Saturday, October 6, 2007

Why do people do bad things

I have been thinking about bad porno producers over the last few days, contemplating their atrocious looking conduct, and asking myself why people do bad things. I have in mind a particularly sleazy looking porno producer, who advertises that he has found desperate street kids who will do anything for peanuts, because they are really just that hard up. If this is not bad enough he then attaches labels to their photographs saying things such as, 'this piece of white trash is ready to do it all'. It is not enough to exploit those street kids and brag about being some kind of vulture circling the streets like a buzzard looking for road kill, but the whole degrading and filthy looking scenario would never be complete without completely stripping those streets kids of the last shred of their humanity. That porno producer will also have to force that kid to perform some degrading cliches and apparently there are people out there who are just as ruinously screwed up as that porno producer, because that porno producer advertises all this and apparently they get turned on by the idea because he is still in business.

Why do people do such bad things. You know, when you see some desperate street kids, you do not rub your hands with glee thinking about how degraded you can make them or the real cheap sex you can now get, because Adam has hit rock bottom.

It has occurred to me that one reason for this behavior is the bitterness that lives in the human heart when people consider that Adam is just a meat bag. A human being isn't worth much in this world, and that rotting meat can be found littering the planet every day. Life is cheap, and so therefore people might as revel in the cheapness. In this way I can see that such ugly conduct is a product of religion, for religion offers nothing but hollow words, and while religion is dogmatic, and therefore must quote correct dogma concerning just how lovely and loving the god of religion is at all times, nevertheless people are traumatized from an early age, and then repeatedly traumatized again and again by those large piles of rotting meat bags. No god of any sort has ever shown a trace of mercy to anyone on this planet, despite those hollow and worthless religious doctrines concerning 'mercy' and 'forgiveness'.

But then religion is just as brutalized and fucked up as everyone else on this planet, it is just that in the case of religion this brutality is expressed in a different way, and religion attacks and brutalizes other people, launching vicious attacks intended to degrade their very humanity, it is just that a bad porno producer does it in one way and some bad priest degrades and attacks everyone in a slightly different way. I can see much in common between that porno producer and that priest for they both deliver the message to the world that a human being is born into this world as a piece of worthless shit.

One other thing I have noticed when considering the bad behavior of that porno producer is that, alas, Adam becomes a rotting meat bag long before he is planted six feet under. Yes, the bloom goes off the rose pretty quick, and now Adam is very bitter. He does love the power play that comes with having money and he loves the results of a system of brutal exploitation that leaves lovely little Adam vulnerable.

It would seem to me that it has always been the intention of God that the human race would sink into some disgusting slime pile. It is interesting to note just how supremely fucked up a human being can become without God, because when you look at what is wrong with them (they are rotting meat bags with no future who have brutalized minds and who then brutalize others) it becomes obvious that the only solution for those people is the Garden of Paradise. It also becomes obvious that religion is no solution at all for godless godforsaken religion just increases the cynicism of the human race and by convincing people that God does not exist, religion makes the problem even more severe.

This would be just one more example of that blind hypocrisy that permeates godforsaken religion, with the ultimate hypocrisy being that religion is a long rejected godforsaken thing, but will never admit it, even if this means plunging the entire human race into pointless suffering and even into the pits of depravity. Some points just can never be made often enough or emphasized enough times, and so let religion take all the time she wants to think things over. Don't be in any rush. Take a few thousand years if you feel that you need it.

I have been thinking things over the last couple of days and it has occurred to me that the wrong solution would be to sick the 'Raging Grannies' after those porn producers. It is also wrong to be sitting around, impatiently tapping my fingers waiting for the infamous Wrath of God. I have been thinking of picking up on my experiment on 'reversing the aging process'. I have not wanted to do this over the last couple of years, since I first began, because I am brutally oppressed, and the idea of doing something like that off in some dark corner is horrifying to me. However since the problem here is that we have these mentally and morally depraved rotting meat bags on the loose on this planet, it might be a good plan to demonstrate to you people just how valuable it is to be New Adam, who went up the mountain of Paradise. It has also occurred to me that if I want to step on the gas pedal and really get some Wrath of God brought down on this planet, being ruthlessly oppressed by you people while I do something that beautiful would be the best way to go about getting what I want. So then some of you I might be able to save from your ruined and depraved mental state and some of you can have the Wrath of God brought down on your unrepentant heads. For you see the Wrath of YAHWEH was being revealed from the heavenly high places against all the wickedness of people down here, who for no other reason than that there were so damned wicked and bad all the time, deliberately kept trying to be oppressors who hid the truth about God, for the truth about God was being made quite clear to them, for it was YAHWEH who was making it clear to them. They would therefore be completely without excuse.