Friday, October 19, 2007

The Temple of the Lord

According to Adolph Hitler, as revealed in his behind the scenes table talk with his cronies, that inferior race, known as the Jews, were responsible for weakening the Master Race, the Nordic Aryans, by teaching them religion. The invention of the brainwashing doctrine known as Roman Catholicism, which, according to Hitler, was invented by the Jews as a weapon against their superiors, the Master Race of Aryans, had fatally weakened the ruthless instincts of the superior Aryans, and it was this religion which had prevented the Master Race from dominating and ruling the world. The solution was to destroy Roman Catholicism, the invention of the Jew, and rid Europe of the taint of Roman Catholic Religion.

Hitler's strategy was to expose the Jewish people as frauds, by holding up to public contempt and ridicule their claim to be "God's specially chosen people.' And what better way to destroy the Jewish ideology and undermine its grip on the human mind, that to destroy the Jewish people. Yes, Hitler would massacre those Jews, and in order to expunge the world of the taint caused by the Roman Catholic Church, Hitler would even slaughter the last Jew on the face of the planet, if only he could. According to Hitler, unfortunately, given how religious people were at the time, it would be impossible for him to realize his goals of creating the Master Race. That would have to wait until the 21st century, for according to Hitler's estimation of the time required to destroy the Roman Catholic Church in Europe, it would take two or three generations before the required destruction of religion would occur, leaving Europe Catholic free, thus releasing the grip of the Jew on the human mind. This makes sense, for you see, Hitler would have to wait for the elderly Catholic to drop dead, then wait for the middle aged Catholic to drop dead, and then wait even longer for the young Catholics to finally drop dead, and then in about three generations, the Catholic Church would collapse into ruins in Europe, finally making Europe completely free of the grip of the Jew.

Those who are familiar with situation in Europe would know that in pursuing this strategy Hitler proved himself a prophet of sorts, because the Roman Catholic Church has fallen into ruinous destruction all over Europe, and now there is hardly a Catholic to be found on the continent.

In the ancient world, the Jewish prophets were in the custom of confronting the people for their habit of practicing religion while at the same time having no god. The fact that they were rejected and living in exile did not stop the religious dogmatics of the day from proclaiming, 'this is the Temple of the Lord, this is the Temple of the Lord, this is the Temple of the Lord.' The prophets would then explain to those people that repeating that empty slogan would not benefit them in the least, for, to paraphrase that notorious message so characteristic of a true prophet of YAHWEH, they would be attacked by their enemies, and they would all submit to slaughter and massacre, while their enemies burned their sacred religious temple right to the ground. Their enemies would expose them as a people with no god and their endless dogmatic repetition of a pointless slogan would be exposed for the worthless thing that it was.

What has been happening to not just the Roman Catholic Church, but also to all her daughters, who are also going into ruinous decline and facing inevitable collapse, as well as the international disgrace that has come upon Israel in the times after Hitler, are an interesting example of the sort of thing that Jewish prophets were always going on about in ancient times. As those prophets warned those people, a religious people with no god are doomed, for all it would take is one weird freak to lower them right into the dust of the earth, and leave them to face their inevitable ruin from which they would find no deliverance. Yes, as those prophets of YAHWEH always warned those people, it only takes one scum bag to destroy a religion and expose the fraudulent nature of its claims, and for that reason religious people gain nothing from their dogmatic repetition of that stale slogan of theirs, 'this is the Temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord.'