Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oil and the War in Sudan

The map on the following page shows the relationship that exists between the location of Sudan's oil fields and the region where the war in Sudan is being waged between the SPLA and the government forces. The government forces are concentrated in the oil producing region with the SPLA forces ringing the perimeter, and this arrangement of strategic forces indicates the war in Sudan is mostly about the wealth being generated by oil. Similar grievances are found in Nigeria where a smaller scale war is being waged over complaints about oil revenues being siphoned off while none of the money reaches the local population. Oil Activity and the Scene of War: Western Upper Nile

In the following story from the BBC site the SPLA claims to have conquered a Chinese run oil field, a claim denied by the Chinese company, although they did acknowledge that fighting had taken place over possession of this oil field. Darfur rebels win 'major victory'