Thursday, October 4, 2007

For the Love of a Mullah

I keep trying to warn the liberal and leftist types in the country about that steam roller that is about to run them down and leave them like squashed road kill on the highway of life. Yes, those liberals and leftists really did a number on that Bush administration but this is politics we are talking about here, and that is a game of hardball, and so it looks to me like it is payback time. Now those dogmatically partisan fucked up liberals and leftist types have set themselves to take one right on the chin.

As you would know those Islamic Mullahs in Tehran are messing with ‘American Imperialism’. Apparently one of the reasons why they have become so brave and so reckless is that they are quite sure that their new friends, the liberal and leftist types, really have that situation well under control. Just to keep their new friends on board those Mullahs keep releasing statements intended for the ears of American Liberals and Leftists. There is no need to worry about pulling out of Iraq just because the place looks supremely fucked up. Those Mullahs will watch over Iraq, for it is in their own best security interests that Iraq be a peaceful country, so when you Americans pull out of Iraq that Mullahs will pull in. It just makes perfect sense. These endless streams of statements from those Mullahs about how they will be nursing Iraq are intended for the ears of their allies, the liberals and the leftists and the liberal type middle of the road American preachers. Nothing to worry about when it comes to Iraq. They can count on those Iranian Mullahs.

Let us give Iraq to those Mullahs in Tehran. This is the political position of the liberals and the leftists and all those middle of the road church preachers. This is basically how that strategy of theirs works out. Now anyone familiar with Iran knows that those Mullahs are just hated in that country. Yes, those backwards religious oppressors could never win a popularity contest in that country which is why they never have one. No doubt they will become just as popular in Iraq as they are in Iran. Apparently that doesn’t matter, for those really stubborn liberal and leftist types keep defending those Mullahs, humanizing them, telling everyone that they are not dictators, for example, while the ministers tour the country preaching their newest sermon, ‘Adminejad, he’s not so bad.’

Now as I have said in the past, prophecy is not fatalistic in that it consists of the prediction of fixed events in the future that must happen. Rather prophecy consists of determining the probability that certain events will occur based upon currently existing trends. The task of a prophet with a bad prophecy would be to change current trends thus ensuring that some bad prophecy never comes to pass.

We can see here that ‘American Imperialism’ is in a lot of trouble. In those polls the United States now ranks at the top of the list as among the world’s most evil empires. For that reason ‘American Imperialism’ must pull some rabbit out of a hat. Iran is a rabbit in a hat. It their own fault that those ruthless oppressors, the Mullah’s in Tehran, have made themselves into just such a rabbit sitting in a hat. The demographics of Iran are peculiar in that the majority of the population are teens and young twenty somethings and they hate those party crashing Mullahs and their worthless fig leaf peddling ways. All this shit you hear from liberals and leftists about how angered Iranians will be to lose those precious Mullahs, is shit. No those Mullahs are a rabbit in a hat, and assuming that ‘American Imperialism’ does not fuck things up by blowing up Iranians or wrecking their country we can expect a propaganda steam roller to flatten those liberals and those leftists as the Bush administration strikes back, for there would be dancing in the streets of Tehran when those Mullahs are run out of town on a rail. For you see a little laser surgery is what is required to get rid of some Islamic Mullah, for a Mullah without a gun pointed at the snout of the people of Iran is a Mullah being run out of town on a rail.

Yes, how humiliating it all was. It turned out that the only place where those Mullahs were greatly loved was in America, among those liberals and those leftist types and those middle of the road American preachers, who wanted to stick the people of Iran with those Mullahs, and if that was not bad enough, their policy was also to give the people of Iraq the shaft as well. And here they thought the next election was in the bag, a cake walk.

Watch out for the steam roller.