Saturday, December 15, 2007

God raises the middle finger

Throughout human history, as far as we can tell, just about any monstrous thing could happen to a human being, and no one could ever expect any mercy from God, nor could there ever find any hope for salvation or deliverance from the wicked who were destroying them. Not in this world. They could be run down by the Hun or women and little children could be hacked to death by Ghengis Khan, among so many other dreadful and sickening things, those sorry ends that so very many sorry people came to and for such a very very long long time.

If God exists then we know that whenever we see human suffering that tell us that it must be true that God is a ruthless son of a bitch. The alternative hypothesis would be that God does not exist, for if there was a God, and a God was seen to tolerate even the most sickening acts of wickedness, this would be better interpreted as evidence that no God exists, for if there was a God how could this have happened?

After long ages of time have gone past, religious gives birth to atheism.

How do we interpret what we have seen? Now, for some reason when people think about God, they never use any common sense. They can be sensible dealing with each other, but when it comes to God, they become quite stupid, perhaps it might not be to far off the mark to even say that they become totally brainless, for some strange reason.

Now let's suppose that you have a friend, or at least you thought you had a friend, and your family was being slowly butchered by a maniac, they were getting picked off one at a time, and your so called friend knew all about this, was in a position to intervene, and yet, you discovered, your friend did nothing. I think most people would feel very pissed off about this matter, and I think they would get some kind of message about that friend of theirs. Apparently, that friend of yours said fuck you to you and fuck you to your entire family, too.

We should show some common sense and recognize the fact that God is like the false friend in the parable above, and the message of God for all of humanity for thousands of years was 'fuck you and fuck your family, too.'

Now, someone might ask, 'why would God be telling the human race to go fuck themselves for a few thousands years?' My answer would have to be that a few thousands years would be about how long it would take for God to tell the human race to fuck off and then, finally, have the human race accept that God had told them to fuck off, the reason being that after having been told to fuck right off so many times finally the message got through.

This then is the true divine message of God : Fuck you, and fuck all your religions, too. Yes, fuck them and fuck them yet again, says God, until finally they are royally thoroughly fucked. You are doomed, says God, and fuck you if you don't like it, you fucking little collection of bastards.

Having received a message from God as bad as that one, and having received so consistently for such a very long time, it then follows that whoever should still be stubborn about religion and willing to quarrel with God about it, gets what they deserve. You see, once again, if we use simple common sense when dealing with the things of God, we would know that God is going to be supremely pissed off if that thousands of years thing didn't work. It then just follows that God will then attempt to get it all done in an afternoon. This would not be something you would want, and you should see that, and maybe you would see that if you would bring to mind just what a miserable ruthless son of a bitch God has been.

There has been no salvation and no deliverance in this world. We can conclude that all religious doctrines of salvation and deliverance are discredited. They have been disowned by God for as we know God offers no salvation and no deliverance from evil. There are those proclaim a God of good fortune, who favors the few. However whatever small favors God gives to the few are taken away soon enough when they find themselves surrounded by evil. The days will be evil, and evil will prevail on the earth for a very long time, and God will do nothing.

God offers no salvation. Only religion does that. We can conclude that religion is rebellion against God, for what God so persistently and stubbornly refuses to do, and what God does most consistently, never wavering from that singular purpose, that very thing is the thing that religion is found to be doing. Religion does what God does not. What God does, religion does not do. These two are in opposition to each other.

It is for this reason that God has sent to speak to religion someone as notoriously rude and disorderly as myself. This is what is known as a point of emphasis. God wants to emphasize that previous point, the one about not wanting to participate in any religion. Therefore God has chosen to emphasize the point about not liking religion by making damn sure to send religion someone they really won't like. Someone deeply shocking to them. Someone like me.

That is step one. Step two is another one of those points of emphasis I mentioned previously. That's the step where, even though it wasn't supposed to happen, God then appeared and made that same damnable point over again, this time with special emphais, thus ensuring that enough emphasis got put onto that point so as to, hopefully, this time, after such a fucking long, long time, finally, at long last that point of emphasis got made.

Hopefully that will be the end of it, and there will be no more quarreling with God and forcing God to make another one of those points of emphasis. As we know so very well from our past experiences with God, it has never been a problem for God to toss even millions and millions of people into the jaws of wickedness. This sort of thing happens all the time, and so therefore, if we were to once again use simple common sense, we would draw the conclusion that it probably wouldn't be much of a problem next Tuesday, nor would it be a problem on the fifth of June six years ago or six years from now.