Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ramon keeps busy

Ramon Watkins (aka 'Prophet Yahweh') continues to keep himself busy posting videos to his YouTube channel. He posted this video on October 10th and he has just posted another on October 13th which shows an enlongated glowing object. This looks similar to an object we saw in Melville Saskatchewan back in 1975. It was in the evening, and the elongated objected was glowing a reddish color and was covered with multicolored blinking lights, much like a Christmas tree. The object had that 'cigar shaped' look you sometimes hear reports about. The reason for this appearance (elongated and pinched at both ends, much like a cigar) is because this is the view of a flat disk viewed edge on, when only the edge of the disk is illuminated. As the edges of the disk curves on both ends this gives the object a 'cigar shaped' appearance.

According to Ramon's blog and the entry concerning this elongated craft Ramon states that after he filmed the craft he noticed about half a dozen jet fighters scrambling at Nellis Airforce base, which is located just the East of where Ramon lives, and since Ramon is only filming in what looks like the back alley behind his house, this would mean that whatever comes around would be attracting some attention over at Nellis. This is the one positive thing I can think of to say about Ramon's recent spate of activity, and I can see how it would be possible to make something good out of a bad situation provided that those people over at Nellis airforce base listen to me and do not listen to Ramon when he starts preaching about frying all of humanity in vats of bubbling oil like french fries because humanity did not do all 600 of those really rotten stone aged Bible laws.

It is interesting to note here that I shut Ramon down for about two years, starting in 2005. He made a brief comeback early this summer, and then I shut him down again, this time only for a few months, for suddenly this fall he is back in business again. This time I am having a harder time chasing away those flying snakes who are helping Ramon to spread superstitious dread and horror concerning those 600 prehistoric Bible laws. I am assuming that those things are those flying snakes I have been warning you people about in my previous blog entries (for example, here and here) because I cannot see why some dancing angel would do anything to help Ramon preach those rotten Bible Laws and his horrific 'end times prophecies' concerning the vast majority of humanity boiling in oil for a trillion billion years because they did not watch Ramon on YouTube and then start doing those stone aged rituals found in those 600 rotten bible laws. The fact that I have been able to chase those things away in the past also convinces me that those things are harmful fig leaf peddling flying snakes out to ruin the garden with rotten religious superstitions, for you see all I had to do to get rid of those things in the past was to warn them that I can work with a flying snake. If they want to help out by showing up and enlightening people as to what is going on up there that will be quite fine with me. Since no flying snake wants to help me, they think it over, and they leave. However, as I have said in the past, that tactic will not work forever, and apparently those snakes are now getting worried and when a snakes gets that worried it becomes a very busy snake with nothing left to lose and then it becomes impossible to shake those things off.

In July, Ramon posted a bit of a rant where he insisted that the fact that he makes these videos of these flying snakes is evidence that he is the 'true comforter of Israel'. This claim is based upon Ramon's personal interpretation of certain books of the Bible which he claims predicted that someday Ramon would film glowing flying objects and then post the videos on YouTube. in the video Ramon issues a challenge to 'a so called prophet' (referring to me) and then challenged me to post my own videos to YouTube. At the moment I am not to worried about Ramon, because he is afraid to do anything in public for fear of more of that dreadful humiliation, and so he has fearfully retreated and will now just film in the back alley behind his house and then post any results he gets on YouTube. This is no great threat, since he won't get into much trouble or get much attention for his efforts, for I am sure that Ramon has heard of Paint Shop, and as Ramon himself knows, there are those who have posted the most amazing fakes on YouTube which they claimed were 'UFOs'. For this reason I couldn't be bother posting anything on YouTube myself, and the only reason why Ramon would be found posting on YouTube is because he is afraid of the public humiliation that still haunts him from his past fiascos.

Ramon was shut down for two years, and then just when I got busy late this spring, Ramon suddenly got busy for a couple of days, before I shut him down once again. Now that I am getting busy with that 'intelligent design' experiment (as I have called it) suddenly Ramon gets busy again. It is interesting to note how we seem to be tied at the hip, and the reason for these curious coincidences is that Ramon is being visited by some increasingly worried and agitated flying fig leaf peddling snakes, and it would appear that my days of being able to get rid of those things are over, because even though I am trying that same stunt and warning those snakes about stirring up trouble over at Nellis Airforce base, as just one example of the trouble a snake could get into while helping Ramon, nevertheless those things will not leave. They will get more and more reckless the more convinced those snakes become that there is no longer anything to lose and therefore nothing to hide. They will come out pretending to be 'angels of light' while at the same time attempting to spread those 600 rotten bible laws and some cruel religious superstitions, not to mention a pile of those bullying fig leaves, which is a contradictory agenda, since no lovely dancing angel behaves so atrociously.

One good thing that I can say about Ramon is that Ramon appears to be a genuinely sincere religious fanatic when it comes to his religious devotion to the phony laws so important to a flying snake. When Ramon was shut down for two years, he stayed shut down for two years, and when Ramon was shut down for this summer, he stayed shut down for the summer. Ramon will wallow in humiliation and failure, but he will not fake videos, which is an interesting quirk in his personality. However, as it has been said, the road to hellishness is paved with good intentions, and there is nothing good to be said about being sincerely fanatical. That sincere fanaticism which is typical of Ramon Watkins actually makes him even more dangerous because it means that he is the type who would barbeque human beings on sticks like roasting marshmallows for the crime of having sex or not wearing a fig leaf in the garden. Ramon himself has stated that once he achieves supreme power, assuming such a weird disaster ever did happen, he would be roasting every fag and dyke in the country like melting marshmallows, and unmarried teenage girls who have sex or even worse get pregnant are also on the bible hit list. It is interesting to note how those Bible sex laws for the most part target human sexuality, an that would just be the start of Ramon's fanatically religious behavior in the service of those good for nothing bible laws which Ramon, who does not know YAHWEH and knows nothing about the Garden of Eden, thinks are laws of some god, for no other reason than that they were voted upon by some rabbis in the first century. One man's vote becomes another man's 'law of a god'.