Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Experimental Observations

In my quest to see that a solar cell is developed I have decided to discuss what I have observed as being the result of an 'experiment'. One thing that concerns me is that someone might take out a patent, and thus ruin everything by using the solar cell to generate profits, and so it is my hope to do it myself so as to ensure that my purpose in seeking these answers (transforming the lives of people without a lot of money) does not become subsumed by another purpose (generating a profit).

Here is what I have observed. I have observed three small craft hovering about twenty feet above the ground in a straight line row, equally spaced. The craft were shaped like two shallow soup bowls placed face to face (yes, this was the archetype of the 'flying saucer', which suggests then that reason why this 'flying saucer' shape has become part of the public consciousness and began showing up in Hollywood movies in the fifties is because those things exist and were observed and then accurately described by witnesses). According to a witness who saw them around the same time that I saw them, when they come close to the ground they are capable of scorching the earth, this effect being produced by a strong electrical current which flows within a magnetic field surrounding the device. That this effect is produced by a magnetic field is obvious since magnetism is the only force in nature which is capable of producing the 'anti-gravity' effect which then causes an object to float in midair. The 'flying saucer' shape is not a random design, but rather conforms to the shape of the magnetic field. These craft are small and unpiloted (perhaps about twelve feet wide and maybe about six or seven feet deep. A second type I have observed is shaped like a circular disk (when viewed from the side people report seeing a 'cigar shaped object'). These much larger circular craft are piloted and once again I make the assumption that the flat, circular disk shape is dictated by the shape of the magnetic field.

The three small 'flying saucers' were glowing with what I immediately recognized as a phosphorescent glow. One was the traditional color of the glow in the dark toy (that lime greenish glow), one was a blue hue, something like turquoise, and the third was a deep blood red. Since phosphorescent medium is both a collector and a battery capable of storing solar energy the obvious conclusion to draw is that a massive quantity of energy is being stored in this manner (enough to power both a brilliant glow as well as allow the craft the hover and to produce momentum, and as we know from watching the flames shoot out of the space shuttle or a rocket, a considerable amount of energy is required to keep a craft hovering or to produce momentum...however given Einstein's equation (E=mc(2)) I am not surprised when I consider just how much energy is being stored by those phosphorescent solar cells, since an enormous amount of energy can be stored in a very small mass.

Based upon my observations, such craft probably absorb energy at a wide range of frequencies. At the place where I work, if I look over the fence, I see the airport right next door, and I cannot count the number of times I have been paid a visit by these craft, flying right over the airport, and apparently they absorb radar and are therefore one hundred percent stealthy, since despite the fact that they have flown over the airport countless times over the years, I have never heard any reports that some radar operator kept noticing them as they popped up on the radar screen night after night.

It also seems obvious to me that the manner in which these craft manipulate energy is through the magnetic field, and so therefore the creation of a solar cell requires the combination of phosphorescent material and the magnetic field. I am going to asssume that the phosphorescent medium is 'doped' since the range of colors I have seen is not produced in nature as far as I know.

One form of communication that I have with my friends is that I ask a question and the craft becomes brilliant by increasing the glow (which means 'yes') or sometimes it will become extremely brilliant (which means 'yes, with emphasis'). About a month or two ago I caught hell, you might say, for giving into a feeling of despair, and I was told that I had a promise of assistance, and in this case the craft become extraordinarly brilliant, until finally the light actually went from white light to a noticeably bluish white as the intensity and brilliance increased (or in other words it is possible to employ the magnetic field to change the frequency of the emissions, when the stored energy is being released in the form of photons of light rather than being used to create momentum.

Now speaking of momentum, for years I used to think to myself that these craft were able to float and to fly by means of some kind of interaction with the earth's magnetic field. To explain flight out in space I developed the theory of 'bouncing' whereby a craft would bounce off the magnetic field and then given that an object in motion in a vacuum will maintain its speed this would allow space flight. The reason why I thought in this way is that my mind was trapped within the mental framework provided by Albert Einstein and the theory of general relativity, which explains gravity as being not a force, as proposed by Newton, but rather as the consequence of the curvature of 'space time'. Now lately I have come to reject Einstein, and I am assuming the geometry of Einstein may be correct but his assumptions are not. I am also assuming that one of the reasons why we do not have a quantum theory (or rather the reason why we have to many quantum theories) is because, like me, our scientists are also trapped within the box.

