Thursday, October 4, 2007

Original Sin (?)

I feel the need to emphasize a few simple points.

Let us consider an example of a bad system, we could even call this system an ‘originally sinful system.’ Capitalism is a system where all power is concentrated in a few hands. It is a type of economic fascism based upon the boss principle and is the antithesis of democracy. Furthermore it is a system based upon dog eat dog competition between people, rather than cooperation. Therefore everything tends to sink to the lowest common denominator. It only takes one sociopath to create a society where everyone is forced to become a sociopath. It only takes one Ted Bundy to start a trend. If Ted goes to China to enslave desperate peasants at 35 cents an hour, then Ted’s competitors must enslave peasants. The alternative is to be run out of business by Ted Bundy and go bankrupt.

Currently the GM workers are losing their pension benefit rights, health care is under attack, and GM is intent on dumping higher page workers using buyouts so they can pay new hires wages sliced in half. This is understandable since Ted went to China and is now pumping millions of cheap bastard autos onto the competition markets of the world. Whether slashing GM workers to the bone will do any long term good remains the question. GM has already shrunk from over half a million to just 80,000 workers, and perhaps it might become necessary for GM to sack every last American and then move to China and start enslaving Chinese to keep up with Ted Bundy.

We live in post-religious society. There are those who still carry around in their minds the toxic remnants of decayed religious doctrine. There are those who believe that the problems at a place at GM are caused by originally sinful pig humans. It is a moral problem and if the management at GM were morally responsible they would not be attacking pensions, health care and wages. Obviously they are all bastards. The truth is that the people at GM could be just wonderful people, when they are not on the job, but these wonderful people will slip on the devil suit when they go to work in the morning and they will act like sociopaths for the day, as they participate in a very bad system which requires everyone to act like Ted, the trendsetter.

When people live under bad systems, it is impossible for people to ‘do good’. When it is impossible for people to do what is good, and all that they can do is what is bad, this creates the illusion that the religious doctrine of ‘original sin’ is correct. This then thoroughly screws up the thinking of people, and because they become deceived and believe that a human being is born evil, they become demoralized and soon they don’t give a damn and don’t even bother anymore. Like lemmings they will plunge over the cliff into ruin, with a conviction in their hearts that ruin is inevitable and nothing can be done. The doctrine of ‘original sin’ deceives them and they do not understand that flaws of bad systems and they become fatalistic and just accept their ruinous fate. Either that or they park themselves in place in bad systems, hopefully in some comfortable spot, and then rationalize it all by becoming cynical and just assuming that given how damned evil humanity is by birth this is the best of all possible worlds under the circumstances.

We can see then that the purpose of our ancestral religious doctrine was to facilitate the activity of Ted Bundy, for Ted is a nobody. Ted is not ‘a very powerful man’. Ted relies upon bad systems and the purpose of our religion was always to help out Ted by confusing the minds of the human race so that they would become ignorant and no longer recognize the truth about bad systems. Religion existed only to protect the status quo, even though that meant protecting Ted, and this is no surprise for religion rose up to supreme power and became part of that status quo which needed to be protected. For this reason the doctrines of religion became perverse attacks intended to deceive the human race. Religion became the ‘Anti-Moses’ and was just determined that the human race would never achieve liberation and that the salvation of the world would never come. Because religion is hostile to saving the world, heaven was invented, for only in heaven would everything turn out right and just and good, while down on earth we would be forever bogged down in sin and evil, with religion making damn sure it stayed that way by propping up the status quo and those bad systems that force good people to do bad things while at the same time making those fucked religious doctrines appear to be one of the daughters of philosophy.