Thursday, December 13, 2007

The High Places

Probably no people in the world have been more revolutionary throughout long recorded history than the Chinese people. The history of China is the history of one revolution followed by another followed by another going back far into history. That most recent revolution when the Chinese people ran off after that Chairman Mao can only be understood within the context of the long history of China, since the Mao revolution was not some kind of historical first, but rather it was one of a long line of such revolutions in China, and it is also interesting for how it parallels the previous revolutions in China. What would happen is that the Chinese people would have a revolution, and then they would build up the High Places and the next thing you know they would be brutally oppressed by the Manchu dynasty. It is a common characteristic of Chinese revolutions that they would become convinced that the problem was not that they were building the high places and then offering their sacrifices and worship there, but rather the problem was that they needed somebody else up on that high place, such as a Manchu or perhaps a Chairman Mao. Then everything would be fine. Remarkably, no matter how many times they repeated that pattern of behavior they never seemed to be able to come to the conclusion that a high place is not a good place to be offering sacrifices nor should people be found worshiping at the high places. You might want to try that experiment of changing the oppressor at the top a few times and then perhaps, one might think, the human race would begin to grasp the elementary concept and learn that what is required is not a pyramid structure but rather a flat horizontal structure, for otherwise they will find themselves enslaved and building up those pyramids for some ambitious wannabe Pharoah.

You see those High Places everywhere, and it would appear that one of the functions of religion throughout history was to ensure that people did not wander off but would in fact be encouraged generation after generation to learn absolutely zero from accumulated human experience with those high places. We are told in some gospel that this 'Jesus' told his disciples that they were not to build up the High Places. "You must not call anyone on earth 'Father'", he told them, 'for you have only one Father, who is God." The term 'father' is used to indicate a type of patriarchal authority figure and so we can see that what this 'Jesus' was telling his disciples was that they were not to create a hierarchical church structure ruled over by the Pope, who, as we all know, is also referred to as 'the Holy Father', while even the most junior grade priest at that church is referred to as 'father', an indication of the authority invested in even some junior grade priest as compared to 'the laity'.

As that 'Jesus' told his disciples, "you know that among the heathen nations their rulers lord it over them and those who are considered great and powerful among them are thought as being 'benefactors', but it must not be like that among you, for the greatest among you will be like a servant." One of the common themes of the Vatican is to encourage people to turn to the High Places while at the same time encouraging the Pharaoh on top at that high place to behave like a benefactor, thus helping to keep that whole scam going for another generation, by encouraging people to learn nothing from accumulated history but rather to continue to think of high places as being good places and any problems encountered there would then be the fault of a bad Fu Manchu. This sort of delusional thinking can only be encouraged if Pharoah takes the advice of some Pope or some preacher and agrees to behave like a benefactor, thus lulling the human race to sleep so that no one will begin to think that perhaps the problem was not to be found in the occasional Fu Manchu but rather the problem might be that there was this High Place, you see, and so therefore Fu Manchu was able to get away with murder since he was able to punch all those buttons and push all those levers which had been so generously donated to Fu and which Fu Manchu would require if he was to do his thing up on that High Place built for him by the human race.

Now as we can tell that Catholic Church is really no church at all, and really, when you consider the stark naked hypocrisy of that outfit, devoted as it is to the High Places in general (even though the Vatican is quite capable of attacking Fu Manchu, which is lauded by mobs as a sign of moral values, when actually the truth of the matter is that it is required that Fu Manchu be attacked if the sanctity of the High Places is to be preserved since it is required that the human race remain utterly stupid and ignorant if the High Places are to survive, and so therefore it is very important to attack Fu Manchu so that the Chinese peasants will then place Mao on the high place at which time they will be found living in a kind of ideal paradise from that time on because they had Father Mao rather than Stepdad Fu as their Pharaoh.)

The problem is not however restricted to the Catholic Church, although in the case of the Catholic Church the rancid hypocrisy is exposed in its most naked form (here I am referring to all that bullshit about communing in the bodily presence of that 'jesus' who apparently wanted to appear in the form of a snack cracker, and carrying on about 'preaching the gospel' and lots of that exorbitant piety so characteristic of both Pharisees and Catholic priests, combined with not giving a damn about what that 'Jesus' had to say, because, you see, they are just going to damn well do it anyways regardless, and as for that bastard Jesus, he can take his advice and stuff it up his own ass, because, you see, a joint like the Vatican is just not going to be doing what he said. They just won't, period. End of story. Just not going to happen. Quite the contrary really.)

In the case of that Roman Catholicism what we have is an outfit that is so atrociously rebellious and hypocritical that, quite frankly, given the serious break with the apostolic tradition we see manifested in the behavior of such a mob of gangster Pharisees, it is very hard to imagine how such an outfit could even be called a church in any proper sense of the term. However the problem is not only a Catholic problem, for although we see a little less of that stark naked hypocrisy in Protestant denominations, in that they sensibly ditched the Pope some centuries back, nevertheless all those Protestants did was to follow the traditional line of reasoning, and they did the typical Chinese thing, for they dumped Fu Manchu, the Pope, and now they are found visiting such High Places as the United Nations and will found making all their sacrifices and offerings there in the presence of Pharaohs, since, apparently, according to that line of reasoning, if you are having a problem getting anything at all done for the sake of humanity by appealing to your home Pharaoh, the logical solution is to appeal to a big pile of Pharaohs. Perhaps it is a numbers game. I don't know. About all that I can say for sure is that a study of history and when we consider results we can see that encouraging people to make one appeal and one sacrifice and offering and give up multiple acts of worship to multiple Pharaohs does not work and does not produce results any better than just offering all those sacrifices and offerings and worship at home to some home Pharaoh. You can see clear examples of this sort of thing when multiple Pharaohs agreed to halve child poverty by the year 2000, in response to many offerings and sacrifices offered up to the multiple Pharaohs by churches and NGO outfits, and then when the year 2000 came along it turned out that child malnourishment had actually doubled during the time frame of that supposed project, which is the polar opposite of being cut in half. As for not getting rid of it altogether, but just cutting child starvation in half, and taking a few decades to get around to doing it, one must suppose that even those who offer sacrifices to multiple Pharaohs at one great big and very, very High High Place, do understand that getting anything at all out of some Pharaoh on some high place is next to impossible, as history and the current resultant state of the world so clearly demonstrate, so therefore it would be best to be less ambitious.

Now good hearted people might want to pitch in and help out, and so there will always be a place for those worthless charitable donations, which as we know are only good for show, say, for example, in saving a fraction of one percent of the world's millions of hungering and neglected street orphans who have become the victims of late term abortions. As bad as the idea is of encouraging private charitable donations as a panacea for having Fu Manchu on some High Place, nevertheless it is still encouraged for good hearted people cannot do much else for their ancestors built up the High Places and now, as good hearted people know, they have been enslaved and disenfranchised and now there is nothing they can do except perhaps to exhaust themselves playing Don Quixote and by tilting at windmills, or they can join the sensible sorts who no longer give a damn and don't bother participating in scams, and will then be found watching television or puttering in gardens and joining the growing majority who no longer bother to vote.