Friday, October 26, 2007

Stating the Obvious

The following page shows a map of the national boundaries of the American Indian Nations that once existed before these nations were conquered and depopulated by Bible believing American Christians who were obeying the orders of God and doing the Lord’s work. Map of American Indian Nations

It is a myth that America was a wide open and empty country just waiting for people to finally come and establish a nation on this so called ‘virgin territory’. The truth is that American Indians were not wild jungle bunnies roaming around in the savage state. This is the convenient fiction cooked up by people who were on the wrong side of a mass genocide, and as you can tell by reading the Bible, such people always resort that bit about jungle bunnies in Africa or primitive cave men in America to justify their holy wars. In truth the American Indian Nation on the east coast, as one example, had a federal structure, and consisted of a number of relatively autonomous states as well as one central national capital.

Where are these nations now? You see a lot of black people in America, since no one ever got around to killing off their slaves, but Native Americans are almost invisible. What happened to these nations? If we were to ask, ‘where did they go?’ the answer would be that they went into mass graves which are now hidden and forgotten and scattered all over the United States. When tens of millions of people are wiped out their corpses must be disposed of somewhere, and simple common sense tells us that these nations are now six feet under, except for the few surviving descendants of those who no one got around to killing at the time.

Americans might not know this, but Adolph Hitler was a great admirer of 19th century American Indian policy. He modeled the Waffen SS upon such murderous outfits as the Texas Rangers. He referred to the Russian and Slavic peoples as ‘Germany’s Indians’ and he fully planned a genocidal slaughter, modeled after the American experiment, since to Hitler, that seemed to be the best possible solution because it would leave the invading Germans with as few problems later on as Americans have. You see, when you commit genocide, you have few problems later because there is no left behind to give you a problem. This is common sense wisdom which American Christians could learn about by reading the word of some god or another as found in that most sacred of documents, the Holy Bible of those Bible believing American Christians who were the ancestors of today’s average American.

If you want to trace back to the root cause of American Indian policy, you will find that this policy is actually a sacred commandment of God, found in the Bible. This cannot be a coincidence, for as we know after wiping out another big pile of those American Indians, our devout ancestors had not trouble covering the land with those churches of theirs, where people went to hear all about how they might, just maybe, go to heaven when they are dead, although no one was one hundred percent sure about the idea, what with there being no god around to speak of. However better safe than sorry, especially when you were as up to your neck in evil all the time as those Christians were throughout history. Consider church attendance to be a form of fire insurance for self identified sinners who just wanted that extra bit of protection after they dropped dead, you know, just in case maybe there actually was a god.

This never stopped them from sinning, as you can tell by their genocidal massacres, and the Bible also commanded them to invade far away lands, so our Christian ancestors had no problem plundering and looting what today we refer to as the ‘impoverished third world’. None of this was a sin because it was all commanded by some god’s word as found in the most sacred documents that some small meeting of priests voted upon in the fourth century (as well as a small cabal of rabbis who held a similar preliminary vote in the first century). These two votes sealed the matter and now we have a god’s word for sure, as you can tell by how they voted and then they counted the votes, thus leaving us with the rock solid assurance that we do in fact have a god’s word and a god’s advice and a god’s policies because it was all voted upon and this settled the matter of creating our ‘sacred scriptures’ forever and ever and ever, amen.

For those who are unfamiliar with a god’s word, the following is a brief synopsis of the biblical basis for America’s 19th century Indian policy. It really is impossible to understand history correctly without having a good background in religion since the connections that exist between voting and the disasters we are left to deal with today are just unmistakable.

"The land you are invading is foul because of the filthiness of the natives. Their land is filled with filth from end to end because of the foulness of the natives.'" Ezra 9:10 "The lord your god has given you this land as your own. All your fighting men must take up arms and march." Deut. 3:18 "The lord your god himself will go over before you; he will destroy these nations before you, so that you shall take their land.” Deut. 31:3 "Annihilate the nations you are dispossessing and make your home in their country." Deut. 12:29 "Put the inhabitants to the slaughter without giving any quarter and burn their town down." Deut. 13:15 “Their sons invaded and conquered the land and humbled the natives when you gave into their hands the natives of the land to be treated just as they pleased." Neh 9 "Put the men to the sword, but the women and all the spoil you may take as booty. This is how you are to deal with far away lands. But in the lands that nearby you must not spare a living soul." Deut. 20:10 “Kill all the natives of the land. You must not leave a single one alive.” Joshua

Now thanks to ‘Jesus Christ’ it was required that every Christian make damn sure to get all those things done, for as that right wing fundamentalist, ‘Jesus’, taught those people, there was not damned way he wanted anyone to think that he had come to criticize those six hundred rotten Bible laws. No, rather he came to ruthlessly enforce those maniacal laws, and it turns out that ‘Jesus’ was such a fanatical fundamentalist that he was not going to let so much as one dot over one letter ‘i’ get past him until he got every last one of those sacred bible laws fully completed and done.

It is stating the obvious to remind people that all these disasters we confront today because of the religious lunacy of our ancestors can all be traced back to the dreadful influence of that great heavenly sage, the king of the philosophers, ‘Jesus Christ’, who when he was not advising old women to cut the clits off of adolescent girls or advising teenage boys who jerk off to cut off their jerk off hand and burn it in a fire, and maybe gouge their eyeballs out if they cannot stop looking at such things as bare bums, yes, when that greatest thinker of all time, ‘Jesus Christ’, was not ruthlessly bullying everyone about sex , he was stirring up massacre and genocide. You see, ‘Jesus Christ’ was a fundamentalist hawk of the extreme religious right, and we know that, because those documents were voted on they received the most votes. That settles the matter right there. We now have ‘Holy Scripture’. Therefore when Christians went around trashing the planet and plunging entire swaths of the globe into extreme dire poverty or just slaughtering whole nations they were just doing what they were told to do by ‘Jesus Christ’, that god made flesh, for it was ‘Jesus’ in those gospels who told those people they had to do every single damned one of those right wing hawk bible laws.

It is pretty obvious that our ancestors really were authentically devout Bible believing Christians, who, while they killed time waiting to drop dead so that they could finally find out for sure if there was a god, always made sure to do the god’s word in the bible, so that they could carry some fire insurance with them to the other side of the grave, just in case maybe it turned out that there really was a god, since as we know, one of the great controversies in any truly Christian culture is that endless debate over whether or not that god of the dead actually exists.

Yes, we have ‘Holy Scripture’, and you can sure tell just how well that voting turned out, and not just because you have the dogmatic word of that church that it did turn out right, but also by confirming that church dogma, doing so by admiring all the many splendid results and all those gifts left to the world by our ancestors, those lovely bible believing Christians, and their legacy of lovely good deeds.. Little more needs to be said about than that, since to say much more would be to once again be stating the obvious, since apparently that can never be done enough times, and always has to be done over and over and over again.

These also reel with wine and stagger with strong drink; the priest and the prophet reel with strong drink, they are confused with wine, they stagger with strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in giving judgment. All tables are covered with filthy vomit; no place is clean.