Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ramon and the Airforce

On his blog Ramon Watkins has continued to post more of those videos of his. On October 17th he posted another video of one of those long cigar shaped craft, and on October 18th he posted a video of a circular glowing ball. Unfortunately he continues to preach about how his god is a super powered black human who drives a UFO and he also continues to preach that historical falsehood concerning how Black Americans 'of slave descent' once 'ruled the world' until they stopped following those 600 stone aged Bible laws, at which time they were sent into slavery to punish them until they learned to follow those prehistoric superstitions once again. Fortunately, Ramon is only working on YouTube right now, since he cannot tolerate being humiliated in public when he calls for some space craft and then gets dumped while some deeply skeptical crowd is watching that sorry performance.

As bad as Ramon's preaching is (in particular that part about how most of humanity will deep fried in a lake of fire for not doing those worthless stone aged Bible laws) there might still be some value in what he is doing here, especially since he can cause little harm while he is being safely contained on the YouTube channel. I am hoping that those folks over at Nellis Air Force Base, which is parked right next door to where Ramon lives, are watching while he pursues that hobby of his.

If you watch a Ramon video it might give you some idea of what I mean when I tell people to 'come and watch the dancing angels.' One of the differences between myself and Ramon is that I only go out at night, and so the results are more spectacular than what Ramon manages to film during the daytime. I also have this ability to engage in a form of long distance communication, in that the object becomes very brilliant for a time, to indicate 'YES'. This used to happen evevy single night, over and over again during the night, as part of an ongoing conversation. One of the problems with this form of communication is that a person is required to already know a great deal so that they can ask the right questions. This has not been happening for the last couple of months since apparently I am finished with that 'prophecy' business, for if there was something that needed to be said, they would certainly be working with me to make sure that I said it.

Last night the dancing angel showed up twice, and this was after an absence of four days, since the last time they showed up was early Monday morning when two of them showed up simultaneously, so at the present time I am pretty much performing without a net. To get to the point here, anyone who is wondering what I mean when I speak about 'watching the dancing angel' could watch some of those Ramon videos and get some kind of an idea of what I mean, and so perhaps those videos might serve some kind of a useful purpose in that way as well. With Ramon you always have to take the good with the bad, with the bad being that dreadful preaching of that ruthless superstition known as 'Black Israelite Religion'.