Saturday, December 15, 2007

High Priest

I have made up my mind not to harass the Vatican or the Catholic Church any more. I think enough has been said, and I have been shocking enough to satisfy God's desire to send someone real shocking to the Vatican and to the Catholic Church, therefore, enough is enough.

However I did want to make one last point. Who is this Pope? This Pope is the High Priest, and he is wearing a filthy robe and he has a filthy turban upon his head.

Now someone might ask what it is that I say that the Pope is wearing a filthy turban on his head. Such a question would leave me frustrated, but I can well imagine that someone might ask such a question since apparently the people on this planet are easily baffled. They just don't use any simple common sense, and as a result of this bad practice, they have become quite stupid concerning the things of God. Somehow they failed to see the dirty turban. What is so shocking to me is that the turban is dirty and its plain to see. How could people be so incurably consistently stupid?

Now let us consider one of the favorite topics of the Popes. Really old church fathers from the first four centuries. The Golden Age, you might say. It was so close to the source of it all. Not like today, no, it was close and not far, far away as it is today. It is that closeness that gives these glorious centuries that golden glow.

Let us put aside golden glows for a moment and start thinking straight for a change. Consider the Bible. Now consider God. Yes, God, apparently, so people say, is supposed to take complete and full credit for the Bible. That is what people sometimes say, and they used to say it more often when there was more people saying it, as was the case with ancestors who said such things all the time and in such overwhelming numbers. God has never been known to say such things. God has never been known to say anything at all. There are those who would say God said something. You will just have to take their word for it. God never says something to everyone, so that, finally, at long last, it could be said that God said something and there would be nothing to argue about later because, you see, everyone knew that God said something. This was followed by silence. There was nothing to dispute and so there was no dispute. We conclude that when there is a dispute that means that, obviously, God had not settled that dispute. God as we know, says nothing at all. God shows no mercy.

It is for this reason that we have the Bible. We need the Bible because we must give up all hope of ever hearing even a single word from the mouth of God. God is pitiless.

Now let us open this Bible, and when we do, if we are showing some simple common sense, we will notice that the sacred table is covered with vomit and filth is everywhere. Pits and traps and deadly snares mark the path. As I said, one must open a Bible to confirm that what I am saying is the truth. The truth is obvious. There is no divine mystery here. The truth about the Bible is hard to miss. It is blasphemous in the sight of God.

Now once again I feel the need to review certain facts about the Bible, just in case someone wants to quarrel with me about the turban, and now the Bible, as I say, all covered with vomit, so that nothing remains clean. I am sure that there are those who might want to quarrel with me about that one. So let us review and make the point plain.

Kill all the women and kill every little boy, but keep the virgins for yourselves.

That one comes from the book of Numbers. Now given that I have already conducted a recent review of such material in my lecture notes, I do not feel the need to carry on about it all again right now. Besides, it sickens my stomach to think about it all. I would like to try to forget.

At this point I will assume that students have their lecture notes, and thus are able to review for themselves more examples of the dreadful blasphemies found in the Bible.

We might compare the Bible to Mein Kampff. Both documents were written by maniacs with a similar genocidal agenda, who were planning to wage wars of extermination so that they might plunder and conquer.

Now let us assume that from time to time, the King turns out to be a maniacal bastard. As we know, that does happen from time to time. It is just one of those things that you know must happen every now and then when you have a King. Such a King would find the Bible to be quite useful. Here we are assuming that this King who liked the Bible, and decided to make it some kind of royal book in his kingdom, and for all kingdoms to come, did so because the King and God had the same agenda. The general idea here was that the King would go out and do all the stuff written down in the Bible, because the King was working together with God on that project, you see.

Something like this must have happened and this explains how we would up getting the bible, and not some holy book like people theorized we were supposed to be getting from God, to make up for the fact that God was pissed off, and thus not on face to face speaking terms with any human being on earth.

Someone might wonder just how pissed off God could get because God was given full copyright ownership over that literary production we call the Holy Bible. Now we know that our ancestors had the Bible and they had no God. Little more needs to be said.

Now what we wound up with was some book covered the most offensive vomit, and this book was voted into existence by the Church Fathers. Apparently there must have been something wrong with their heads. They actually gave God the middle finger and just went right ahead and canonized the Bible. This did this even though they themselves knew that the Bible was not just a little bad. The Bible was polluted with unadulterated wickedness of the very vilest sort.

The best thing that could be said about a church father is that they were about as stupid as anyone else on this planet. They were idiotic when it came to things of God. This is the best thing that we could say, and the worst thing that we could say, I don't want to say. It sickens me just thinking about it. I would rather not.

Now to return to my previous point, and give it some more emphasis, I will once again insist that it is obvious that the Pope must be wearing a filthy turban, because he has the Bible, and that doesn't bother him to much, not enough to give the thing a good toss. He also has the Church Fathers, and believes those rosy days so long ago were some kind of Golden Age, even though, as we can easily tell, back in those days people went around routinely puking their vomit onto Bibles, and then, our ancestors became like dogs returning to their puke, and they decided to eat that pile of puke just like dogs eat their own puke, and so they voted on that vomit and raised it up to the status of sacred canon. Keep in mind that this is particularly filthy vomit, the worst kind. It is obvious that the Pope is wearing a very filthy turban. He also fails to see properly. In this he is much like anyone else, as far as I can tell. They can't see. Their High Priest can't see. Everyone is blind. They are the blind following the blind.

Out of all the sons she gave birth to, she could not find even one who was able to guide her. They all led her astray.

They gave us the Bible. YAHWEH is God. That was a mistake.

I thought I might address one complaint that this Pope has, as far as it concerns me. Why am I not like the holy men, asks the Pope. Now it was appropriate for Saint Joe to go into the monastery and live a sober life of quiet reflection and prayer, and thus earn for himself the reputation as being someone who would do something like that. You see, Saint Joe was an exile living in exile. The God of Saint Joe was a pitiless son of a bitch, who had given Saint Joe that same message God gave everyone in those days "Fuck you, Joe,' said God. "Drop dead, Joe,' said God.

This whole business of being an exile, and thus going into deep and humble prayers and hymn singing, these things I know nothing about. I am like David. You won't find me in a monastery because I have never had any reason to be found in such a place. I do not know the exile. My God is not far away. My God is close at hand. I do not behave like Saint Joe. I have no reason to mourn. My thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways. Nor should they be. We come from two different worlds. Never can these two worlds meet. The One would annihilate the other. The God of the Dead will cease to exist. The God of the Living will come.