Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Return of Ramon

Back in May, 2007, after being shut down for about two years, Ramon Watkins briefly returned and began filming his glowing craft. The first video has about 18 minutes of Ramon preaching about 'Black Israelite Religion' and then at about the 19 minute mark one of these glowing orbs appears. In the second video he films about half a dozen of these glowing orbs and receives an enthusiastic response from a spectator. I was able to shut down Ramon's operation for about four and a half months by reminding those flying snakes that I will be along for the ride, for all that really matters is that people become aware of what is going on and even one good look at a flying snake would be enough to wake people up. Since flying snakes aren't to interested in waking people up that warning was enough to get rid of those things for another four or five months.

Now, just when I have decided to step on the gas pedal and begin working on that 'Intelligent Design' project once again, and pick up where I left off when I half finished healing my nose, wouldn't you know it, Ramon returns and so do those flying snakes. Well that is a real coincidence. His latest video consists of about 7 minutes of Ramon preaching, and then he includes video of three more of these glowing orbs he managed to shoot in the last few days. According to his preaching, he is being blessed because he intends to preach those six hundred or so prehistoric stone aged Bible laws, those dreadful and awful things. It is for this reason that I tell people that Ramon is filming flying snakes, and those things are not angels at all, for an angel would never destroy the human personality by imposing those horrid Bible laws on anyone. Only some flying fig leaf peddling snake in the garden would do a disgusting thing like that.

Ramon has gone over the top and is predicting that sometime in the next few days he will film a big space ship, soaring over Los Angeles. When he fails to do this, which is the most likely outcome, he will begin to make those ridiculous excuses. I have noticed he already has a two month excuse ready to go, in that he is once again going on a '60 day fast', so every failure for the next two months is already covered, for he can tell those brainwashed followers of his that he is 'fasting' and when the two months run out, he can buy some more time by claiming that he needs to complete a divine project or that he forgot to do something, since he is always forgetting to do something, and so on and so on and so on....

It remains to be seen if that rebellious so called prophet is going to 'get lucky' this time. Sooner or later those flying snakes are going to throw caution to the wind, and Ramon will go on a ruinously destructive roll, and I feel very sorry for anyone who is assaulted by that man, for his followers are like deranged superstitious wrecks.

Ramon has a history of humiliating disasters, and it is typical of Ramon to use the eraser and send his past history into the nether world of cyberspace by hitting the delete button. However Patrick Cooke has refused to let him get away with it that last time he tried to do that, and you can survey the damage left by Ramon's last major fuck up over at Patrick Cooke's expose of Prophet YAHWEH.