Monday, December 3, 2007

Religious Freedom

As I have been contemplating the dreadful punishment inflicted upon religious people by their ruthlessly silent God over the ages of time, I have been thinking that maybe 'religious freedom' is not such a great idea. What you wind up with is a moron, such as is the human being, or so it would seem, quarreling with God about dogma, and when that happens, you wind up with godless and godforsaken religion with no God and in the place of God we are granted religious freedom. There is the trade off described in a nut shell.

While I am filled with dread when I contemplate just how terrible God can be, this is tempered by my admiration for the justice of God. Religion, let them have it. Certainly a person would think that perhaps it might be possible to have a reasonable discussion concerning this precious dogmas of religion, and it might be possible to point out to religious people that God is God and a human being is, in comparison, just a low grade moron, and therefore there is no need to quarrel with God about dogma or attempt to justify dogma, for what is the point. However, when that does not work, and people invent religion instead, the correct solution is the solution chosen by God. Religion, let them have it. Oh, YAHWEH God, grant them religious freedom.

If we study the religious freedom of the Christian religion we can see that it is true that you do not want to blaspheme God by comparing God to a genocidal Hitler, as is the case in the so called 'holy' Bible. We can also make note of the dreadful disaster that took place that resulted in all those dead North American Native populations, one of the consequences of being a 'bible believing Christian'. Apparently when people are granted religious freedom, and they are left to their own evil devices for a long enough time, sooner or later it gets to the point where there is no longer any point in defending their dogmatism, for their own conduct will eventually condemn them thoroughly, which will then condemn their dogma. God wins the argument at the end of it all. However should a godless and godforsaken Christian wish to continue the argument, which I am sure they will, then I would suggest that they begin defending 'the word of some god' by defending the Bible their ancestors wrote and then voted for as being 'the word of some god', by defending the genocide against the North American Indians. When they are through justifying that behavior then perhaps they can explain the long dark night of the soul, and they can justify the blasphemy of that so called 'holy bible'. This should keep them busy, and if they finish justifying themselves on these two simple points, then perhaps we could say that they were justified and that God was not, since God was proven to be a cruel and unreasonable bastard and treated Christians unjustly when God told them to take a wild guess as to whether or not God existed, and then to drop dead before they would ever find out the final answer to that controversial question which has always dogged any truly Christian culture.