Zt is obvious to me that gravity is in fact a 'force', and so therefore it is required that we 'go back to Newton'. Now as we know, when we combine classical mechanics with quantum mechanics, the results come into conflict with Einstein's theories of relativity. For example, we get a fast electron. Yes, it is a very speedy electron, much faster than the speed of light. In fact, it can even be an instantaneous electron, and in a certain sense, such concepts as space and distance or time are meaningless to our electron, since certain quantum effects are transmitted instantaneously throughout the universe, and since this involves the transmission of information at faster than light speeds, this is impossible, because it violates Einstein's theory of relativity. We also know that Einstein devoted his life to discovering a unified field theory, and that he excluded quantum physics, and I would assume that the reason why he felt this antipathy towards quantum physics was because intuitively and unconsciously Albert Einstein knew that if he went there that would overturn his assumptions, so he stayed away. Since then, all of our scientists have also stayed away, which is a problem. Therefore if I were to ask a simple question, such as 'why does an electron have a net negative charge', I cannot get an answer. I will be told that it does have such a charge, but as to why it does, there is no answer that I have ever found. This is quantum physics. I must simply take it for granted that a photon has no net charge and no mass, and as to why that would be true, there is no theory.

It is only in the last few years that technological development has reached the place where it is now possible for an electron to tell us that it is an electron that is faster than light. Actually it is an instantaneous electron. It is an electron with a message. It is telling us that it is time to move on and start thinking outside the box.

It has occurred to me that my panic stricken behavior of late is more than likely not required, since it is very unlikely that someone will invent this solar cell and then take out a patent. As for my panic, my goal is to produce these inexpensive solar cells and then distribute them to women or children who spend hours each day walking many miles to gather a bundle of sticks, since all the sticks keeping getting further and further away. This is quite different than the idea of generating a solar cell to 'make a profit'. Don't misunderstand me. I can see how 'generating a profit' could be useful to my purpose in that I can now distribute more solar cells, since distributing solar cells is my goal, and 'generating a profit' is not my goal but rather a method, which is a different concept altogether. When we think of a 'profit' in this sense, we can think of a 'profit' as being a measure of 'work' and since it will require 'work' and 'allocation of resources' to distribute solar cells I am not opposed to the idea of 'profit' since in this case it is just an abstraction employed to describe the work required to generate and distribute the aforementioned solar cells. However, the conclusion I have drawn is that I need not worry myself sick at the moment since it is unlikely that anyone will beat me by crossing the finish line, and there are two reasons for this. First, no one ever listens to me, and so therefore our scientists do not have the experimental evidence at hand which would allow them to ask the right questions and thus develop the solar cell. Second, our scientists are still thinking in the box, and so therefore Albert Einstein will prevent them from developing the solar cell and then taking out a patent for some corporation so that some corporation can generate profits for some shareholders rather than developing a profit so as to distribute more solar cells, which is an entirely different concept.

For this reason I have decided to relax and spend the next little while studying classical mechanics, since I do not have to rush. You see, I know that gravity is actually a force. I know that a strong relationship exists between gravitational force and electric force, so I will need to spend some time studying Newton and classical physics in general in order to find the answers I am looking for. It seems to me that 'anti-gravity' and electromagnetic propulsion are probably byproducts of this solar cell I am interested in. I also know that there exists a relationship between the weak force and the electron, and that it is the strong force that holds things together, and since it is a force that I am looking for, it is obvious then that somehow gravity is related to the strong force. The electron has also told me that such effects are actually independent of such concepts as those of 'space' and 'time' (they are instantaneous, everywhere in the universe). Therefore I know that somehow the electron and the weak field are involved in this electromagnetic propulsion and this anti-gravity effect, although just what a strong field is or a weak field is I do not know, and I don't think anyone else knows at this time. I know that anti-gravity and propulsion involves attraction and repulsion, and I know that an electron has a net negative charge, and that there is a relationship involving attraction and repulsion between the 'strong' and 'weak' forces, but I do not understand just exactly why there would be a charge or why a pure energy particle like a photon has no mass and no charge while an electron has both. Apparently having a charge is a property of mass, although why that would be true I do not know, although I do know based upon my observations that having a charge is essential to the phenomenon of anti-gravity and propulsion and is also important in the design of a solar cell.