Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Iran offers to help out in Iraq

According to IRNA, the official news agency of Iran, the Mullahs in Tehran are once again offering to help out in Iraq, provided that the Americans get out.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said here Sunday that Iran is ready to help American troops leave Iraq if they wish to.

"That's not a new stance; we have repeatedly informed the US party that if its troop pullout from Iraq is based on a definite time-table and schedule and if there is any need for Iran's help, we are ready to assist," said Hosseini in his weekly press briefing.

Hosseini made the remark when asked about Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani's recent announcement that Iran is ready to help the US draw up a time-table for Iraq withdrawal.

Larijani, saying that the US is pursuing a "dead-end strategy" in Iraq, suggested the US party that Iran is willing to help Washington stabilize the situation if it sets a withdrawal timetable.

"If they [Americans] have a clear definition of a timetable we'll help them materialize it," Larijani was quoted saying in an interview with London's Financial Times Monday.

But he added: "If the US is persisting with its mistakes, it shouldn't ask for help from us,".

The trouble with Iraq, he said was that the US had a "dead-end strategy."
The Supreme National Security Council secretary also suggested that both the US Democratic party and the British government were getting it right in Iraq.

The Democrats' push for a timetable for withdrawal "seems to be logical," he said, and the British were "more intelligent than the Americans", having made the "necessary adjustments" and retreated to Basra airport.

The liberals and the liberal middle of the road type churches and some leftist types in America have adopted as their policy 'let's give Iraq to those Mullahs in Tehran.' They never actually come right out with it and say that this is their policy, but it is obvious that it is their policy, for an American withdrawal from Iraq will result in giving Iraq to those Islamic Mullahs in Tehran. It is for this reason that when I listen to those church ministers and those liberals they are always pointing out just what a bunch of really nice guys those Mullahs are and that they are not tyrants at all, but rather they are the kind of people we can talk turkey with. You see, if the American people find out that they gave Iraw to those mullahs they would be pissed off, but they might be less pissed off about it once they find out just what a nice bunch of fellas those mullahs really are. Thus the propaganda drive of those liberals and leftist types to polish an apple for those mullahs in Tehran.

It has been said that politics makes for strange bedfellows, and this would be one more example of the same sort of thing, for anyone who is familiar with the mullah would know that the first thing they do when they seize power is they hand out machine guns to Islamic fanatics who then line up liberals against the wall and go "rat a tat a tat", for if there is one thing a backwards prehistoric Islamic mullah just hates it is someone with a liberal attitude towards life. Fortunately the American liberal has an ocean and a couple of continents separating them from those Islamic mullahs and so they are safe and can become chums with those mullahs without worrying about taking a bullet, like all those Iranian liberals took a bullet. As for our liberal middle of the road church ministers, I have noticed that they never look to the people of Iran, but rather they look to the ruling Mullahs. This is understandable because if a liberal or leftist type were to look to the people of Iran they would find a people who have, for a very long time, wanted nothing more than to get rid of those gun toting Mullahs, and that would make for poor propaganda. Therefore the people of Iran will become nonentities, and as for the people of Iraq, well they can get stuck with those Iranian Mullahs as well, and as we know from the example of Iran, they will be stuck with those Mullahs for one hell of a long time, for there is nothing harder to do than to get rid of some gun toting stone aged religious fanatic. Just ask the people of Iran.

It is obvious that "American Imperlialism" is heading towards a show down with those Mullahs in Tehran, and it is also very obvious that "American Imperialism" will agree to give Iraq to those Islamic Mullahs in Tehran when pigs fly. No, Americans will bleed in Iraq until hell freezes over tens times colder than Antartica before that ever happens. Therefore those liberals who want to give Iraq to those Mullahs in Tehran are pursuing a dead end strategy, because that will never, ever happen.

One of the the cartoons I follow, Get Your War On published a panel in March of 2007, commenting on the provocative statements coming out of Tehran, which read "Does President Ahmadinejad actually want us to invade Iran? He's sure acting like it." The other character replies, "I can't tell. Maybe he's just fucking around because he's bored-the diplomatic equivalent of sticking frogs in a microwave."