Thursday, October 4, 2007

Divided We Fall

It is ironic that one of the main tasks of religion throughout the centuries was to train people to become sinners. Yes, if religion was going to prop up the status quo and keep people stupid it was required that religion create lots of sinners so that there would always be loads and loads of sin in the world that would never be healed, thus keeping that status quo religion in business.

The way that this is done is to declare that being born human is a capital crime. Yes, you were born, and yes you were born as a human being, and that means you are going to hell unless you get saved by religion before you drop dead, for not only is the birth of a human baby a capital offense, it is a dreadful crime, so dreadful that only barbequing until the end of eternity would ever suffice as a balanced and equal punishment for that crime of bringing a little human baby into this world.

Yes, people are all sinners all the time, and therefore you really do have to watch out for their damned sins. Since being human is an all purpose charge for some parasitic cabal of priests to level at the human race that would mean that people, who are human and therefore will be acting human all the time, will be perpetually guilty of sin. They will need to confess to some priests their various crimes when they behaved like a human being and then receive forgiveness or perhaps be punished with a penance.

That priest will gossip and slander humanity, thus starting a trend. Yes, if people are to become idiotic enough to believe that their normal human conduct was sinful all that is required is manipulate human weakness by scowling with disapproval, for people are social creatures who require approval. Peer pressure stirs up feelings people can confuse with guilt, and then the priest can start sucking on that manufactured guilt like a vampire bat. That cynical manipulation of human weakness by that knife chucking back stabbing slanderous gossip, the priest, will then result in this fake guilt which the priest will then dress up as doctrine by calling it all ‘the conviction of the Holy Ghost’ when all it was one person attempting to use peer pressure and threat of excommunication to cynically control another person’s behavior.

Yes, that priest will become a backstabbing slander mouthed gossip, thus starting a trend of chucking knives. You see the ideas of that priest are piles of shit, for if humanity was born evil that would be the fault of God. When you buy a faulty toaster you complain to the manufacturer, you don’t blame the fucking toaster. The only way that priest had to force such nonsense down the throats of humanity was to get everyone to gossip and scowl and backstab and chuck knives, thus enforcing that fake moral code through peer pressure.

Divided we fall. You might notice that GM workers are now losing their pension rights, health care is going, going, gone, wages are being bashed and slashed. I am sure that if you met GM workers, perhaps listened to them in the coffee room during break time you would hear those slander mouthed gossips bringing out those knives against some very sinful fellow GM worker. Not while that worker is there, mind you. When they are together they will be very nice while secretly, on the inside hidden away, they are packing that knife. Usually your typical working class stiff only brings out the knife when someone isn’t at the table on the coffee break, and they pretend to conceal the damn thing when that person they were knifing shows up.

Yes, they are all priests those fucked up workers, judging and condemning sinners, and slandering them in the hopes of getting some peer pressure going against each other. They are very religious types who judge sinners, those fucked over ruined workers, and this would be true even if they don’t darken the doorstep of some church, for they have inherited the left over raw sewage of that religious mindset.

Even after religion goes through its historical collapse there is still much bleaching and sanitizing and cleaning to be done around the place. And it must be done before those brain washed fucked up divided GM workers totally ruin themselves, for divided they fell, and those dumb divided fuck ups are still not done falling because they can’t get along with each other and they cannot make anything turn out right, so that even if they did get something started it would collapse into ruin, just our ancestors fucked up everything they tried to get going. Divided they fell.