seemed to me, that I spent decades in a dark pit from which I could not escape. This was my life with God, my sacrificial life with God. Decades spent trapped in a suite with Frankenstein, whom I hated with a passion and from whom I could never escape. It turns out that all that anthropomorphic horseshit about how God is a really nice parent, just like your mom, is just that. It is a pile of horseshit, and it is also horseshit that 'God is a human being' having taken on a human form and therefore it just logically follows that you can think about God in human categories. Whatever human emotions demand of God, that is what God then becomes, but unfortunately, God is not a human being, the 'Virgin Birth story' was a forgery, as I mentioned in previous posts (more of that critical analysis that I was alluding to above).

NOw it turns out that there is a trace of God left on this planet, in spite of all the ruinous religion that was the root cause of the exile. The closest thing you will ever find to an accurate description of God on this planet is found in thw writings known as 'the prophets of YAHWEH' in the Bible. Now that people did not make this discovery is understandable, given the contradictions and bullshit found in the Bible. I should introduce a caveat here and point out to people that prophets of YAHWEH as found in the Bible were edited, and for this reason, they are also found to be contradictory, and thus not one hundred percent reliable. The worst example of this sort of thing is found in Jeremiah, where the prophet speaks with a forked tongue because of the editing into the manuscript of contradictory passages. (The passages wherein Jeremiah condemns that animal sacrifice as a fraud and condemns the laws about burning at the stake as 'not even entering God's mind', or condemning the entire Torah (the laws of God) as a forgery, these would be genuine since it is unlikely that a religious dogmatic would forge Biblical criticism such as this, while the passages where Jeremiah calls on everyone to sacrifice a cow forever would be the contradictory forgeries inserted into the manuscript).

Now when someone puts words into the mouth of God, by forging stories of Moses going up some mountain to bring down murderous laws, and then these slanderous laws are called 'the Laws of God' which would then make them the 'laws of YAHWEH', the result is the creation of YAHWEH, otherwise known as Frankenstein. Yes, God is just dreadful, wrathful all the time and very bad tempered, and quite fearful and terrible to be near. No God is not Santa. No God is not really nice all the time like your fucking mom. God is just horrible, just the way God is described in those prophets of YAHWEH. Truly wrathful and just dreadful and greatly to be feared.

It seemed to me that I had become the victim of a great tragedy, in that I went up the mountain in Banff to find God, and much to my endless regret, I was successful. I found God, which meant that I found Frankenstein. What I did not understand, and what it took me years to really understand, was that God was not a bully and a tyrant, but rather that YAHWEH, the wrathful terrifying God, was the creation of human religion, plain and simple. Even though people have been plunged into the merciless darkness of ruthless, remorseless, pitiless exile as punishment for the creation and editing of the Bible and as the payment due for their theology and religions, they haven't learned a damn thing from the vicious experience and so it is easy to predict that since, as I discovered, YAHWEH is still God, and YAHWEH is still in one hell of a bad mood, I would warn people here that this planet has not seen the last of YAHWEH, the God is Israel, the wrathful and terrible God of the Jewish Prophets, and as I discovered when I went up the mountain, my God as well.