Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gopher Poison

You know, I keep telling people that ‘God exists’ and the I show them my trail of bread crumbs, which is the evidence I have to display until such a time as I get the full loaf, but even then they just don’t seem to believe me (or perhaps they just don’t want to, you know, so they can be very, very naughty). Yes, it has been a very very long long time since any of the gods of this world have done sweet fuck all. Now it has been said, ‘eat shit, for billions of flies cannot be wrong.’ As you know I say that religion is a pile of shit, which then explains why religion has no God, for if religion had a God that would be to encourage bees to eat shit like a fly does, and who wants to be responsible for a fuck up like that one. Nevertheless, so I am told, when I am outnumbered billions to one by all those shit eating bees, that is proof positive that I am clearly wrong, for I am coming up against the accumulated life experience of billions of shit covered bees over ages of time, therefore I cannot be telling the truth when I talk about YAHWEH God and everything that has happened and that is going to be happening in the future.

Now an atheist would see that there was no god on this planet for one very fucking long time and conclude that this is proof positive that there are no gods. Such is the reasoning of the atheist. Of course the atheist is also convinced that religion is a pile of shit and that bees must not eat shit. For some reason the atheist has never been able to connect two dots with one straight line, and therefore an atheist will always be asking why some god doesn’t show up to endorse that shit pile.

Atheists also like to point out what a cruel and ruthless bastard any god must be, which is then evidence that there is no god at all. For even that atheist knows that you are supposed to be nice and help people out and if a god couldn’t figure out something that simple the idea is so fucked up as to be incomprehensible that atheist. You see an atheist thinks much like a church goer, and thinks that a god must be just like your mom, a very nice parent, and while there is no evidence to support that theory church people continue to fuck up their own minds by believing what is false, or trying to, while atheists become more convinced that there are no gods at all.

Now the truth is that there is a God, but that not one single religion on this planet knows sweet fuck all about God. Actually the evidence is in plain sight, but given what a collection of ignorant fuck ups we have on this planet no one has ever been able to connect a single fucking dot in this place.

You see religion is like an infestation of gophers in a garden. As you know those gophers just breed like crazy and soon there are gopher holes everywhere in that Garden. Now if you are a Gardener who just hates gophers in that Garden, and if it was never your plan to have a Garden just full of Gophers, the only solution would be to set out some slow acting Gopher poison. It would be best that this poison be slow acting so that you don’t alert all the other gophers by having gopher corpses littering the ground right around that poison, but rather those gophers can eat and then wander off and die mysteriously at some far away spot.

Now unfortunately those damned gophers breed faster than you can poison and kill the damn things, and if you are a fanatical Gardener, and are just determined to get rid of every last damn gopher in that Garden, this could then become a long term project that could take centuries, yes, even thousands of years.

What makes that gopher killing project even more complex and difficult is that there will be found priests in that Garden whose task is to go around inoculating those gophers, giving them a strong immunity to gopher poison, so that a gopher killing project that could take a few years or a couple of centuries then winds up taking long horrible ages of time because of the extra resistance.

At the end of it all when those damned gophers are still found infesting that Garden after centuries of slow poisoning, the only solution then becomes to up the dosage and really give those gophers a dose of poison for which even the priest will not be able to find an antidote. This does work rather well. For as you know six million Jews got barbequed by a disgusting freak about half a century ago, and now there is almost not even one single gopher left in all Europe, and the gophers are also dying in the United States, although at a slightly slower rate. This difference if the gopher death rate is caused by the extra resistance those American gophers have developed because of all the apologists and preachers in that country working overtime on antidotes to gopher poison, even the most toxic of gopher poisons, thus causing me to wonder just how atrociously toxic that next dose of gopher poison could become if those alchemists actually manage to come up with a cure for that last highly effective dose.