Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Fall of Adam

Religious people have this doctrine describing the 'Fall of Adam' and the expulsion from Paradise in the Garden of Eden. Strangely enough, religious people do not have a doctrine concerning picking themselves up out of the dirt into which they fell by returning to Eden. This is probably because religious people are addicted to the fig leaf and is there anything holier or more sacred to a religious person than the divine fig leaf. Conversely is there anything filthier to a religious person than the thought of naked Adam with no fig leaf. According to that satire of religion we are told that before the people were trained by the snake to become 'wise like God' they were nakedly human and they had no shame. Shame only came after that snake tricked them into eating that poisoned apple in the center of the Garden, which symbolizes religion. Apparently religious people still believe that snake and think that they are learning 'the knowledge of good and evil' by studying 'sacred scripture' when actually they are just becoming very fucked up. It is for this reason that religious people have decided to remain in their fallen state and if they see anything that looks the least bit like the naked human without any sexual shame they go on the attack.

I know something about 'the Garden of Eden' and I also know something about how when you listen to the snake of religion suddenly you fall and you wind up getting bounced out of the Garden. I haven't told this story before, but you see, I was only in Paradise for a couple of months before I did the Adam thing myself, got tricked by a snake, and then got bounced out of Paradise.

I do not know why this happened but somehow the idea of some snake got into my head about two months after I came down from that mountain in Paradise in Banff, and I started to think to myself that this God was that same fig leaf peddling snake we read about in the Bible. The idea was so horrible to me and it filled me with such revulsion that one evening when one of these bright luminous craft I tell people about once again visited me in Melville, Saskatchewan, I announced that I never wanted to see one of those things again. Go away, I told them, as I proceeded to kick myself out of the Garden. No one threw me out. I tossed myself out.

It was three years before I came back, and during that three years I somehow managed to make my mind go blank so that I was able to forget that I was even on the mountain in Banff. Even after I returned three years later I still found myself locked into a very long battle with left over religion and those deceitful fig leaf peddling snakes.

I have no idea how this happened. Let us just say that those snakes are sneaky creatures. There really isn't much to be said for the ideas of some snake. It certainly did not do religion much good, for as we know religion is infamous for having no god of any sort, and it has been that way for one hell of a long time. It is obvious that religion listens to that fig leaf peddling snake as you can tell by those holy and sacred fig leafs religion peddles on behalf of that snake, for like me, somehow religion was tricked into thinking that perhaps that snake might be a very real god. This then leads to the fall and the expulsion from Paradise, which then means that humanity will spend ages of time struggling with question 'does God exist', for when you have that fig leaf peddling snake as your god, it means you don't have a god at all, thus making the idea of God very controversial for that very reason. If religious people had a god there would be no controversy but they don't have one, and so there is controversy for that very reason. It just logically follows. It is also good that no mercy or compassion is ever extended to religious people and that they must drop dead to find out if there is a God, for if they had a god in this life it would encourage religion rather than discouraging the practice until finally religion collapses into ruins, as it has finally been doing in our time.

I suppose that here we can see the key difference between myself and religion, in that when religion gets kicked out of the Garden, they plan never to return, and instead set as their highest goal the escape from their filthy and shameful naked flesh by taking refuge in becoming a purified ghost in heaven, whereas I have never ceased in my struggle to get back into that Garden. I know something about Gardens, and I know something about getting tricked by snakes and then being expelled from Gardens. I had everything, yes, I had it all, and it was that religion which destroyed me and left me with a heap of ruins and left me struggling for years to recover and pick up the shattered pieces. This is no plan of salvation being preached by our godless long neglected religion, which is the correct explanation for why it has been true that God really did exist but no one ever knew this was true because they had all this godless and rejected religion which was responsible for the Fall and the expulsion from Paradise.